Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Veronika attempts to come to grips with her lapse in memory while trying to hide

Chapter 25 (v.1) - Suck it up

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



After the feeling of terror left her Veronika’s instincts pushed her to survival; she initially dashed to the room she called her own, it was a strange feeling of familiarity and an absence thereof.  But she had enough of her mind about her to know that she had no time for ponderance of this feeling, she needed to hide and do so immediately.


Her first thought in dashing to the room was under the bed, but she recalled the many shows she had seen where that would be exactly the first place anyone who wanted her would be looking for her, so she made her way to the closet; which would have been almost as large as a place she thought was once her room.  This feeling of distress mixed with distinct feeling that something was off gnawed at her gut, “You need to suck it up.” Her Father’s voice came into her mind and she knew that he was right.


There were terrible sounds coming from outside, howling and screeching along with the indiscernible voice of Cassandra occasionally yelling as the sound of scratching occurred all around the home.  As she entered the closet she glanced around quickly deciding that staying on the floor, or even hiding behind the multitude of clothes wouldn’t be in her best interest; she had to get higher.  She pushed what appeared to be bedding and linen off a shelf that ran along the top of the wall, grabbing one of the blankets she finagled her way on to the shelf and covered herself.  Hopefully if someone did enter they might possibly mistake her for the rest of the linen and odds and ends that took space alongside it. 


She heard a voice whispering her name, but there was absolutely no way she was going to call back.  If they wanted to find her, they were going to work for her.  Especially if it was those strange dog things from outside; “Dad.” The word came to her mind, what if Dad got caught by those things, sure he’d try and defend her, she knew that without a doubt; but could he possibly fight off so many?  They appeared to her like they were a sea of shadows coming alive as they moved towards them.  Well before she had called she knew these things were coming for them.  But why?  What could her family have possibly done to have these things bring so much hatred to them?  Or were they like the wolf packs she and her sister used to watch on the television when she was little?


Her eyes perked as her mind came alive with the word “Sister” she whispered.  She did have a sister, her name was Evangeline.  Confusion took hold as she tried to wrack her memory to figure out where she was and how somehow she could have missed her all this time.  “Time” she whispered again, how long had they been there?  Memories of her old home flooded back to her the small ranch home where the three lived, that seemed so huge in comparison to the one they had lived in previously.  How excited she was that she was allowed to pick her room over her older sister and obviously took the choice one next to Dad’s, because that would be the safest and of course closest to the kitchen and main bathroom. 


Tears began to flood her eyes, as she attempted to come to grips with the emotions boiling over within her.  Then she felt something touch the blanket she had taken such care to camouflage herself in, which turned her blood to ice “It’s okay sweetheart” Dad’s voice came, calm, empathetic as she had always known it to be.  “We have to leave hon, and we have to get out of here now.  I need you to focus okay?”


Veronika immediately threw off the covering and found herself looking face to face with her Father, “Something is wrong Daddy.  I’m not sure we are in the right place.  I can’t even figure out how we got here!”  Her voice came choked and sobbing as she fell into his arms. 


“I know, but we can’t worry about that right now.  Right now we have to get you clear of this place and to safety.  I’m not exactly sure where that is but Cassandra is somehow down stairs trying to fight to give us time.”  She felt safe in his arms, she knew there was no way Dad would let anything happen to her and he was right.  She couldn’t let him down now, they had to get out of this place anywhere had to be better and then they could figure out what was going on in her mind. 


He slowly lowered her to the ground, and knelt in front of her, “Can you walk?  Can you run?  Are you okay?”  She couldn’t believe the calm in his voice as chaos ensued around them. 


Giving a quick thumbs up, “I can suck it up.  But one more question, real quick Daddy.  I love Cassandra, I know I do, but I don’t remember her.  Is she my Mommy?” 


Gerald’s face took on a mask of unmistakable confusion as he sighed “I honestly don’t know; and we’ll figure it all out.  But for now we need to get the heck out of here.”  She could see her Father forcing the smile as he motioned with his head towards exiting the closet.

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