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Visions of the Future: Second Chances Evangeline

Chapter 41 (v.1) - Visions of the Future: Second Chances Evangeline

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



She hadn't lost her ability to see, something she brought with her from the other realm; or perhaps something she always had. Evangeline had endured her entire life a knowing without knowing; she had faced the darkness without understanding and allowed it to haunt her. She had found that even thought she herself had never asked for these abilities they were something that were inherently built into her very being. Something that she had learned to welcome.


Still she would feel the eyes of those of the kingdom; the creatures stalk her as she moved through her life, watching closely as they tried influence her every decision. To replace something difficult with an easy solution. To fear the night when it came and it's overwhelming feeling of despair, and anxiety of the mundane worries that were to come. But now she knew how to fight it, how to overcome the darkness.


Evangeline had learned that through perseverance and holding her ground against any foe that she would find herself on the winning side of life. Not everything was meant to be easy, she herself had lessons to learn, she had to grow and through pain there was beauty.


But the pain was something she herself would conjure, something her mind would create; she had a choice to succumb to the darkness and let it crush her; or to fight and continue on the path she would create for herself. She once thought herself mad, crazy and often questioned her own sanity; as she moved back into this realm she knew and not guessed that the road that was put in front of her was one she had the ability to create. She had found her own loyalties, she had found her own limits on what she was willing to endure; and through that she found strength. She found most importantly her own responsibility to herself and other she loved. She found inherent truth, that humankind can change their ways, that if they so desired that they could live beyond the selfish realities that they created for themselves.


She had endured a lifetime of temptation to give acceptance from another reality, temptation to succumb to fear to give acceptance that these powers had some authority over her. She had face the darkness, and found truth. She found that through love of another there was courage, that she herself didn't have to question the actions of humankind; she didn't need to feel confusion and disgust at those that had an inability to focus on someone other than themselves. She herself could now live without judgment of another and have a simple understanding that humankind was weak and only showed nobility through challenges presented to them.


As Evangeline took her time packing her purse, knowing she was quite late for her class she didn't feel the pressure to excel, she knew that there were moments where it was okay to be imperfect; that not everything in her life had to go according to some plan that she had concocted in her mind. That whatever happened she could welcome as a learning experience; something she could draw from and make a more complete picture for herself. It was okay that people interpreted information differently than her, it was okay that people judged her for her views, it was okay to live amongst people who were different.


Making her way down the stair of her apartment building, she noticed that she had neglected to lock the front door, something she had been obsessive about in the past; something that had she left it would have ruined her entire day. Now, it was just something that was occurring, something she could flow with, something she didn't have to control.


“What's the worst that could happen?” She chuckled to herself as she made her way back to the door, casually locking it. “It is what it is” She uttered, not being able to help this feeling of peace that she now embraced.


Evangeline didn't spend time pondering the why of what had occurred, she just accepted that she had learned, that the whatever waited for her in the darkness was something that had no control over her unless she allowed it.


She smiled as the words left her mouth, “Turns out, it's going to be okay.”  

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