Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Gerald quickly learns his masculine instinct to protect isn't needed

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Darkness Comes

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



“Dad, there’s something bad happening.” Gerald heard his Daughter’s frantic voice calling from outside the bedroom.  Instinctively he leaped from the bed, his bare feet slamming against the hardwood floor and in almost a single movement he catapulted himself around the bedroom door. 


He could see on her face the distinct concern, her eyes welled with tears in fear.  “Go in the room, sweetheart, find yourself a place to hide.” He provided the distinct direction to her not knowing what was unfolding downstairs but trusting that his daughter’s instincts were correct and indeed something serious had occurred. 


As he made his way down the stair way, bracing himself on the banisters in order to somehow secure himself from taking a headlong tumble down the stairs, he could see Cassandra standing in the open doorway her arms crossed as she observed something unfolding outside of the house.  “What’s going on?” He called, as she remained silent not even looking back to acknowledge his query. 


As he made his way to the bottom, he could feel the ground shaking beneath him, the crystal chandeliers began swaying overhead violently; the old plaster began falling from the walls around them.  Immediately he reconsidered whether or not his direction to Veronika was sound, hiding somewhere upstairs in this massive house would make her quite difficult to find if the architecture truly began to give way with them inside.  He moved to the doorway peering over Cassandra’s shoulder her gaze unwavering as she observed with him the waves of black creatures billowing over themselves making their way to the home. 


“What….the fuck…is that?” Gerald muttered rhetorically, his mind was in a state of shock; he couldn’t understand nor recollect seeing any beast like this within his lifetime or studies. Their bodies carried dark slick hair that distinctly reminded him of that of a seal, they we’re built almost like powerful mastiffs yet lacked a tail or head that would give away their canine breeding, he couldn’t quite make out their faces but as they drew closer they looked almost like a distorted version of a human trapped in a scowl, their lips curled back revealing sharp elongated canine incisors; and my God their howls, they howled and screamed like nothing he had ever heard, the sound piercing the quiet of the serine environment. 


He could feel Cassandra’s hand gently touching him, unable to pry his eyes from the scene taking place her voice came, “This isn’t a real big deal.  What I need you to do is go find that child and get out of this house.” 


Gerald came to the striking realization he had no idea where they would go even if he could find Veronika in adequate time.  He had no clue where he was, he didn’t even know the layout of the house.  This was unlike him and something he would have thought had his mind been working appropriately quite irresponsible.  Jay had learned in his life that regardless of what position your find yourself in, that some planning however minor had to occur for there to be any success rate; that plan should always begin with an egress; it didn’t matter if it was his professional or personal life, while imbedding yourself in an environment is what drives success in the moment, one must force themselves to think in second and third order effect; and that always begins with finding yourself an escape route and holding that secret close.  If his time in the Military had taught him anything it was that “If you’re not mobile get mobile, and if you are mobile stay mobile.”; this was the basis for all the War College material he had ever studied, Sun Tzu, Clauswitz, Jomini, they had all echoed this truth.  Mobility allowed for one to be able to shift their plans and not become pinned down in an environment, it also made you fast while generally your opposition was quite slow; this philosophy had kept him quite successful in life and allowed him to do what he felt was most important “keep food on the table”.  But even this philosophy required at least some minimal planning, some logistics should have been scouted and he had failed himself this time, and put his child at risk by not doing so.


“Cassandra, I don’t know where to go.  I don’t even know where I am or how I got here.” His eyes shot to hers as she smiled at him in a comforting fashion.


“Just go find her, and make your way somewhere in the light sweetheart.  It doesn’t matter where, just get away from these things and try and light a fire and I promise you’ll be just fine.” She winked at him confidently.


Gerald, couldn’t fathom leaving her here; a look of disgust took over his face as he couldn’t hide the feeling of insult.  While he felt lost and something within him told him that she was quite capable, how could he allow himself to leave this poor woman by herself to defend him and his daughter?  “No.  You go get her, and you do whatever it is you need to do and I’ll try and hold these fucking things off.” 


Gerald stepped out into the failing light, as he felt a force from behind him grab his shoulder and thrust him back hurling him into the house still shaking as the creatures’ voices disturbing cries filled the darkness drawing closer.  He slammed on to the foyer floor, the impact taking the wind out of him immediately sending his already reeling mind into almost a state of darkness as her voice came to him.


“You’re all kinds of sweet; you know that?  I know you think you’re something and I can’t help but get all in my feelings about it too.  But honey, aint nothing you’ve ever done prepared you for this.  So don’t worry that pretty little head, over me.  Just go do what I say, and do it right now.”  He opened his eyes, to see her face in a scowl, Jay knew she wasn’t kidding, and his gut drove him to believe that Cassandra was probably accurate in her assessment.

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