Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Evangeline finds that courage isn't enough

Chapter 39 (v.1) - Pushed too far

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Cassandra turned to face those that have held the throne, “Your invitation here means nothing; they're already mine. They came here of free will, they chose this world and me; those are the rules.” She spat the words at the women who stood in judgment.


Forcing herself to her feet, her head swimming, her stomach wrenched and sickened; Evangeline pushed herself to her feet. It required focus in order for her to get her legs planted beneath her, to lift her head as she muttered, “I don't know what rules you're talking about, but I know this; acceptance under deception isn't something the rational mind would consider an invitation. You've created some kind of twisted and fucked off reality here.” Evangeline made her stumble towards this creature who still had some semblance of a woman, ensuring she firmly planted her right foot then left forward; careful to ensure each step didn't entangle her legs, the feeling of nausea making her want to succumb to giving up.


She could through her blurred vision see Cassandra wave her away in a dismissive manner, letting out an audible sigh of annoyance as she focused on her enemies. Evangeline was barely a consideration to her.


The voice of Joanne filled Evangeline's mind, “There you go sweety, that's the ticket. Tell her you don't accept this, and you accept me. That is what will allow us to free you all.”


“This is such bullshit, all of you people are so fucked up.” Evangeline croaked the words as she stumbled towards Cassandra quickening her step with the intent to throw her body into her. Her mind had already played out the scenario and the multiple possible sequences of events; she'd more than likely be throwing her weakened body into an immovable juggernaut; but she couldn't quit, she had to at least try.


As soon as the thought had crossed her mind she felt the callous talon take place around her neck like a vice. She was helpless and even the intent was futile, but somehow she was still able to control her cognitive functions even know as her body was giving way to the abuse she had received at the hands of this creature.


She couldn't keep her eyes open as she felt the earth leave her feet; just the crushing weight of the callous twisted hand of Cassandra around her neck, her foul breath on her face “You're something else kid, too much like your Father; you just don't know when to quit. Gluttons for the punishment, it's like you're asking to see just how much damage I can put you through; you have no concept of pain yet, no idea of the playground of human destruction I could create just for you. Listen closely child.... I could destroy you, your family and anyone who had ever thought about you; and I'm becoming tempted to show you exactly what I'm capable of.”


Veronika's voice piped, in a dread reminder to Evangeline that she wasn't the only one at risk in the moment. “You leave her alone!” she could hear the croaked sobs leaving her Sister's mouth. She had no choice, she couldn't pass out, she couldn't drift off; there was no way Veronika would be capable of taking on this creature; but that wouldn't stop her from trying.


Veronika, always had an amazing ability to control her emotions; as a younger child she would burst into tears at even the slightest offense. But she had learned in her short years to control the emotions; but when she lost control, it would become apparent to everyone around her; like a blast from a furnace exploding when she lost her temper everyone within the immediate vicinity would feel the heat. This was one of the moments, she had lost the ability to contain, her ability to focus and control.

“Help her!” Evangeline could hear Veronika's voice cut through the dominant stillness of the moment. This moment where something within her told her she could lose everything without a true understanding of what was occurring. She couldn't help but not truly synthesize what was happening, all she knew is soon whatever was occurring would draw to an end as the darkness took her.


She no longer had the strength to endure, gone was her focus, lost was her ability to dig from that very human ability to draw from deep within themselves to conquer what faced them. Evangeline couldn't help but wonder what her Father would think, that she gave up, that she couldn't hold her spirit together in the face of demise for her family. Her mind wandered to Veronika and what would come of her as the solace of unconsciousness took hold of her; she pondered at the pain she felt leave her body and only wished she could remain focused.





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