Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Cassandra shows her former subjugates her strength

Chapter 27 (v.1) - First Order Effect

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Her arms felt no fatigue as each subjugate fell, her body infused with blood lust, adrenaline and an unimaginable contentment. As each body piled in front of her Cassandra couldn't contain her laughter. These 'things' that had been created are as pitiful now as they were in their lives as humankind. Each acting only on instinct and immediate gratification. They had no ability to think with second and third order effect only for their innate desire, and in this case it was to follow the Command of their mistress, a futile attempt at distraction an infant could see through as far as Cassandra was concerned.


Did that child think for one second that she hadn't predicted this? How arrogant could that sprat be? This wasn't a culmination of events, this was at best a distraction that Cassandra knew she could easily overcome. “What a joke, you're an embarrassment as a Goddess.” she cackled in unbridled amusement taking two of the subjugates simultaneously and throwing them forward into the oncoming wave of darkness. This cleared the way momentarily just enough for her vision to focus on the two figures in the distance just outside of the wood line.


She could see Gerald kneeling in front of the young child, she could feel his gaze on the situation unfolding before him. She could sense the fear in the child, which allowed her to know what was going to happen next.


Cassandra watched the coming events unfold in her mind, much like a motion picture from behind her eyes. Gerald would instruct her to move to the trees, perhaps even climb one to get out of sight; which in other circumstance wouldn't account for much of a solution, if Cassandra fell then the subjugates would without doubt hunt the child, they would be able to sense the innocence of her immortal soul, the power that created the magic and their hunger would lead them straight to her. Gerald, he would charge into the fray headlong in a misguided attempt at chivalry, one of the things that made him so unique as she had watched him all his years. He never ran, he always faced the task in front of him even if he knew it was insurmountable odds, because he was hard wired somehow to live some Ancient Code of Romanticism that she knew never truly existed. But Gerald believed in it wholeheartedly, and while not naive enough to believe it was ever truly followed, he did believe in the inherent and universal truth of it.


He would come for her, and in doing so she would be forced to give up her highly guarded position into open ground. This would leave her exposed to the waves of subjugates who in numbers could feasibly subdue her.


Cassandra began pushing forward, thrusting subjugates aside, her bare feet crushing the bones of her fallen foes as she moved out on to the porch. “Fucking idiot, now you're making me work.” She let out an audible sigh as she pried the arm of a subjugate from it's body, it's howl filling the air. She swung the arm wildly, it still wet with the black substance that spouted from it's body, she knocked the crowds away making her way down the once whitewashed steps of the front porch, careful to look up as she crossed the threshold of the houses eves.


Now she was in danger, she could see them; Joanne's pets had completely consumed the home leaving her little margin for error. She had to thrust them back and somehow provide herself enough room to make her way through this sea of bodies; then sprint in the opposite direction of Gerald and Veronika. “Of, course he has to come back! God forbid he would let something feminine provide him protection.” the sarcasm in the words dripped.


Cassandra braced herself for what came next, she firmly planted her left leg forward steady on her right as she began her charge through the swell of subjugates, she could feel their talons ripping into her bare flesh, even as her body had slightly morphed allowing her already well conditioned human form more ability; their weight in numbers felt crushing as she continued she could feel their bodies falling on her and their teeth cutting into the sinew of her shoulders. But this was easy, these creatures she knew were absolutely unable to match her; she had fought countless battles against foes far superior for longer than mankind could document it.


She remembered facing the warriors, Commanding the subjugates and Lords of the Kingdom when Mikael had led his forces into battle. She remembered the unmistakable shock of her enemies as she herself had strode into the chaos, she remembered their cries as her blade cleaved them from their self righteous place. In the end they were male, and she had learned that they were corruptible, even in that moment in the forms that her enemy had taken in those times, by themselves they were but children. Cassandra remembered gleefully how she cut them down, stacking their bodies around her feeding the morale of the kingdom as they charged behind her.


Even know as she pushed past the final wave into the cool air, she could sense what she herself had created as Goddess. The lust for victory, she had taught them that, she had cultured their brutality; but still subjugates by themselves are mindless creatures, that had given acceptance to their fate for simple pleasures. They had no conceptual understanding of what they were fighting against, or what she was fighting for, they were weak and had accepted their fate. Cassandra would punish them for it, and nothing made her heart sing like vengeance.


“As in your last life, as in the this. You have no inherent worth! You cannot even fall one foe!” She laughed wildly as she began her sprint across the plain her eyes fixed on the wood line ahead.

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