Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Gerald and Veronika escape the home

Chapter 26 (v.1) - Only a coward knows eternal death

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



Gerald senses were overwhelmed as he dragged Veronika in tow; the scratching sounds all around, him the screeching of the strange beasts outside, the toxic smell of the creatures filling his nostrils as he pushed through his own fear intently focused on getting Veronika out of the home. He could see what in some ways appeared to be the figure of Cassandra in the doorway, in that moment whose body appeared to be somehow contorted as her cackling filled the dwelling as she slammed a creature into the wooden floor her forearm had lost it's feminine form and had become twisted into a well muscled weapon of destruction.


He knew he didn't have a great deal of time to study the scene, he had to focus and keep moving. In the back of his mind he felt a tinge of guilt leaving Cassandra in his place to protect he and Veronika; something no man worth his salt would ever be inclined to experience willingly the moment in his mind when he wondered if he was a coward. But Gerald knew as he dashed around the banister at the bottom of the large centered stairway and they made their final sprint to the back entryway. Cassandra was much better suited than he would have ever been, her howls of glee as she destroyed each of the creatures created a disturbance within him that he wouldn't have had the ability to articulate even if the moment was right to do so.


Gerald felt the tug as Veronika's small hand yanked away from his own; quickly he spun his sense on fire as her words filled the small hallway just feet from the glass French doors that led to the back of the home, her words filled him as she called for him “Daddy!”. There was no moment for thought, as he could see her body being pulled into a shadowed room her arms reaching out to him, her face twisted in shock and terror, her bright blue eyes pleading with him as she slid backwards on her belly within milliseconds.


Instincts took over in that moment, as he pushed forward trying to gain ground ahead of her, his long legs striding over her body until he made contact with the bright green eyes that illuminated the darkened room. No thought crossed his mind as he hurled his body into it, pushing it back further into the darkness as he slammed into it shoulder first; his head reeling from the impact as both bodies hit the floor with punishing force. In a moment he was on top of the creature, rolling to position himself between himself and Veronika, ensuring his hand found the slick oily fur of it's neck. He found it surprisingly weak, he had almost expected it to have some superhuman strength but as it squirmed beneath him and he lifted his other hand to strike it, it was apparent his strength was far superior to this miserable creature.


He let his hand fly, his fist impacting the creature's face, feeling it's bone and flesh give way in a sickening crack. Gerald had to fight the desire to continue to abuse the creature beyond any fathomable understanding, to control the rage that filled him, to somehow within himself fight the monster he could feel rising within him so that he could focus on the task at hand; getting his child to safety. He let his closed fist fly again like a medieval mace striking a melon the creature's flesh gave way; before he turned and darted, picking Veronika up from the floor and in full sprint making his way to the back door.


He could hear the screech and howls of the creatures as he made his way into the sunlight, it was almost as if they had found pain in his ability to find the warm sun. Their dismay filled the air as they called out to one another, an alert sounded, something intelligent in their communication that told him their escape hadn't gone unnoticed. His lungs burned as he moved one foot in front of the other, Veronika's hundred pound frame felt as light as a bag of feathers as he charged into clearing that still held light from the sun. The sounds of those abominable creatures fading behind him as he drew closer to the wood line; he took the risk, he stopped and looked back, he had to see how much of a margin of safety he was able to put between them and the creatures.


“My God Dad, what are they?” Veronika's voice came to him as they both observed the scene, the dark clouds formed almost halfway over the land leaving only the little sunlight they currently stood in left; the beautiful home had waves of dark shadows engulfing it, creating what looked like a structure alive and writhing.


Gerald's voice came, as his eyes darted around the environment seeking some refuge for Veronika, “I don't know exactly sweetheart, but I can't leave her there.” The tone in his voice was solemn as if he knew it was quite probable that he wouldn't be able to do both. He looked to his child, her slender frame, her blond hair flowing around her face in some places matted to her forehead in an unkempt manner. He had to figure this out, but he couldn't leave Veronika by herself, those creatures would somehow find her, he had no idea what they exactly desired, hell he didn't even know what they were. But he did know that he had no choice but to somehow accomplish both, get Veronika somehow to safety, and quickly make his way back to Cassandra and hope that somehow he had time to get her out of the once ideal house and hopefully alive.


Gerald knelt next to Veronika, staring into her eyes, “I have to go back. I can't not sweetheart, but I don't know where to send you. I don't know where to hide you.” His eyes welled with true fear, not for that of his own life, but for his child; Jay couldn't imagine a greater pain than losing her. He had forgot his confusion, his lapse of understanding, now he know he needed to act, a decision had to be made.


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