Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Cassandra's truth

Chapter 37 (v.1) - Cassandra's truth

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Cassandra knew what was exactly at risk; somehow this child had been brought into this reality and it was beyond her own design. She hadn't lost the ability to look in to their minds, nor the ability to do what every Goddess has been able to do; discern humankind's deepest desires. That's what she and those that came before her fed on, that's what the role and purpose was of she who was tasked to Command those of the Kingdom; simply to exchange the immediate desire of humankind through acceptance and to subjugate them to her will.


Cassandra had tried to explain to Mikael once, as they mused over the game that brought balance to the reality that humankind chose to dwell in. “The creatures are inherently evil; they throw away every opportunity for true fulfillment in exchange for immediate self gratification, in a thousand form, fame, material riches, they confuse lust for love, honor, recognition, the very thing that allows them to conjure the magic; that's the thing that makes them the miserable creatures they are. They're never satisfied, in truth they show know loyalty to one another; they'll sacrifice their integrity, their family, in trade for what? Anything but, the thing that brings light into their world.”


Mikael had been her opponent long before she took her rightful place in the darkness, he had fought on humankind's behalf since the ancient battle began. He Commanded the opposition, their laws demanded humility; and the agreement made amongst the Master's commanded while they would be allowed to walk amongst humankind, they had to be an example of their own beliefs, never showing their true forms; never providing direct intervention leaving the people open to her and her kind.


“You've twisted it all Cassandra, you've made it some agenda of your own to destroy them; to somehow subjugate them to your will. It was you who created this war, abandoning your initial calling as Protector of the divine magic. Instead you've manipulated it into something grotesque, using it against them at every opportunity, and for what? So you can watch them in misery for your own entertainment? You've sent your Legions of the kingdom to corrupt them; it is you who have made them pursue the very things you call them evil for. No other Goddess, no other who protected the magic had twisted and contorted it as you have. You blame them for a disharmony you yourself have created, and you are to blame. You skirt the rules, you bend the laws, your role is to protect it, to venerate it; instead you've tarnished it. Created your own Kingdom, destroyed the balance.” She remembered will the disgust that he held on his face that day; how he leaned over the board she had carefully crafted in the guise of 'free will'.


What he failed to understand, was that she herself believed she deserved the magic; she had long served on the throne and knew how to create it, she had even once felt it herself. To watch it squandered more was more than disturbing to her, it was appalling. A disgusting waste of opportunity, she had seen to people that had been crafted divinely to be together out of fear, or anxiety, or self loathing throw the opportunity away. She had seen women who could naturally tap into the veil, who could change the outcome of almost any situation dismiss their own instinctive knowledge in exchange for comfort. She had watched their male counterparts, twist words, and spin webs of lies to treat them as less than human; to treat them as a night's conquest.


Now it was her turn, and while she and Gerald didn't have the divine connection; she herself knew how to create it. The connection didn't always occur in a natural way, it often had to be built, like a bridge that reached to another side; but once the bridge was built the connection was immortal. That connection, that thing that humankind called love was what made their magic; that magic gave them power beyond even her own understanding, it was the very essence of what they called miracles was made of.


Before she was the Goddess, she had experienced what seemed now like only a moment of the magic; but that moment had brought her strength and courage that people of her time only attributed Gods. As the eons passed, as she seen the abuse that humankind given to the very thing that brought them life; she knew not only through her own betrayal, but through her role as judge, jury and executioner of those who betrayed it; it would have to be with someone she could create; someone she could groom into a man that she herself could possibly love, someone who could give her back her humanity.


So she created Gerald, and she brought him pain; and in that pain she knew that he would become what she needed, the catalyst that she could manipulate to make the magic occur; she had to create a perfect world where he would become open to her. She needed the trigger, and there was Jo; unhappy in herself, imperfect, self loathing, abused but highly talented and quite gifted in her innate abilities; she was a beautiful mess created for one purpose, to destroy his trust; to make Gerald open to anything else but the connection that would tie them both.


Joanne, was far from an evil creature, but quite damaged; and Cassandra knew, she had learned to play the board; to understand that each of humankind in their reality played a role in one another's lives, directly or indirectly; and through her subjugates and knowledge of the human condition and how prone they are to 'easy' she could design both he and her. This would give her the opportunity to win her own freedom; Cassandra needed to create the magic and in order to do that she would use Joanne to destroy the very thing that he was groomed to do; to love.


Cassandra tossed Evangeline to the ground, “Don't think child, that I don't know you can't hear my thoughts. There you have your why; but understand this, we can all be quite content here if you give it the opportunity; but cross me and I'll rip your soul from your chest and feed it to your Father. In this world I can ensure he never knows any of you existed; I could feed him your tongue, call it an apple and make him believe it.”


Evangeline, pushed herself to a seated position, glancing at the growing horde of creatures now only yards away from them. Her eyes shifting quickly to her Father who laid unconscious just only feet behind Cassandra, her Sister who studied intently on the situation unfolding. “Joanne, now would be a pretty good time for a little help please.” she whispered.  

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