Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline makes acquaintance with Joanne

Chapter 17 (v.1) - Moments Part Nine: The truth shall set you free

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Like most Diner's in much of the United States this one had a the standard four foot hedge that surrounding the wide open window view. Evangeline could hear the rustling in them as she approached the glass front door into the encased entryway. She stood patiently waiting for her the hostess to come, watching couples and night workers eat quietly a late night dinner or breakfast in the maze of tables and booths adorned with faux red leather. As the greeter approached clad in her brown smock and name tag that read Maddie, Evangeline began to feel slightly easier.


“Just one?” Maddie asked.


Evangeline responded plainly, the exasperation on her voice apparent “Please” as she feigned a smile. Maddie motioned her to one of the tables and in typical form motioned to an empty coffee cup, Evangeline could do nothing but smile, her eyes filled with gratitude. It seemed that this Maddie, who had never met her understood completely that Evangeline lacked the fortitude in that moment to carry on a conversation even one that consisted of polite niceties.


“I'll give you a moment.” Maddie smiled her eyes focused on Evangeline's as she poured the dark liquid in to the white cup.


“I'm just glad you have regular non neon colored eyes.” Evangeline though to herself, when another voice came, as she stared into her cup filled with what appeared to be wholly of steam. The voice was feminine and kind, with a touch of a Souther Drawl to it, “ You look like you may have had a mighty rough night. Mind if I join you hon?”


Evangeline couldn't help but feel annoyed by the intrusive voice, keeping her eyes focused on her cup she could barely muster the response. “I'd rather you didn't, I've kind of had a long night. I don't mean to be rude, but I'd rather be by myself. Thank you though.”


She couldn't help but lift her eyes as she felt the table wobble as the other party showed obvious disregard to her request. There sat a woman, in a long black dress in which appeared to be made of either silk or satin with full length arms, her face was kind though she had a slightly crooked smile; her eyes a mixture of varying shades of green that she seemed to force open as if she was taught to make sure she looked at others in the eye; her course thick brown hair pulled back in a bun.


The woman spoke plainly, all the while smiling, her tone soft and nonthreatening but still, Evangeline couldn't help but feel some annoyance, as the woman let out her right hand across the table. “My name is Joanne, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. Can I assume you're Evangeline?”


This shot a boost to her heart, the woman knew her name. Immediately she felt guarded, though everything about the woman put her at ease, after tonight the last thing she needed was some random chick in all black knowing her name.


Reluctantly she met the woman's hand gripping it firmly “It's a pleasure Joanne, but I have to ask. Do I know you?”


Joanne delicately held her hand in her own while she responded, “No honey, I don't think you do. But I'm guessing' I probably know more about you than anyone else, and sweetie calm down ain't no harm going to come to you while I'm around.”


Evangeline shot back in her seat, responding “Great you're some stalker or something. Look lady, I don't know who you are but I've been having a real weird night, I really don't need this shit. Can you just get to the point? Seriously no song and dance here. Who are you? How do you know me? Were you like my Kindergarten teacher or something?”


Joanne leaned in her elbows placed firmly on the table, resting her chin in her hands “Boy, ain't' you something. You're just like your Daddy, straight to the point, no time for pleasantries. That was always that Man's problem, once his patience was gone there was no coming back from it. Still that was very much part of his charm too.” she winked.


“Got it, you know my Dad.” Evangeline rolled her eyes, feeling ridiculous that she thought this woman might have had some ulterior motive. “Look, I'm really sorry. Like I said I've had a rough night, apparently so rough that anyone can see it. Let me try again please. It's a pleasure to meet you Joanne, I'm Evangeline I'm tickled you knew who I was.”


“Well sweetheart, that I've never known your Daddy to do. Your Father would have went straight into an interrogation about everything I could possibly ever knew down to the color of my Great Grand Daddy's shoe laces.” She chuckled, “But still the apple don't fall far from the tree my Momma used to say. Tell you what, why don't we do this, how about you and I have some hotcakes and get to the bottom of what's bugging you. I'm sure your Daddy would approve, God knows that man was always a job begun is half done kind of man.” Joanne made a nodding motion to the waitress who appeared to understand her intent, “So where do we begin, shall you or I? God knows I'm betting you're ready to know everything about me just to put your own mind at ease. Honey I'm no puzzle, and I'm no game, anything you want to know I'll tell you and tell you honestly; but here's the deal. You have to let me help you, because I owe your Father for something, and I want to repay that debt. Okay?”  

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