Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Joanne shows Evangeline the threat and takes responsibility

Chapter 21 (v.1) - Words are not enough

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There she was still waiting at the table she had just left; her curvy form elegantly poised, cup in hand, and wearing a smirk smile as Evangeline entered the doorway she had just abruptly left. Evangeline couldn't help but feel some annoyance to the Joanne's cockily raised eyebrow.


Tossing her purse into the booth, she allowed herself body to almost fall into the seat, planting her elbows firmly on the table and supporting her head with her hands in a mocking fashion “Got it, so you seem to know everything is that it? You have exactly one minute to tell me what's going on before I begin getting angry.”


Joanne, shifted her body as she raised the cup she held with two hands to her lips “Did you happen to text Dad?”


Evangeline sighed, immediately pulling out her phone and firing off a quick message; “There, done. Okay so what exactly are you tryng to explain to me?”


“Somethings are just easier to show Evangeline, if you're anything like me; and I suspect you are. You're probably more the visual type. I have this very bad habit of actually not thinking through what I'm saying until it's already said; much like I have a broken brain to mouth filter. Actually your Father used to tell me that's exactly what I had. Did you know, that your Dad once.” Joanne's sentence was cut short as Evangeline piped “Really? Is that what you called me back here for to reminisce about Dad?”


Joanne couldn't help but chuckle, this child was too much like her Father, Evangeline was direct and had little time for polite niceties when there was a pressing matter that she felt needing attending to, and she wasn't afraid of confrontation. But she had seen how fragile she could be this evening as she observed her interactions with the subjugates of the kingdom; if she could avoid confrontation she would, but test her and you'd find that this young lady was very much a lioness.


She sighed as she met Evangeline's gaze, “You know, sometimes Evangeline people do things for selfish reasons, and I was once one of those people. A short time ago your Dad gave his love to me, and I completely abused it for my own selfish amusements and momentary fulfillment, before you ask why, let me finish please. I can see you getting ready to shoot off that razor sharp tongue at me.” Joanne winked at Evangeline, who looked to be growing ever impatient.


Evangeline nodded, signaling her support that Joanne continue “So here's what occurred, I already understand that you've put together who I am, and how I know Gerald. But here's what you don't know, I own that; I owe you and your sister the very sincerest apologies, not only for leading your Father on and putting him through the mental and emotional turmoil I did. But not considering the second and third order effects my action and self desire would have on his immediate relationships.”


“Look lady; so you dated my Dad, and you suck. Yup I know exactly who you are, and I'm pretty sure if given a choice Dad wouldn't save you from a burning building. Okay, he might out of some misguided attempt at chivalry. But I sure as fuck wouldn't, and I really don't have time to hear this right now. If you want to apologize to him, and it makes you sleep better at night then go for it. He'd listen because that's the kind of guy he is, as a matter of fact you'd probably have his respect for it. Here's the problem, I don't buy for one friggin' second, that you actually give a frack about what I have to say on the subject. You're doing the chick thing and trying to find a side door somehow, look Dad generally plays straight and appreciates when other's do as well. All this is going to do....”


Joanne, raised her hand over the table allowing a mist to form in front of Evangeline's eyes, it's translucent form taking shape over the table. She could see a blonde woman her body deformed overly muscled, her hands like claws, her back arched as if she was large cat stretching to see the horizon, standing proudly on a hillside as thousands of shadows moved around her, she carried a long silver blade wet with a dark liquid that registered in Evangeline's mind as only one thing, “Blood.” Countless bodies were at her feet men, women, of all ages, creeds, backgrounds; something intuitive within Evangeline was ignited, almost as if she already knew the tale that Joanne was attempting to show her.


The vision shifted, blurring slightly then clearing as she seen her Father laying in a large bed, his body drenched in his own sweat, his voice murmuring in some incoherent manner. His hands gripped the sheets of the bed as he struggled against some mysterious entity.


Joanne, moved her hand slowly over the vision allowing it to blur again; as it cleared she could see Veronika, swinging a stick outside of a large Antebellum home somewhere, singing an in audible tune. She could see that she was in a large meadow surrounded by trees, there was a familiar feeling to this place almost like de ja vu; as if she had been there before somehow, even though she had no distinct recollection.


She vision shifted to the woodline that encircled the house quickly, like watching a bird's flight path as it made it's way quickly yet gracefully along the meadow. There she could see other things, dark things in the thousands, scraping at each other; fighting as they devoured the slick darkened flesh of those that were weak amongst them.


The hand of Joanne, swiping again and as the image cleared, there was the blonde woman from the initial image, however not distorted and deformed; but beautiful and pure looking, watching from a large porch that wrapped around the entirety of the large whitewashed house.


Joanne closed her hand, closing the vision abruptly; Evangeline felt shaken as the woman's words came. “I did this, and a great deal more. I shoulder this responsibility.”  

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