Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Joanne, insists

Chapter 31 (v.1) - Evangeline: A Father's Truths Part Four

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



“I think the easiest way to explain this to you, is through some base level Theology. All things that occur in your life, you have invited and accepted to be part of your reality.” Joanne still maintained the same kind and motherly smile as she spoke, “While you can't control the actions of another, you have to understand that every individual is accountable for what they allow into their lives, regardless of the effect it has on the individual psyche. So as an example, if one is so gifted to allow dark things to creep into their mind and the average person in humanity dispels those entities as a natural defense reflex, than that individual will experience more of those dark entities. Imagine if you will that humankind is somehow inherently afraid of the dark; right? Now what if they weren't, would they find that whatever filled their imaginations would then be a reality? Or would they find that the shadows they so feared were just loss of light? Are you keeping up?”


Evangeline couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed at Joanne's questions “Got it, I'm not a child. Can you get to your point please?” her voice came terse and filled with impatience.


Joanne, almost couldn't contain her amusement at Evangeline, she was very much a woman; Gerald had raised this child to be self sustaining and Evangeline had little patience for polite niceties in a situation like this; she almost felt proud to bare witness to how bold this child was. “Okay, okay. I'm not trying to speak to you like a child, however I understand and am trying to convey how complex the situation is. Simply put, you and your bloodline are gifted with the ability to not fear the darkness, to somehow push beyond the inherent instinct to move into the light. The point is, that woman has part of your family in a place I myself cannot reach without your help. I really do want to help them Evangeline, but sweetie I need you to accept what I'm saying and I need you to go there. I can show you how to get there, heck I can even take you there; but I cannot go there without you. I need your permission.”


“So, let me get this straight. Somehow, you need me to give you, my permission to take me to this fucked up place where there's some kind of demon creatures because you decided to put my Dad and Sister there, but they really aren't there, and they're at home? And......somehow I'm just supposed to take some random lady in Black's word for it after green eyed weirdos have been harassing me all night and completely dismiss my Dad's direction to come home.” Evangeline didn't take the time to mask the sarcasm in her voice as she stared into the woman's eyes unflinchingly; “I'm supposed to do this all on faith, because you somehow can create some fucking magic trick to turn the table into some smoke thing? Right, how about this? You take your weird Luciferian, multi reality theory and shove it up that black dress you stole from some misguided Goth rendition of Gone with the Wind and fuck off. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good evening.” Evangeline stood to get up abruptly, “Oh and, before my Dad gets on me for my language, I do apologize for my lack of ladylike behavior.” She gave a mocking smile and over emphasized wink to show her annoyance.


Joanne, stepped out and into Evangeline's path abruptly; her face changed and voice changed from the Motherly and soft tone it had taken previously as she placed her hand on Evangeline's shoulder and forced her back down into her seat. “Look child, I don't have time for this, and neither do you.” Her eyes taking on the bright green gleam that she had seen from what seemed like countless others this evening. “I need your help little girl; I've tried this the easy way. I came, I apologized, I tried to explain. You realize by just recognizing that you indeed see me, and what you've experienced tonight you've already given me acceptance to those of my kingdom. However I'm trying to play nice here.” Her voice paused, trying to control her tone and convey the importance of her message to Evangeline who had obviously at some point during the conversation had decided that whatever she was saying was nonsense.


“Look, if I'm wrong and you're right hypothetically, what's the worst that happens? You go home to your Dad, tell him you met some crazy bitch that wanted to send her apologies? Then you tell him about your weird ass night and he nods and goes on some lecture about how you need to go to confession and receive the sacraments or some such thing? Am I right? Then you guys spend all night talking and theorizing about what happened and he goes to bed, you wake up and head to class tomorrow until something like this occurs again. I don't have time for this Evangeline.” Her voice came sternly as she reached out and touched her hand to Evangeline's forehead.


Evangeline felt an immediate rush of energy as Joanne touched her, white light filled her vision a pain shot through her as her body became stiff as if somehow the more she fought the energy the higher the degree of pain. Her mind flashed with visions of Veronika standing over her Father as she tried to stop what appeared to be bleeding from his chest, she could hear her howling in emotional pain, screaming her name, screaming to God in a cracked and pained voice. She could see what looked like woman standing feet away, an Army of creatures behind her pointing towards them.


As quickly as the vision came on it left, as Joanne lifted her hand, like a sudden surge of water being drained from the very life being of Evangeline. Joanne's words came clearly and sternly “Get it now?”



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