Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Cassandra stands ready

Chapter 22 (v.1) - A wrinkle in the veil

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He could feel the sheets moving around him as her cool skin touched his; her soft feminine form moving over her him, her breath as she carefully moved her lips mere centimeters from his own. Her voice came soft and relaxing, “You, my dearest are sweating like you've been in a sauna, and it's almost dinner.”


Gerald pulled her in from the small of her back closing the minimal gap between their lips, he taking her bottom lip into his own as he reveled in her taste and smell. “I think, I'm probably feeling a little better.” he chuckled.


He allowed his hand to run under her shirt, tracing the lines and curves of her well muscled form; she felt cool to the touch, like silk that had been laid out to dry after a rain. Her body shifting on him he could feel her hand touch his face, as she embraced this moment of affection.


He could feel her pulse quickening, her body temperature rising slowly as he followed her shape with his hands as the intensity grew between them; blocking out every sense for him but the feeling of total desire. What he knew was he needed her; every negative thought or confusion that he had experienced earlier was cast from his mind as he drank in her very essence.


It was then the young voice came “Gross!”


There was Veronika looking as startled as they themselves must have appeared to her, awkwardly shifting their bodies, their eyes wide with a mixed sense of embarrassment and amusement. Cassandra cleared her throat gently “Right, so dinner! What's on the menu guys?” she laughed, her voice carrying a genuine attempt at humor.


Veronika rolled her eyes as she marched out of the room calling “You...said....we could have homemade waffles and stuff!” in an insistent and reminding tone.


Veronika made her way down the great hall that contained many of the rooms in the massive home; she hadn't yet had the opportunity to explore much. But she felt as if she should have, like they had been there for some time but something was missing; normally she'd have crawled through every nook and cranny; explored every dark corner and known exactly how many light bulbs there were in the house. She had been trying to put it out of her mind whenever it came, she had thought about bringing it to her Parent's attention but didn't want to cause anymore trouble given today's incident with Dad.


“Parent's” Veronika thought about the word as she said it aloud. It didn't feel right to her; without a doubt she had a familiar feeling that pertained to Cassandra and she absolutely adored her, but “Parent” didn't feel like an accurate descriptive to her. “Friend maybe?” she thought to herself as she continued down the great staircase, her young hand running over the ridges of the the aged wooden banister that carried a heavy coating of varnish.


As she made her way down to the foyer, she could see the sun setting out of the two great windows that sat on each side of the large french doors that exited unto the porch, she was taken in by it's pink, purple, blue hews mixed with a shade of white and darker reds. She watched as the tree line made up of trees larger than her mind could consider outside of fantasy took on great shadows that stretched for what appeared to be miles over the property that distanced the home.


Something within her knew that something was wrong as the home took on chill quickly, her body physically reacting to the rapid change in temperature and the awareness that she couldn't recall observing a sunset so quickly. Her young eyes focused as she could see what looked like movement as far as she could see along the base of the shadows. Something she initially thought was some trickery that her eyes were playing on her. Her Dad often warned her about staring in the sun for too long and how it would cause blinding.


But no, this wasn't some figment of her imagination or some mirage from sun damage; no they looked like black dogs, crawling over each other in waves making sure they stayed out of the direct light. Adrenaline shot through her, tensing her body; she turned to bolt, all she knew is that this was bad. Very bad.


She spun to run and headlong she went into something soft, but instead of this thing absorbing the impact she found herself tumbling to the floor; her eyes moved upward quickly trying to distinguish what was obstructing her and there was Cassandra.


She looked quite tall from this vantage, staring out the window, her hands resting plainly on her hips, her eyes focused, her back straight, her form unwaivering. Something about the way she was in this moment made Veronika feel quite safe; protected as if everything was going to work out just fine as long as that woman stood there protecting her, like a warrior Cassandra appeared ready to do battle.


“I see it honey, now go on upstairs and get your Father will you?” Cassandra's words came as an Order and definitely not a request.

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