Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline submits to Joanne

Chapter 32 (v.1) - Into the darkness

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Nothing could have been clearer to her, it was a moment of epiphany as her vision cleared, there was Joanne sitting across the table from her; gone was the kind smile her eyes intensely focused on Evangeline's own. There was no question, as to what happened, Evangeline know knew that this woman who sat across from her wasn't a figment of her imagination, apparition or the average every day, garden variety individual she would come into contact with on a normal basis. Joanne was something quite different and very much had her attention.


“I think I do, and I'm a little confused.” Evangeline's voice took on a bland tone that betrayed her attempt to hide her confusion. “Look lady, whatever it is I need to do to help them, I'll do it.”


Joanne's almost lept with joy from within her seat bouncing on the faux leather that made up the seats of the diner's booth that the both sat in, making it give way to a creaking sound. Her face that held a scowl of serious intent replaced with almost a child like joy, “Well sweety, then we should get going!” her southern voice piped in what Evangeline interpreted as a twisted display of glee, as she promptly stood form the table motioning her hand outwards in the same way that she would have imagined gentlemen would have for those considered 'Ladies' in yesteryear.


An audible sigh left Evangeline as she picked up her things slowly, and begrudgingly pushed herself up from out of the booth. An overwhelming sense of dread took her an awareness took over her that she was indeed being watched. Every person that sat within the restaurant was watching them both intently, their eyes giving off the same bright green glimmer she had encountered earlier that evening from the circumstances that drove her here. From outside the diner she could see a crowd growing, she could make out the shadows of human forms drawing towards the windows that surrounded the dining area. The eyes of the forms in the dim night light cluing her in to their lack of humanity.


She looked to Joanne, who's eyes had taken on a kind form of focus, her voice almost Motherly, “They're just excited hon, you have provided me with the opportunity to save your Father; putting aside your fears and own self preservation. This my dear, isn't something common amongst your kind. Generally speaking, humanity is so focused on their own little lives that they've long forgotten the virtues of generosity and love for another. Don't mind them.” Joanne motioned with her thumb over her shoulder to the growing crowd, Joanne's eyes still fixed on her.


Evangeline, could barely contain her frustration as she followed Joanne into the cool night air. They passed what seemed to be a gauntlet of these strange people, their eyes focused on even the slightest motion they made. She kept her head forward in an attempt to focus on the moment and following this strange woman; she had no choice, it was obscure to her that she was able to push passed the innate fear that would have overtaken anyone and somehow believed this woman. Every inch of her curious nature wanted to understand what exactly was happening, who these people were, who Joanne really was and synthesize the environment; it was a feeling of excitement mixed with complete and utter dismay.


This wasn't like any occurrence Evangeline had ever experienced, she recalled when she felt pinned to her bed and unable to move, when some unseen entity had immobilized her; or when she would feel the presence or hear the voices of what she had taken to consider her enemy in the shadows of the world she lived in; often enough she dismissed as some personal mental disorder that she tried to push through, and had learned about in her collegiate psyche classes. Evangeline had even attempted taking medication to dull the experiences which did nothing but cause her physical sickness and somehow put her in a perpetual state of dis-emotion, and while they had absolutely taken away the fear and anxiety from her emotions, they also left her feeling as if something within her had been stolen; something stripped from her, something that made her, her.


No this moment was very different, she couldn't help but feel like a lamb being led to the slaughter as she followed Joanne, to her vehicle. Joanne smiled as she opened the driver's side door revealing the strange translucent mirrored mist that Joanne had used to reveal to her the horrid vision of her Father and Sister. She was prey, and had willingly put herself here, there was no illusion that these 'things' and this woman could overtake her at any moment they so chose. This was a moment of acceptance, she had began down a path in which she could not change, and as the adrenaline shot through her making her body come alive; she knew what was coming next, she didn't need an explanation, she was going to move through this portal thing and somehow find her family. But it wasn't fear she felt, it was resolve.


Joanne smiled, as Evangeline's mind came alive with the voice, “It's that time, but listen closely hon. You're going to enter a very dangerous place, and in this place your own thoughts or fears can be used against you. You have to be able to focus and not over think, which is something you in particular are prone to. I'll be with you, and I need you to understand that you aren't alone; when you find yourself again in the light, I need you to ask me to come; and when you do I promise you that we'll get your family out of that place. Do you understand?” Her voice didn't carry a directive tone, it was an obvious attempt to calm Evangeline, to put her fears to rest.


Evangeline, almost chuckled ot herself as she moved to the entryway, as the thought passed “Right, I'm not crazy, chick talks in my head, weird green eyed people are everywhere, and I'm going to go ahead and go with it.” She couldn't help but hear her own Father's voice in her mind, something that she often used to draw courage “Fortune, favors the bold.” something he himself lived by.

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