Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Truth of the Father part two

Chapter 20 (v.1) - Evangeline: A Father's Truths Part Two

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As she stepped out into the darkness she could feel that sense coming alive, she could hear the rusltling in shadows that surrounded her in the night. She had to focus, she thought to herself as she moved towards the car. “Don't look, just keep moving.” Evangeline whispered to herself.


She could see the piece of paper fluttering in windshield as she approached her white ford, “Great what now? Let me guess some goblin or something wants to chase me down and eat me or something.” she sighed as she snatched the note from underneath the wiper blade that held it in place. She hadn't taken the time to put on her eyeglasses and quickly decided it was probably in her best interest to attempt to read it from the confines of her vehicle over standing outside, there was already far too much weird occuring for her taste.


Evangeline never really wanted anything other than a mundane normal life, to be focused on the trivial concerns of adolescence and normal teenage meandering the same as her peer group. But that simply wasn't in the cards, her mind didn't allow for her to really care about football rallies or dances, while she attended she simply wen't through the motions so that she wouldn't be considered too much of a social outcast. Mostly she spent her time buried in books, or thoughts where she much like her Father Gerald tried to unravel the secrets of the universe she lived in. She spent countless hours pondering Alien life versus the Judea Christian Dogma that was common in the world; she even made an attempt at self proclaiming herself Atheist, in which she failed miserably but her Father tolerated.


In the end she found it quite difficult to reconcile her experiences with Atheism in particular. How could all these things have occurred within her life; something she had physically experienced and others as well if nothing existed other than life and death? If humankind itself was just another creature that lived in the world than what were these other entities?


As her collegiate life continued she found that even Atheists weren't truly what they claimed, quite contrary in fact they were more likely to be categorized Agnostic, believing in some higher power but not exactly knowing what to label it. For others it was black and white there was only the Christian God, or perhaps the Muslim Allah.


In the end she made the same concessions with her Father's philosophy, “It doesn't matter what one person believes, they could reference their God as coffee cup. In the end majority of folks don't take the time to research or study anything that doesn't fit their own sense of comfort and will go out of their way to discredit anything that might make them feel as if they are responsible for their own actions. Especially currently, in my Father and Mother's time the news generally reported the news, now the media is communicated through Internet Memes, and filled with misquoting for one agenda or another which made it difficult for the average person to sift for truth. In the end, what's important is that we're good to one another and hold ourselves accountable without excuse. When we as a people can do that, then we will have solved majority of the social problems that plague us. But it's nothing new sweetheart, this is just another cycle in human history repeating itself.”


She remembered him droning on for what seemed like days on the subject; and much of the tie she interpreted it as what she would have considered typical parental figure lecturing. But there were moments, she would observe that quite often she herself believed that many people had become quite self focused, almost so selfish they couldn't fathom anything outside of their own perspective; this hindered the ability to learn from one another and to share ideas. Almost so much so they seemed at odds with their own proclaimed philosophy of mutual acceptance and understanding.


Evangeline shut the door to her car, reaching upwards to turn on the reading lamp she stared at the note a second, it almost looked as if it was written in her Father's hand writing, something his friends would often make fun of as it appeared rather feminine. It read.


“Evangeline, I suspected you wouldn't be willing to trust me after what's occurred this evening so I pre preemptively left you this note. I don't know how to explain this to you in words you will understand and I imagine you'll find this message quite confusing.


I suspect you'll arrive home this evening and find your Father and Sister quite in place; however I would caution you that not everything may be as it appears. It's easier said this way, much like if I asked you to look into a mirror you would see a reflection, but what if I told you that reflection contained another world?


Sweety, I'm concerned for your Daddy, and I think I'm about the only one that might be able to help him. But I'm going to need your help.


I know you have no reason to trust me, but I hope you do. Hopefully that big brain you got cooking up there will have enough curiosity to come on back in, because I'm still waiting for you and just hear me out.






P.S. you might want to send your Dad a message and tell him you're running late, I'll bet dollar to donut that man is waiting up for you.”





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