Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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She who commands

Chapter 2 (v.1) - She who Commands

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017




“Even here his sense of things don't diminish” Cassandra thought to herself as she tucked the note into her back pocket, she could feel the thousands of eyes watching as she scanned the wood line, ever aware with the Ancient knowledge of life and reality that once accompanied the rule of the shadows.


“I know you're there, bitch.” She whispered to herself.


In the distance she caught the movement, even from where she stood she could make out the definitive feminine form, dressed in a dark colored gown; making it quite evident that there would be no illusion; while she did not have the ability to manipulate this particular reality, Cassandra no longer controlled the darkness.


Cassandra could feel her eyes burning through her, her mind drifting to the pact she had made.


“Daughter, do you know what you sacrifice for this creature, to return to that realm in which you've gathered our legion?” He spoke to her in that past moment.


Cassandra stood before the throne of her lord, she knelt at the steps of him. Her legion of subjugates groveling behind her, she couldn't have seen his face; since she had entered his realm she had never had the opportunity to truly face him, only he made her shudder, only he had the ability to undermine her authority over those of the kingdom, only he remained a mystery to her. Cassandra only knew him as 'Lord', and she had resented his occasional interference, she had stood many times on the brink of ultimate victory and his intercession had brought a truce. “A truce for what?” she had often ranted to herself, “To what aim, should we give ground? Why do I spend all of this energy, attack, after attack to watch their Armies fall beneath our talons to have him pull us away?”


But she needed his blessing for all things, all actions she would undertake that would affect her own self. When she had been beckoned to him, she knew it was the moment to make her request, she had carefully practiced each word, rehearsing each movement he would observe; while she could easily enter the minds of those in the human realm, she could not enter his; nor him hers. She knew she couldn't offend him in that moment, she had toiled for countless ages acting as his sword, acting in vengeance to all those who offended the magic the other had given.


Now it was her turn, like those that came before her she had found another, one who would take her place amongst those of the kingdom; the next to rule and act in judgment of all those who have abandoned or abused their gift. Carefully she had selected her mate, breeding him, protecting him, keeping his innocence intact. Cassandra had created a reality in which he could thrive, not be driven to the insanity and pain of his own world; but to live his last days in peace with her.


“Father, I humbly request release from my duties. To return to the realm of humankind, to live a life governed by finite time.” Her body took with cold sweat as she remembered looking up the countless steps into the darkness, she remembered the only fear she could have felt in that place; her Lord and his judgment. Judgment she had observed came swiftly to those that overstepped their bounds, banished to the darkness, subjugated a meaningless existence that sought nothing but approval from their own Lord.


“Do you know what you request? Do you know that your years are timed? Do you know you will lose your ability to control this man? Do you understand that the magic you seek isn't contained through manipulations of mind and his material world?” The voice came, each question cutting through her like a blade that entered her very being.


She had prepared for this, thought of every argument before her arrival, she knew one day she would be called like those that held her place before her. That she would be given the opportunity to partake in the magic she had spent thousands of lifetimes protecting. “I do my Lord; I ask your favor in this matter. I beg you to allow me to create the reality in which he and I will exist. I ask you to protect this reality from him his view; my intent is pure my Lord; in this I beg your protection.”


He had sat silent in that recent past, the only sound she could remember hearing was the scamper, clawing and whimpering of those wretched creatures she had come to despise. Tension, anticipation, excitement was something Cassandra had lost feeling for eons ago; but in that moment she felt it. When his voice came the place within her where she had once kept a human heart came to life.


“Your desire is granted, you have selected a fine successor and a finer mate. I pray you can keep him safe and the reality you so design shall be under my protection, you shall be the first to retain her memory of this past role amongst those of the kingdom. I gift you this for your service. However understand this, you yourself were chosen to keep and protect the innocence of the divine feminine, thusly I charge you with protection of the heart of this man. For the rest of your years you are to protect him and his legacy; if you fail in this all you have been granted shall be taken from you. This creature you have so carefully groomed will be thrust back into his realm and you will return to me.” Cassandra's Lord was quite clear in his words, she had permission; and who better than her to protect him.


Cassandra allowed her mind to focus as she seen the robust figure of who know commanded her former Legion; she was once known as Joanne, and while it had seemed to Cassandra as only days have past in this realm; for Joanne it could have been centuries, in these truths Cassandra knew recognized her own limitations.


“You ready?” she jumped as Jay touched her shoulder, his strong hand squeezing gently. “Whooaaaa, didn't mean to scare you, you okay?” genuine concern had taken his face; his gentle voice taken back.


Cassandra's eyes drifted back to the wood-line, the place in the shadows where Jo stood clearly now just a vacant patch of grass; “You bet darling.” 

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