Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Visions of the Past Part Two, a different Goddess

Chapter 19 (v.1) - Visions of the Past a New Reality Part Two

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Submitted: May 07, 2017




She had dreamed of four crows chasing and attacking a dove, in her dream she had witnessed the carnivorous birds circling the wounded dove who called out like a child in fear; each taking their opportunity to attack the bird whose white contrast in the blue sky was nothingness than eye catching; they carefully and strategically came in for the strike whilst the white bird made movement for escape. She woke drenched in her own sweat looking up at the makeshift tent her people called home.


Today was the day Savannah was given to marry. In her tribe things were consistently arranged by the Elders and Shaman; they watched intently over the children and their interactions as they grew, quite often the arrangements were based on wealth; sometimes the dowry given was horses, or corn meal, or beautiful jewelry adorned with the blackened glass made from the fires of the depths of the underworld. But nothing was accident, this dream, this vision of sorts she knew must be communicated to the elders this is something that from her people could be considered a bad omen of coming; especially on this day.


When the white men came they had brought their Christian god, and looked down on her people is if they were merely children, often scoffing at their beliefs that all things were tied together irrevocably with the people. They came in the pretense of trade, sharing weapons of magic that created fire from the length of their sticks; creating a thunderous boom. In exchange her people would offer the wealth of knowledge from the land, showing them what would provide sustenance for generations if cultivated properly. But they were like a plague, over consuming everything within their path, they lacked respect for the ancient creatures that lived within the mighty forests or the wisdom of the fish who had made their homes eternally within the clear waters that gave life. They burned and cut down the trees who whispered the secrets of the world to her people, all without giving anything in return. They who seen her people as primitive, seemed to do nothing but consume as Savannah observed it.


She moved from the tent, watching the women gather around the morning fire preparing a meal for the returning warriors who were out on the traditional hunt of matrimony. If her betrothed was successful in the hunt, it was a good omen that she would bare many children and bring great pride to the tribe. This never suited Savannah, she had always felt more inclined to the oneness that the Shaman's had experienced and had she been a man she had been told many times that would have been her chosen path; a statement that never ceased in annoying her. But she understood what was her duty and knew the consequences of making her action against the traditions of the Elders, they would dismiss her from the tribe, and she would be forced to live with the outcasts following the tribe as they moved from place to place in a miserable existence, just within reach of the lives they knew but far from apart of the community they had grown with.


Savannah pondered it a great many times, with the visions increasing as this day approached, and often questioned her Mother as to why she couldn't choose her own mate, one that would allow her to practice and explore the ancient mysteries of the world. Her mother would simply shake her head carrying over dutifully her own responsibilities to the community “We can't choose our own paths, the great spirits have designed this way for us. You shall be wed and you shall bare children and join me as one of the many Mother's of the tribe. Besides you adore children, it's a role that fits you quite well.”


Argument was futile and she knew it; she had lived seventeen years somehow dodging wedlock through circumstance a full five years longer than women within her people generally would. She had no desire to marry a man, she didn't feel the great spirit tugging at her soul as some other wives would describe for her chosen mate, quite contrary she felt pushed and forced; which made her heart more resistant with every passing day.

She had felt that way for years, until last spring when the white men came again; the youngest of them called Adam. He had a different way about him, not abrupt or loud like the other traders that would frequently visit the village; something different a soft quiet way, something in tune with her and she had known it at first sight. She could feel the connection to him, even though she couldn't understand the words that he spoke as he looked at her she knew he should be the one that she would give herself willingly too; she could feel the great spirits whisper to her his name.


Adam would come frequently afterwards, each time they had somehow beyond the barrier of language knew they had to meet; him motioning to her in the night as they moved together his callous hand taking hers while without words they maneuvered the vast forests of this ancient lands together, it was as if all of creations had brought them together. She felt complete when she was with him, as if he too could feel the wisdom of the river of life flowing through him.


She had even at risk of being outcast tried to communicate this to her Mother, and was met with scorn and anger. It seemed to her that no matter what she was given to someone else, like a trinket passed for the betterment of the tribe. But she was no trinket, and Adam at risk of his own life came to visit; why should she not risk her own? Especially after such an omen.


It was then she heard the spirit whisper to her, the audible voice within her mind shaking her very being with confidence and fear “You must go to him; find him. Teach women to come to listen to the wisdom of their hearts. Know this, you must take great care in him, not only a mate but you are charged with the protection of this. Worship me, and teach your children to worship me and I shall give you all you need.”


This voice echoed as she ran North through the great forest, “Find him.” Savannah said to herself.



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