Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Cassandra faces the Sisters;

Chapter 38 (v.1) - Judgement comes

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Evangeline could see out of her peripheral vision Veronika in full sprint making her way toward her. There was for her a moment of self clarity, as adrenaline filled her body and she gained control over her breathing, as if she could see and understand everything that was occurring simultaneously.


She could see the horde of creatures making their way halted as if some unseen wall had thwarted their forward movement. Moving her eyes in what felt like a dragging movement over the landscape, she could have if she so desired honed in on even the smallest things in the environment. allowing her eyes to focus on an object, and if so inclined could in her mind know exactly what the object was down to the finest detail; as if she had somehow gained the equivalent to a zoom lens of a camera in her mind.


As her eyes moved to Cassandra, she could see Joanne, and four other women a few feet to her rear. She could hear their thoughts thinking in synchronism “You who held the seat of Goddess, you who have betrayed your seat; it is now you face the pain that you have caused. We find you guilty of manipulation and the destruction of the magic that allows humankind to evolve. You Cassandra stand to face us, and you have ownership of the anguish you have given to each that you have destroyed, you alone hold responsibility for the for the pain you have caused. What say you?”


Cassandra spun to face her accusers, Joanne with her right hand held palm outwards towards Cassandra. Evangeline could feel the anticipation within Cassandra, hear her heart beat as she stood to face these women. The women stood powerful, each dressed in garb from time periods that Evangeline had only read about, one quite tall possibly six feet and dressed in what appeared to be a Celtic tunic, her red hair pulled back in a multitude of braids, silver bracelets adorned her wrists and ankles. Another who appeared to be of middle eastern decent, her dark hair flowed easily; her long sheer gown dressed with in multi colored fabric. The third, her olive skin and blond hair pulled tightly into a bun; wore nothing but leather sandles that tied upwards onto her calves and a white tunic that reminded Evangeline of something perhaps the Greeks would have worn. The fourth an older woman perhaps in her fifties that somehow maintained an elegance that only women with maturity could; her hair streaked with the gray displaying her wisdom, a thick gold necklace draped around her neck, what appeared to be a gold circlet parted her hair and sat on her brow. Then there was Joanne, she had a more robust frame, but a powerful stance; still dressed in the same dark dress that flowed to the ground; their eyes shone the same bright green that Evangeline had come to recognize as a mark of whatever their kind was.


“I say that I stand accused of falsehoods. How can each of you stand there and pass judgment on me? Each of you who has held the throne, your presumptions astound me. You've seen the evil that is man! You've seen him create chaos in the word, you've seen him take from women their virtue by force! You've seen him as he's broken families; torn children from their homes! You've watched as since their inception they have worked towards their own personal glory! I've created another, I've designed one that is built on humility, and courage; and in time he will give way to the magic. Even he with his strength will give way to my intent. You dare?” Cassandra yelled, her voice echoing through the empty plain, screeching in a tone that couldn't be confused with human. She lurched her body forward as her lecture continued, her face twisting into a form not quite human and more of a reflection of the beasts that lay at their feet.


Cassandra raised her fist in defiance, stomping her foot like a child who was being denied a treat before a meal, “You...” she hissed, “Are you charged with the protection of the magic; you are to defend me and my right in this realm or any other to conjure my desires with it. I got it; he doesn't love me.” Cassandra sneered, “But he will, and he can; I'm aware of the law, I must keep and protect the magic. I shall, my word should be more than ample acceptance.”

Evangeline couldn't help but notice the word 'acceptance' being used so commonly in the dialogue she had had with Joanne, now used again by Cassandra, her eyes narrowed as she called to Cassandra, “Did he give acceptance to be here? Did Veronika? Or did you somehow twist their thoughts and manipulate their emotions in some half truth? Do you really have the acceptance of someone when you use deceit and manipulation to gain their trust?”


The blow took her faster than even the new awakening of her senses could comprehend, she felt her body become weightless then be sent crashing to the earth; her head reeled as she slammed to the ground; she could hear the sickening crack of her arm giving way as pain shot from her elbow through her shoulder. She could see lights in her eyes as the world began to draw dark around her.


Cassandra's voice came again, “If I didn't need you child, I would have fed you to the subjugates. I know the darkness of your mind; I know the things you withhold, I know your secrets. You think because you have some nobility in your line; you're somehow better, your way, your Father's way is a road full of pain and disappointment. My way is a life of vengeance and judgment; now lay there and sleep child; before I'm forced to take the very thing that beats life into you from your chest.”


Evangeline, knew she was right; it wouldn't be long before the world went completely black around her, leaving both her Father and Sister alone. She knew Cassandra was accurate, Evangeline couldn't over power her herself, but to quit wasn't something she had been taught to do. She was taught to get up, when she was knocked down, to fight for what was hers and what she wanted; and to never let anyone take it from her. “Focus, Evangeline.” Joanne's voice came, “I need your help, we need your help. Stay with me for him please.” The voice begged


“Focus” the words left Evangeline's mouth as she fought through the physical pain, moving herself onto all fours.



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