Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Cassandra's craft becomes unraveled

Chapter 35 (v.1) - Ownership

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



She felt pained, to see her Father in his condition; his generally youthful face lined with stress and worry his eyes hollow and darkened, the obvious traces of fatigue. Her sister who's face was streaked with tears from whatever she had witnessed and been forced to endure.


Evangeline's sympathies and emotional pain; quickly funneled into rage for this woman, this creature who had brought whatever had occurred here to her family. She turned, to face her. “You're going to tell me how to get out here, and you're going to do it now. Or so help me.” Evangeline searched the ground, finding a broken board stained from the steps that led into the house; she grasped it and pushed it over her right shoulder, much like she would have held a softball bat in her youth. “I'm going to fuck you up lady.” her words came as a matter of factly.


Gerald took note, of his daughter taking on the role of guardian; Cassandra raising her hands in an attempt to calm the situation slowly stepping backwards, ensuring that Evangeline felt less threatened. He had never seen his child, his own blood act so boldly; a sense of pride and concern came over him.


He was proud that she was willing to defend them against Cassandra, but still confused. Why was Cassandra the enemy? Cassandra had fought for he and Veronika, he had witnessed her fight countless creatures in an attempt to set them to freedom; that woman had faced what would normally be insurmountable odds for any other imaginable person. But Evangeline was right, this place, this house, even Cassandra herself wasn't truly familiar to him. It had the sense of familiarity but not the clarity. As if a fog had taken over his mind that was somehow being lifted.


Again pain shot through his mind, his body stiffening as he fell to the ground; it felt as if he was being struck by an electric shock as memories flooded back. He could see Cassandra in the pub that they had once shared drinks in, he could feel the cool ocean breeze when they shared their first kiss, he could feel the distinct desire within him as he had pulled her close. The pain of betrayal he had felt from Joanne, rushed to him; her immediate desire to speak with him that day; the urgent tone of her message that he chose to ignore.


Memories of his children and their walks, him singing to them as infants to put them to sleep. His concern as he sought council for the girls who would dream in such vividness that they would speak audibly in their nocturnal visions. Emotions flooded him as re lived the visions of them laying sick in their beds; watching himself pray to his God that he took his life rather than theirs, promising that he would make himself a better man.


He watched himself in tears as his trust was betrayed by friends and coworkers, he could hear his own voice as he prayed on their behalf for their forgiveness. He could feel his past rage, as he would dispell them from his life; not because he didn't want to forgive them but because he knew regardless of how much he trained is body; or practiced and sharpened his mind, emotionally he had been wounded and these wounds would never heal.


Gone was the serene feeling that he had felt here in this place; the feeling of peace and contentment. Now he yet again felt deceived. Something he had always himself tried to instill his children with; to not intentionally decieve another person; because deception caused emotional pain. “Some things, can not be fixed. A broken heart, a broken spirit, a broken promise. These are wounds that follow someone their whole lives, and it's a burden you carry when you inflict them. You have taken from them part of their humanity, and it's not something you can give back. You have to own that; and while you cannot take it back, you can in earnest apologize. Something within human nature carries the desire to harm another; and you will do it, at some point you will hurt someone. That person you hurt, whatever you took from them is now something you have to carry forever. Own it, whether you intended the pain or not, let them know you do; and fix it if you can. If nothing else, you have the responsibility to society.” He could see himself sitting at their dinner table as he lectured.


These conversations were a constant theme in the upbringing of his children, and while his intent was pure; he also carried the guilt of the pain and disappointment that this philosophy would bring them in their lives. He had tried to tell himself that the pain would bring strength as he would see his daughter's disappointment in humanity, as he seen their innocence be taken from them. But he knew; people were scared to take ownership of their actions, their pride prohibited them from making resolution; instead they made self justifications for their actions and avoided confrontation.


Not this child, not this child of his; she was ready to destroy his offender on his behalf; but he knew there was absolutely no way she would emerge from the encounter intact. Not after what he had seen Cassandra do with his own eyes.


He looked up from his knees to see the stained face off Cassandra take on annoyance; it was quite apparent that she knew exactly what was occurring within him; what he was considering and most importantly that he knew of her deception.


“Okay, you got me. Sooooo, I created all this. Yup, sure did.” Cassandra laid her hands on her hips as a tone of sarcasm and shined through her words and body language. “Look, this is a pretty easy fix. I think what should happen here is you guys should at least check the place out a few days, we should all go get cleaned up, I'll make some dinner and we can talk about this.” Cassandra's words dripped in mockery.

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