Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Gerald heads back to the house for Cassandra

Chapter 28 (v.1) - Focus

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



Gerald, watched as the creatures broke suddenly, their focus apparently drawn by something else. It appeared that almost one dark shadow moved from the home slowly uncovering the once pristine Antebellum now left in shambles, it looked to him as they moved unveiling each area the house had become a wreck in motion. It's windows and shutters stood broken, the once amazing woodwork torn by the talons of the creatures leaving deep scars to the white paint.


“Where are they going Dad?” Veronika queried, he could hear the surprise and anxiety in her voice.


He focused as they flooded away from them in fluid surge towards the adjacent trees. “I'm not sure, I need you to make for those trees over there sweetheart.” He looked towards her making sure he had her attention, then motioned with his finger. “Then I need you to find a very tall one okay? Then I need you to climb it and stay out of sight, and be quiet; until you see me coming. When you see me come then you'll know it's safe because I'll sing something. Do you understand?”


Veronika nodded as she thrust her body forward to hug him tightly, she felt a significant relief that the those monsters were moving the opposite direction and he could feel that in her body. She looked up at him, he could see her mustering her courage “Got it. I love you and hurry.” She broke into a sprint, and he waited until he was sure he at least understood completely which direction she had made off to, the last thing he wanted was to make it back to the house and then find that he was unable to figure out which direction she had went. Gerald knew all too well, he often leaped before he looked, this wasn't a moment in which he could allow himself to make those kinds of mistakes; he had to proceed in a fashion that was in the best interest of all.


As she dissipated into the shadows of the wood line, he looked towards the house. At this point it was completely bare, and he could barely make out the howling of whatever the creatures were that had once engulfed it. Gone was the feeling of dread, as he made his way back, in a quickened jog. There was no illusion that whatever had happened couldn't have been something spontaneous. He recalled the look of determination on Cassandra's face when she ordered him to get them out of there; a tinge of guilt hit him like a knife thrust into his gut. He should have made a different decision, he should have stood his ground and made her go get Veronika; for all he knew he would find nothing but her dead corpse in the house and that was something he wasn't sure he could live with.


Still something within him stirred, why didn't he know where he was? The house seemed familiar, Cassandra seemed familiar? The acreage, the wood line, the stream, all familiar as if he had grown to adulthood in this place; shouldn't he have known where to run? Shouldn't he have known how or where to get them to safety? If Cassandra understood what those creatures were, shouldn't have he?


Gerald had heard stories of people with traumatic brain injuries, or massive strokes having sustained memory loss, so much so they themselves didn't remember who they were, much less their home or surroundings. Is it possible that perhaps he himself had been afflicted with something similar? Hell he didn't even know what he did for a living, and that didn't make sense. He knew he was raised with work ethic, that if nothing else it was his duty to provide, and there was something noble about any person willing to 'put food on the table', regardless of what they had to do.


As he approached the porch he could see the piles of the creatures surrounding it, their bodies crushed and dismembered, their putrid smell filling his sense. He knelt down to closer examine one; it's face looked almost human twisted somehow into a frozen portrait of pain their teeth like a sharks designed to saw through almost any material, what looked from afar like paws from a canine were actually somehow as well human but with black talons protruding, yet they ran on all fours, their bodies kept a light and oily black fur that reminded him of an otter's. This one in particular he noticed had breasts, obviously a female creature. Gerald looked up at the porch stairs leading into the house, and although he wanted to examine this strange creature further knew he didn't have the time. He had to find Cassandra, and he hoped that he would find her intact which from the carnage left could very well be possible.


It was apparent to him that not only was she able to hold her own in this circumstance, she did far better than he himself may have; there were countless bodies of these creatures around, some left laying on the ground, others dismembered and tossed a significantly far distance from the porch, others strewn over the banisters. There was no doubt that Cassandra had made them pay for attacking their home.


But that didn't seem right to him either, he had seen her in that moment; almost hysterically laughing as he had made their escape. Her body no longer looked like the thin and ladylike variation that he had become accustomed to seeing, he wasn't sure but she almost looked monstrous herself.


Gerald pushed the thought from his mind, this wasn't a time to satisfy his curiosities, nor a time to play the situation back. He needed to move, those things could be coming back and his child was somewhere within those woods from where they came. “Focus.” He whispered to himself as he entered the house.

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