Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Gerald searches for Cassandra

Chapter 29 (v.1) - Sensory overload

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



The smell that permeated the house could be described as nothing other than rancid. Gerald moved into the foyer taking note of the shattered mirrors that hung on either side of the immediate entranceway, the stain glass front door leaving a rainbow mosaic on the floor that seemed flooded with dark liquid that he at this point recognized as the blood from the creatures that adorned the front of the home.


He narrowed his eyes a moment allowing his eye sight to adjust to the dim light; listening carefully in an attempt to hear the definitive scratching sounds from the talons of the creatures moving about. Carefully he whispered “Cassandra” the words leaving his lips in an obvious caution.


Nothing came, only the wind that blew through the home. “Fuck, man.” the words came as he made his way into the house. Visions of finding her in the home her battered and scarred, bloodied and lifeless passed through his mind with immediate guilt settling into place. How was he going to live with himself if something had happened? How would he be able to look his daughter's in the eye and call himself a man again?


Gerald crouched, shocked again at the word 'daughters' as it wracked his mind, a pain likened to someone violently shoving a spike into his consciousness overtook him. He pushed pressure with his fingers onto his eyes in an attempt to dull the pain, much like he would have if he was experiencing a migraine.


The vision shot through him, his body wracked with indescribable pain as a vision came, a woman speaking to him and he could see her as real as the vile creatures that had attacked them. He recognized her face, her kind eyes and gentle smile; her full form filling a black gown made of light fabric, her hair brown and thick pulled back tight from her brow. The scent of roses almost overwhelmed him. “I'm losing my fucking mind,” the words came as he shook his head trying to focus on the immediate reality, his eyes still closed and there still she stood in his mind's eye.


Her voice came softly, gently to him “You know hon, given what I know about you, I'd have expected that you'd have had this all worked out by now. But you were always a sucker for women, to include me.” She raised her hand towards him, the pain lifted from him immediately. Waves of memories came flooding back, he could see Joanne yes that was her name smiling to him, he could remember how it felt in those few moments they had shared together; how she had some magical ability to somehow make him feel normal and loved.


The image shifted quickly to another girl, in modern Punk appearance mixed with conservative flair, her light brown hair let to hang and if one didn't know any better could very well have been the biological child of Joanne. Her name was Evangeline, she was his daughter, he could see her struggling to see something. Focusing on him in almost an awe struck fashion.


“Evangeline,” He said in almost a reverent tone.


Joanne's voice came again “Yes Sir, that is Evangeline. Your child, one so very much like you. But I'll offer not nearly as inclined to just believe any pretty girl that sings her a song, you've raised quite the little guardian. Jay, I need you to focus now. I need you to think about Cassandra, how well do you know her? Where do you know her from? What is this place you're in? How did you get here? How did Veronika get here? You've allowed yourself to become quite lost, and I'm responsible for that. Your rage had drove you into a state of acceptance, I brought you more pain than you could endure of your own accord. Cassandra, she took advantage of that.”

Gerald suddenly felt a hand touch him, his eyes shot open and his body straightened upright, the vision dissipating immediately; there she stood, Cassandra, battered and bloodied she fell into his arms. He could smell the stench of the creatures blood saturated in her.


She pulled him tight, “I'm so glad you're okay.”


Gerald could feel himself in a state of emotional turmoil as he held her, just moments ago he had seen Jo, and Evangeline, Jo warning him about Cassandra, who had taken great efforts to somehow fight for he and Veronika. But Jo was right, how did they get there?


He could feel her pushing him away as she looked up “Where my Child? Is she okay?” her voice filled with genuine concern. Her face dirtied and caked with the black liquid. As he lifted his arm pointing towards the wood line and began to speak she cut him off quickly. “Thank God, now go on and get her please, I'd hate to think of her out there all by herself given we don't know where those things came from.”


She was right and he knew it. Gerald nodded as he made his way to the door, “Cassandra, I think we need to talk when I get back.” His eyes met hers, as she made of nod of acknowledgment.

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