Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline reunites with her family; her Father's confusion apparent.

Chapter 34 (v.1) - Responsiblity

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



She moved through the woods, pushing her way through what appeared to be strangely clear underbrush that made a direct path to her destination; the canopy of the large trees and the cool breeze bringing a relief from the trauma her whole being had just been put through. Evangeline could feel her physical strength returning to her.


In the distance she could see where the tree line broke and the massive ancient life transitioned into a large plain encircled by the forest; she could see a large white house conveniently placed in the center that reminded her of some strategic placement that had been made by a General of an ancient Army that allowed whoever dwelled within to see from every vantage anyone or thing that might threaten the residents. This home would have been something her Father would have lusted after; something he spent countless nights dreaming and musing about. It's large pillars, it's open porch, even where it sat she had seen him imagining such a thing; something he could leave to his name, something to pass on to his children and grandchildren; something that made he and his line immortal.


Her Father had a romantic way about him, and she had never known him to be anything else; and in this people were drawn to him; he had an endearing and kind way, and while he often talked of the beauty and power of women, he was very much still a man. He kept his body strong, his mind sharp, and worried for his name when he left this world, and what mark he would leave for his children.


But as she had grown, and seen many women come with the attempt to charm him, he still had a naivety about him, something that led him to believe in the goodness in all people; even when he was taken advantage of. That's where she and her sister had fought for him, driving these women out of their home and thrusting them from his life before they could negatively impact their home; they in some way felt the responsibility to defend him, and they did. These women who would often come, in and out of his life felt called to him; yet frightened of him simultaneously; they could sense that if they had embarked down a path with this man, there was no going back.


This moment, reminded Evangeline of those women; her Father who was somewhere out there more than likely putting himself in a perilous situation over some misguided attempt at Chivalry. Yet again, she would be called to defend him and she knew it. Like many men she had met as she grew in maturity, he was lost in his own beliefs and carrying forward out of obligation; with no thought to himself.


Evangeline made her way into the clearing, she could hear odd scratching from behind her as if something was watching her intently; studying her every move, waiting anxiously in anticipation as she made her way to the large house. She knew as she crossed the soft grass that made and made her way, that this place while very real was created somehow, somehow conjured into reality. A cage created to give the illusion of contentment. Something she knew, but her Father couldn't fathom; while women indeed held the power and abilities that he believed, they also could be distinctively self serving and shallow; there was a responsibility that came with the gifts that were often abused and when this sick prison that was created for him, it was quite obvious this wasn't taken into consideration. She didn't need to be told this, she knew and she knew she would have to face this jailer.


As she drew closer she could see what appeared to be strange dark creatures strewn over the home and laid over the entryway to the home; “Home” she thought, that word caught her attention, “It was designed to feel like a home; because had it been just a house, then Dad would have felt alarmed. Someone had made this a home for him, made a home for his sister; a home that he would never want to leave.”


She could feel the words coming before they hit her ears; they came like a rush of wind, which would have normally surprised her; the croon of a female voice behind her, “It is a home dearest, it's a home for all of us. You too. Someplace safe from the trials and tribulations of your reality; someplace your Father can rest and enjoy the things he loves. I know your mind says prison, I had already anticipated that you would think so and he as well if I had been forthcoming. But, if I let you see just a little; then I knew you guys would love it.”


Evangeline turned quickly to face the voice, a woman in a tattered white tank top and torn jeans; her face beautiful and intense streaked with what appeared to be black streaks of some liquid mixed with dirt. Her face and bare arms bruised and the flesh torn in some patches.


“Okay, I'm about done with this bullshit. Where's my Dad; where's Veronica? Keep your sales pitch lady, I've already had a really tough day and have had more than enough nonsense to somehow sift through for a lifetime. So let's skip the 'who, what, why' and tell me where my Dad is so I can go home. Okay?” Evangeline pointed at the woman accusingly. “I'm about tired of weird people showing up, so where are they and how the hell do I get out of here? That's all I want to know, outside of that you can kick rocks.”


She was taken back and startled when his hand touched her shoulder, when she felt the crashing weight of the small arms wrapping around her from behind, that almost sent her reeling to the ground; the well of emotions that took over her as she turned to see them, almost as battered as the woman she had just met; she could feel their warmth and a sense of relief that led to her tears that came with anxiety being lifted.


“There you are, I knew I was missing something important.” His voice came, the sound of exhaustion and confusion apparent in his tone.  

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