Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline loses her composure

Chapter 36 (v.1) - Loss of focus

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Evangeline, could see the Army of Dark creatures emerging from the wood line in the distance; behind Cassandra. She looked to he Father and Sister, who's faces were immediately drained of life as their eyes widened focused in recognition of the creatures who slowly moved almost as one entity slowly making it's way into the open.


Cassandra was unflinching in her gaze, as she looked over her shoulder casually then back to the family; her face still taken with the smug smirk she had held moments ago. “Well that's something to consider as well for you I suppose.”


“We need to go sweetheart.” Her Father's voice came, “Those things, don't allow for much time. Your sister and I have seen them almost devour everything in their path in numbers.” She felt his had again touch her shoulder, “I'm proud of you, I'm proud of your courage and the woman you've become. But you cant fight them; we can't fight them, theres far too many. I'm not exactly sure where we can go, but I do know that it can't be here.”


She looked to Cassandra, who still stood her hands on her hips patiently awaiting Evangeline's response to not only her offer but her reaction to the horde slowly approaching. “Honey, you can't do anything, I'm about your only hope here. I think you're clever enough to understand this; this is 'MY world, and I can give it whomever I choose', I'm sure you remember that quote from somewhere, don't you? Well while your family may not be able to quite grasp the situation or it's severity, I want to believe you're quite bright. All of this,” She lifted both her arms, palms facing upwards and slowly turning in a three hundred and sixty degree circle, “Is mine. Everything here is mine. You my Dear, are mine, she is mine, he is mine; and they are mine. What we have to do is come to resolution together, because I'm not going to sit here and allow you to take this from me, this is my chance at freedom, my opportunity for peace.” Cassandra's southern accent gone, replaced with a distinct tone of arrogance that sent Evangeline's blood into a boil.


She couldn't contain herself, while she knew that it was more prudent to listen to her Father, Evangeline let go of her constraint, charging headlong at this woman who stood only feet away, she ripped herself from her Father's hand. She closed the distance almost instantly, she had understood her Father's teachings that the Ancient Greek's believed the gymnasium was where one trained the 'body and the mind'.


Evangeline let the wooden plank fly, her well trained eye from years as an athlete left no doubt that it would find it's chosen mark directly into the woman's face. This was something she had trained, something she had fought hard for; Evangeline like her Father wasn't naturally Athletic, but they had work ethic which led them to work harder and practice more than those that were naturally gifted. The hours she had put into training herself allowed her to develop an instinct when striking, as if from behind her own eyes she could envision the outcome before it ever occurred. Training this at a young age began to apply to all things, like any natural talent it took work to develop; while she couldn't necessarily run as fast, or throw as hard as her peers; instinctively in her own mind's eye she had developed to ability to watch the outcome of an event occur once an action had been taken to move any situation forward.


The plank came crashing into Cassandra, and sent the tattered board into a satisfying splintering. She knew to swing through her target versus at her target, which allowed her to generate power and momentum for her strike through her feet, legs, and hips intensifying the strike. This made for a solid feeling upon hitting her target, and even though she could no longer directly see Cassandra's face, she knew she had made good contact.

Evangeline could feel the satisfaction being stolen from her as she felt the thin yet powerful fingers of her opponent grasp her by the neck and pulling her vertically from the ground, leaving her feet kicking at the emptiness in struggle to manipulate her body away. The force of the action thrusting the air from within her lungs out of her body. She moved her hands to the woman's wrist in an effort to not break free but somehow brace herself so that she could open her airway under the stress of her own bodyweight.


She could see as her opponent held her suspended above her; the once beautiful face had become distorted and twisted, Cassandra's eyes cruel and unwaivering. Evangeline knew quite well in that moment that Cassandra would take her life if need be, there was no doubt in her mind that in those green eyes atrocities had hardened the woman's emotion. Evangeline could have her life taken from her if this Cassandra so much as willed it; and Cassandra knew exactly how much power she had over the situation.


In her mind's eye she seen it occur before it happened; her Father had charged Cassandra trying to flank her from her left; but with one sweeping motion his attempt at rescue would be thwarted and send his body reeling yards away towards the oncoming creatures. She heard his body send heavy thud into the air, his body being struck with so much force it bounced.


“See what you made me do? Child, this isn't a place for heroics.” Cassandra crooned. “You're making a bit of a mess of things, and I'm going to have to clean it up. Do you understand daughter?” She pulled Evangeline's face close to her own as she spat the words.







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