Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Cassandra battles to horde

Chapter 24 (v.1) - Begin at the beginning

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Long before the first subjugate in their twisted current form reached her, she stood prepared.  For her there wasn’t a great deal of thought that needed to go into the engagement; she knew that they had the home and environment she had created for Gerald and herself was completely surrounded and the hordes of the Legion would have them engulfed within moments.  She positioned herself carefully within the door frame hoping that initially this would make the creatures funnel through one open entrance way for long enough to allow Gerald and Veronika escape until she was over taken. 


Cassandra knew she couldn’t hold them at bay for any sustained period, but she also knew there was no way that their queen could enter this environment as of yet, which meant those of the kingdom would more than likely have distinct and predictable instructions to take her alive.  She waited as they came only feet away bracing both hands on either side of the heavy door frame her body prepped for the first of the poor creatures to meet her and smiled as she whispered to herself “Is this really your only plan?” a rhetorical question she knew wouldn’t be answered by Joanne. 


She threw herself forward hitting the creature squarely with her shoulder as it leapt forward waiting for the precise moment the creature had lofted itself at her so that she herself wouldn’t push past the threshold of the porch and be over taken.  Her right hand found its place under its jaw and with little physical effort the sound of tearing came as she removed it from the creature.


Cassandra felt alive, thrusting the jaw of the fallen creature in to the sockets of the next, sending the creature tumbling back howling in pain as she couldn’t contain her own laughter.  Cassandra had spent so much time in battle she reveled over it, her blood pumping like oil to an engine, fueling the rage she had kept bottled for centuries.


The creatures piled themselves around her as each one met their demise at her hand; creating a barrier around the porch which added to her protection.  They were mindless and never understood that entering a battle was more than passion, it was science and thought; more over it was control, one had to control their emotions so they could think clearly in the moment.  They had to harness the energy they themselves were creating and not fold under the pressure.  Like water the warrior had to be fluid and not just filled with blood lust; something that Cassandra for eons had orchestrated herself; using these creatures in battle their only advantage was numbers; which she could easily out maneuver if she could keep her wits about her. 


She reached toward the first subjugate to climb over the quickly massing heap of their dead by its neck; “Go back where you came from foul thing, tell your mistress she is quite undone and outmatched.”  She hurled it at the few others crawling over the bodies of their own. 


If Cassandra had learned one thing that she would want to communicate to humankind that would have saved them from the constant attacks in their world from those of the Kingdom it would have been to live selfless.  All these creatures existed as a debt to she, who held the seat as queen and her master.  Somewhere within their lives in their realm the humans had desired something that they felt was unreachable; and it wasn’t, they just didn’t have the emotional perseverance to continue to charge forward with their goals; and every step they themselves took forward towards them was motivated by selfish desire. 


Subjugates gave acceptance for their fates, they allowed themselves to believe there was nothing in Heaven, Hell or even through their own modern science that was more important than their own being; they had fooled themselves into believing that the current life they were living was the only life that existed for them; and completely disregarded their own science of Quantum Physics that showed perhaps other realities existed and their small minds couldn’t comprehend the possibilities.  “If they truly knew their own gifts and gave for others; what a realm they would live in.” Her nemesis would often morn at their inability to see beyond their own mundane existence. 


Cassandra, had always felt contrary; they knew especially womankind how much power they truly wielded.  They chose another route, they chose instead of using their gifts to bring morality and kindness to societies and being worshipped like living Goddesses as they had throughout their history had chosen the path of simple and immediate gratification.  They had accepted their fate in return for whomever held the seat of Queen bestowing on them their own shallow and material rewards.  She felt no sympathy for these creatures, and she would have stricken them down eons ago and felt glad in their demise.  Even she knew the consequences of her actions when she accepted the role; but she owned it, she brought vengeance to all who allowed themselves to lie to themselves. 


She had found a rhythm in the battle as she snatched another lunging towards her, the funnel had allowed her significant time to meet each creature individually.  She pulled it quickly to her mouth, her teeth puncturing deep into its throat reaching around the creatures protruding esophagus; simply she yanked away as she tossed it into the pile of those already disposed.  This was who she was, far more deadly than even Joanne could have imagined, if given the opportunity she would do far worse to her; and that was what she hoped she would accomplish as she tore her legion sinew from bone.


Spitting she laughed, “Child, you still have much to learn!”


Her voice carried through the meadow over the howls of the horde, Gerald could hear her voice bellowing in the night.  “Veronika” he whispered as he heard sound of scratching on the roof above him. 

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