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Vision of the Future: Second Chances Veronika

Chapter 42 (v.1) - Vision of the Future: Second Chances Veronika

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Veronika normally shy and reserved had taken to enjoying the social company of others. She embraced the realization that in the moment she could be happy. That these other children who often teased her or called her 'weird' for her introverted nature were just simply unhappy with themselves; a product of their Parent's desires rather than being their own.


She made her way to the courtyard where the other pre-teens her age were teasing and judging one another based of clothing; or hair. Where girls discovered boys and the pressures of desire; a time where boys who had no idea what love was reduced women to sexual objects due to the popular culture they themselves had shoved down their throat as their senses were bombarded through electronic communication.


It had been months since she used her phone for anything other than calling home and letting her Father know she was safe. Months since she sat in front of a video game for hours wasting her time. She had kept her memory of what had occurred, and gained an instinct over any environment she was in. She could sense change, fear, anxiety, apprehension in people around her a connection with the world that was somehow lost to her peers and most of her seniors.


Everyday beauty unfolded around her, squirrels jumping from tree to tree, birds singing in their glory in the summer months, the wind even on hotter days cooling her; she could almost hear every creature speak to her. Something she had always had, a connection with everything around her she had chosen to drive out of her life and replace with the countless distractions of modern life, something she know completely embraced.


Gone was the thought of her Father being an imposing figure, a rock that couldn't be moved and a pillar of strength. He was just a man, but he possessed something more valuable than she had ever understood, he loved her; he took pride in her and her achievements, he seen her imperfections as perfections. Sure she had heard or read that a Parent's love was without judgment, but it really wasn't truth; she had observed with her own eyes how parent's would project their faults and their own perceived failures onto their bloodline.


Her Dad wasn't like that, he just wanted her to be herself, to live and grow almost wildly, but with a sense of moral obligation to the world. If she wanted to be an Artist he embraced it, he would offer advice often enough like “Artist is a fine hobby sweetheart, but it's not a job.”, which even at her age she interpreted as practical advice. But he never discouraged her from pursuing it and including it in her life. Either way, she had plenty of time to worry about it.


Time was something that she didn't feel beating down her shoulders anymore, something that wasn't really relevant. Sure she had to make preparations for what was to come, but those preparations didn't need to be set in stone. She could kind of 'wing it' if she had a general idea of what was going to occur. There was a beauty in not having to know everything, and something she loved.


The world she found herself in was quite different than the one she had left; she left a world full of anxiety and judgment without compassion and found another reality she had created. One where she could literally feel the emotions of others, an understanding of why those she lived with and around would do the terrible things they would do to one another.


As she looked around the courtyard, feeling the tension from her peers, moving her eyes skyward watching two crows in what appeared to be a well choreographed dance with each other she smiled to herself, as her mind drifted to recent occurrences, there was solace in knowing that she could without a doubt count on her family to stand by her; and that even when her world seemed to be crumbling there was a purpose and she could hope have hope in the heart of humankind to be compassionate.


“There's no need for worry, everything is okay.” she whispered to a young lady who sat by herself intently frozen in embarrassment as a group of other girls teased her for her awkward dress in cruel whispers. An obvious attempt at ignoring the onslaught of judgmental words and thoughts.


Veronika wasn't surprised when she looked up from her book their eyes even across the courtyard fixed on each other. She wasn't surprised the girl had heard her, she had already known she would; as she smiled and whispered to her again “I'm Veronika, and I'm your friend.”  

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