Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline recollects her Father's voice as she speaks with Jo

Chapter 18 (v.1) - Evangeline: A Father's Truths

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There was something that put Evangeline at ease with this woman, yet at the same time lit her senses on fire with awareness; as if a switch had been turned on within her. It had already been a long evening one that would take her some time to fully comprehend, to label and categorize somehow in her own mind.


Generally speaking her Father had met and helped a great many people in her short life; often he was the chosen confidant of what he often referred to as the “Misfit Toys”, these were generally normal people as far as she could tell who paraded themselves periodically through her home that had met Dad somewhere and were seeking solace, advise, input and generally to be listened to. Dad was definitely an active listener but far be it from the one who would be in agreeable with someone's actions just to allow them to feel better.


She could distanctly remember a conversation she had overheard as a child, it was the eve before Christmas Eve which her household celebrated as Christmas when a man she had only seen a few times had came knocking late at night. She couldn't hear or recall the exact conversation but she never forgot her Father's words, “We are all responsible for our own actions. You won't find peace unless you accept that your actions hurt another and make the attempt to make amends.”


Dad's voice was filled with frustration, he would often complain that modern people often wanted to act without conscience then expected resolution without action. That was very much Evangeline's Father, accountable. He held himself accountable, and this he believed provided him with peace; he believed that it would for other's as well. The people who confided in him even thought they didn't initially always appreciate his input, kept coming; she imagined him like an unofficial Priest taking in the most secret thoughts of others who feared absolution somehow through their faith. Dad wore that burden and it was often clear for days afterwards, his face bore the troubled scowl of a Father who feared for his child.


Evangeline eyed the dark haired woman who sat in front of her, she had a curvy frame underneath her black dress. Her eyes shone almost the same distinct green that she had encountered on whatever those people were earlier in her evening. Perhaps that's what happened here, maybe Dad helped this woman at some point with some struggle in her personal life as he had done with so many others.


“Okay, tonight has been a lot for me, and I do appreciate meeting you. However I need to really get on my way before Dad starts worrying about me.” Evangeline feigned a smile, meeting the woman's unflinching gaze in almost a challenging fashion.


Joanne, pushed her body back from the table, leaning back into the excessively gaudy red faux leather, hearing it's plastic squeaking sound as she shifted her body. “That's okay hon” her Southern accent almost singing through her as a matter of fact tone; “You go on now, I'll take care of all this.” She smiled, her voice gentle, motioning to the table which allowed Evangeline to assume she meant the bill.


She dug into her purse, the sound of rustling of makeup and other odds and ends being shuffled as she searched for her wallet, her Father's voice echoing in her mind “There's never a free lunch. While you should do everything within your power to do for others without the desire for re compensation, it is pretty far from a target that others will do so for you. Always pay your own way, and never expect or rely on the goodness of others to help you. The human spirit while generally gifted with empathy has somehow become twisted and manipulated with the desire of self. Regardless of the religious or non religious preference of an individual you yourself have to decide what is universal truth, a truth echoed within the inner being of every living creature; I can only advise and as a Father, I try to offer you what I believe reality is. People are self centered, and they expect a return on investment when gifting you something; don't take the gift and you wont feel obligated to them, this will allow you to follow your conscience.”


Evangeline smiled as she placed the bill on the table, ensuring Joanne could see clearly her intent, “My Dad always says, to pay my own way. So I'll cover this for both of us, my treat. It was a pleasure meeting you.” her voice chimed, as she in a hurried manner scooted from the booth.


“Don't look back” she whispered to herself, her eyes focused on the exit, firmly grasping her keys.


From behind her the woman's voice called, “We'll see you again sweety, send my best to Dad.”  

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