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Visions of the Future: Second Chances Joanne

Chapter 40 (v.1) - Vision of the Future: Second Chances Joanne

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017




Joanne moved to the front of what she once called home. Gone was the sense of dread and anxiety that had felt her throughout the years as her boys were already loaded into her car; her things packed neatly away in her meticulous manner in the back of the U-Haul truck. The battered screen door that led to the small living room hanging off the top hinge giving the home the unmistakable appearance of conflict.


There he sat, the man she once called husband. Someone who's entire being was supposed to be focused on his family; to protect her and her children. But instead allowed his ego to control her to corrupt and taint the dreams they had once created together. But not this time, the thought to raise his voice to her; to bring his large frame in a confronting manner inches from her face wasn't something she was willing to endure any longer.


Joanne had seen the evil of humankind, she understood the hearts of men; she knew now how to confront conflict head on, and while there would be emotional str, essand the future was unclear for her and her boys she knew now her inherent responsibility to raise her own boys to be honorable men. But she hadn't forgotten the lessons of her recent past, she was allowed to keep the most valuable thing those of the kingdom could experience. She kept her perspective.


When he rose to meet her, without thought Jo stood ready to meet him; cowards had only one way of learning and that was through violence of action. She would not stand by and allow her boys that would soon become men have this example that they could treat women with such disdain; is if somehow a lesser creature and she wouldn't allow herself to be belittled after what she had observed and influenced as she who ruled those of the Kingdom.


As was his habit, he was loud in an attempt at intimidation and he closed ground to her quickly; in the past it would have sent a feeling of fright and she would have emotionally crumbled. But this time she was ready, she had kept her son's baseball bat close to her as she had told him what was to occur next, she had strategically positioned herself between him and one of the adjacent walls to ensure he couldn't somehow take her off guard.


When she let the bat fly it crushed him sending him to his knees immediately; Joanne had to fight the urge to continue to beat him, “Focus” the words left her mouth as rage filled her. Joanne had found a taste for blood, a taste for redemption when she had stepped through the veil something that she knew had longer reaching affects in this world. But she would never allow anyone to take away from her or her children the right to happiness.


She had learned in her time, that often people sacrifice happiness for convenience, that words were not enough for something to occur. She had watched countless women live lives of eternally questioning 'what-if' in an attempt to maintain their own status quo. That was what she brought to the role of where she held the throne; she brought courage unlike many that came before her. Her memory of the veil, her memory of the inherent evil and selfish desire of humankind was her gift to bring back into this realm. She wouldn't allow herself to be taken by fear any longer; there was a scale in life that she had observed forgotten through the ages where all of humankind had forgotten that their actions and not their words were what made the reality they themselves lived in; and while she could crush the very being of this man who once intimidated her; she had herself learned compassion.


As Joanne, observed every inkling of aggression drained from him as her weapon found home, as she observed him in tears like a child sitting on that porch watching his reality crumble she couldn't help but smile. “Now I'm taking from you what you took from us, I'm taking control. You're nothing in this moment and you'll be nothing unless you learn that love isn't something to be abused. You could have taught them honor, integrity, and compassion. Instead you chose to teach them fear, fear from your own inadequacies. I'll teach them courage, I'll show them life.” She scoffed at him, in his weakened form.


In the past she would have taken great pleasure in acting out what she would have once considered only a fantasy, now she felt only disgust as she observed him weeping like a child. Too long, too many men had she seen abuse the gift given to them, too many of her own kind who sacrificed a reality of happiness for fear.


She had another chance to find the magic, and this time Joanne wouldn't allow anything to keep her from it. She wouldn't take the path of Cassandra, in an attempt to manipulate that magic which echoed simultaneously through all realms, and touched every creature that every existed throughout history.


No, she knew the magic was something that no humankind could control and it existed through what some would call fate or divine. It couldn't be forced, it couldn't be coerced, it could only just be. It could be tainted, twisted and distorted; something she herself had done and see countless others do.


As she turned towards the vehicle, she felt no remorse. She felt gratitude for the simplicity in the knowledge she was allowed to retain.


“Something so simple, made so hard; by our own design.” She whispered, with a knowing that she was speaking to listening ears, that her voice echoed into the abyss; the the Sisters would smile on her and bless her with what was to come; grateful she had the opportunity to impact real change. If she had learned nothing in her time, she had learned that from gratitude came more to be grateful for; that she alone controlled the outcome of this reality of her own making, and that while influence could come from beyond that her actions created the outcome; and each of her actions had an inherent responsibility to anyone who could be affected.


Responsibility she welcomed.

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