Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline enters the veil

Chapter 33 (v.1) - Knowing, without knowing

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



It was gut wrenching the disorientation as Evangeline moved through the gateway, her mind vision tuned dark, her stomach turned as she passed through. Her body felt crushed by some unforeseen weight forcing her to her knees as strength was sapped from her; the overwhelming need to vomit, sending her body into a sweat.


As she opened her eyes, she could feel the cool earth beneath her. It was soft and an ominous quiet took over her new environment. Forcing herself to look up from the ground littered in what appeared to be forest ground, she could feel the humidity that encouraged the sweat her body was already enduring from the sudden shift that she had experienced.


Evangeline found herself on all fours, on some forest bed, great trees hundreds of feet high above her, the perfume of pine and honeysuckle would have been soothing had it not been for the violent transition that she had just undertaken. She wondered at the lack of surprise she herself was feeling, almost as if her mind had been prepared for the movement; she felt focus, as if somewhere within her she had already anticipated this situation, a sense of deja vu took her as this place had somehow had a familiar feel to it.


She couldn't allow herself to be distracted by the beauty evident in her environment, and she didn't have the time to sit and ponder why this place felt familiar, or how exactly this was possible. She had to find them, and that thought permeated her being as she forced her uncooperative muscles into action, lifting herself to her feet.


Instinctively, she knew which direction to travel; she knew how to find them, she could feel them in the distance not far away. It was as if some part of her had come alive, some part of her that had created her a lifetime of angst and fear was now truly awake; some inherent knowing that she had always had but now had control over.


Her Father had often spoken about this, carrying on for hours musing to himself and to anyone who would listen how women were truly blessed with the ability to see through what he would refer to as the veils of reality. It was his favorite case of study, something he himself spent countless hours studying; the power of the divine feminine. But oh how the passion in the conversation would rise depending on the recipient, often enough clergy of both Protestant, and Catholic Faiths. She remembered at a young age, hearing he and one of the men he called his 'friends' spending hours in heated debate over why her Father felt that Holy Mother was most revered; and that if she had been chosen and so blessed to give birth to the Saviour of all men; whether through supernatural or natural means, how each of woman must possess this divine gift.


“Gerald, you're going to end up excommunicated if you continue to carry on about these things you realize that? You'll be thrust from the Church and pushed into the darkness, you have to stop drawing these fanciful parallels and accept the Doctrine of the Church.” Countless times he had been given this advice by close friends, even their own family.


But her Dad, always stood firm, “Then they aren't the Universal Church they claim to be. How can anyone deny that women are historically at significantly higher risk to spiritual warfare, and being afflicted with the five diabolicals then men? I can't believe the Holy See would ignore that majority of those afflicted are women, and thusly why we don't hold them as clergy? It's historical data availale to anyone! You expect me to believe the Church that gave birth to modern science, created by the son of God; doesn't have access to the same data, and hasn't found this same pattern? Nonsense; this is more of the clergy treating us parishioners as children and expecting us to think in first order effect. Life doesn't work that way; intelligent people will always do their own due diligence, they will always search for answers. Look at most modern practicing Roman Catholics; just look at them! Many can't even explain how they aren't praying to the Holy Mother, they are seeking intercession from her; you expect me to believe that the Church hasn't somehow dumbed down the populace as it has through it's history in order to keep control over the people? No, I completely disagree; if the Church of Rome is indeed the Church founded by the Christ child, than I can't believe the intent is to withhold knowledge. However the individual is accountable for their own ignorance, let them excommunicate me; if that occurs I pray God be with me.” These conversations, which were more ranting than discourse would often leave the men, he would passionately hold his position with in a state of frustration; for Dad there was more to the Faith then what he was force fed in Sunday Mass, or the Catechism of the lay person; one could not rule out the pattern of humanity and the desire all humans have to control and horde information. Still his faith in his Church remained unshakable, and while he might have disagreed with the techniques and implementation; Dad remained a true believer.


In this moment, as she stared into the dark forest; knowing the direction of her family; Evangeline knew the truth. Dad was right, and women did have abilities beyond what modern science, or conventional Theology would be given to admit. She didn't question this, now; because she knew exactly what needed to happen, where she needed to go, and what would probably occur when she reached her destination as she moved one foot in front of the other, there was no fear; only an unexplainable knowledge of the probable outcomes in what was to come.

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