Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline attemps to curb her frustration with Jo

Chapter 30 (v.1) - Evangeline: A Father's Truths Part Three

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“Evangeline” the words came in a calming whisper as Joanne touched her arm. “Your family is in need of your help. I know this is difficult to understand, and more than the average person can take in. But you're far from average. I want to help your Daddy, and your Sister; but unfortunately I myself cannot without your help.”


Evangeline, pulled her arm away her body shooting upright as if there was an invisible rope attached to her spine. Her eyes narrowed and brow furrowed in an expression of anger as she stared at the woman who had just given self admittedly to putting her family in danger.


She knew that somehow this woman was speaking truth, something in her gut allowing her to hear beyond the woman's evidential tone; but her instincts stirred the desire to reach out and grasp her by the neck, a streak of violence and desire to thrust her smiling face directly into the laminate table until the woman had felt the pain she herself was feeling.


“No, you will. I have no idea what's going on here. But I'm going to tell you this, and listen closely lady.” Evangeline leaned over the table her index finger thrust forward inches from Joanne's face in an accusatory manner. “I don't know who, or what you are. But you are going to fix this, or so help me if something happens to my family.” the words left her lips in almost a growl.


Joanne moved forward, letting Evangeline's finger gently touch her forehead as she spoke. “I understand, and I deserve this and far more. There's no words to describe the amount of remorse I have in my own soul for the things I've done during my time in this realm; I've done this and far worse to your Father. But you have to understand something, if you don't gain control of yourself and focus there's little I can do.” She sat back with a sigh, her hands folded neatly on the table as she set the challenge before Evangeline.


Evangeline had always had challenges with control over her emotions, it was just something that occurred; her Father had always said to her even as a young child “Beginning a task without focus and a plan, is planning for failure.” This was something that she had taken as a universal rule of life, to think ahead; but things don't always work out according to plan regardless of how much one plays the chessboard of life in their head and sometimes you just had to roll with the punches. Those unforeseen moments had always caused her a great anxiety, it almost seemed counterintuitive, she had to 'plan' but if it didn't go according to the 'plan' she then had to improvise. Her Father always struggled with the explanation of improvisation, but what she clearly took away from it was she needed to focus and that when the unpredictable occurred than as her Father said “That's when you know your own Character, when you have done everything you can and realize it's still out of your control. But if you don't have some plan, then you're wandering lost, think of a plan not as some exact science of ingredients, but a direction on a compass. You have to know at bare minimum the direction you're going and expect obstacles.”


Her Father often spoke in what seemed like riddles to her, but he was someone she knew she could count on; it didn't matter where or when she or anyone else in his life would come to him for help, that man was there for them. That however didn't mean that he wasn't without flaw, she had grown up watching him go through bouts of resent for those he had tried to help, only to watch them follow a path that he himself knew would lead to self destruction. Dad cared, and not only did he care, he owned his feelings, he owned his actions, he owned his flaws; and this was something he made every attempt to pass down to his girls, ownership of themselves and their actions.


Dad would often tell them, “Often enough, the world is simple. Think, say, do and generally speaking whatever reality you wanted to create will create itself; but be careful what you wish for.”


Evangeline couldn't help but have thoughts of him in that moment, she had no choice but to focus; it was a moment that left her baffled. Somehow her Father was in two places at the same time, at home waiting on her to arrive and probably worried out of his mind; then in some other place with his Sister and some random blond woman she had never seen. “Okay...” she her voice low and focused, “So what you're telling me is, my Dad and my Sister, are somehow at home and in some magic mirror mist thingy at the same time and somehow you put them there?” she inhaled a deep breath as she tried to keep her voice from betraying her attempt to hide her frustration before continuing, “And somehow, you need me to somehow help you; the creepy chick in all black at the Diner who randomly put them there. Okay, lets pretend for one second this is possible; Id like you to please explain how the heck I get them out of there, and how I'm not losing my mind.”


Joanne, couldn't help but grin at Evangeline, she was a great deal like her Father; there was something intense about the child, she not only had the ability to see through the veil, but she could instinctively discern truth from lies. But there was also beneath the surface of that intelligent calm something dangerous as if Evangeline would at any moment lose that control, lose that focus and lunge over the table at her headlong; something Joanne always instinctively knew about Gerald, when that Man was mad, he was mad. Gerald was a man of binary emotions, on or off; if he loved you he loved you unconditionally, and forgive you with no grudge so much that he would make excuses on those that hurt hims behalf. But if he didn't love you and he felt that in someway you had struck out against him, he never forgot. If you could show him however that your words were something he could trust, even if you wronged him; you had more from him than emotion, you had his respect. Evangeline was very much her Father's child, just as her Sister Veronika carried Gerald's love of the world and the majesty she could see in every day events, coupled with her need for occasional solitude.


“Well, it's not so simple hon.” Joanne smiled, as she began her attempt at explanation “But it's no so complicated either.”


Evangeline couldn't help but feel like somehow she was about to get a lecture from this woman she didn't know.

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