Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Vision of the Future: Second Chances Cassandra

Chapter 43 (v.1) - Vision of the Future: Second Chances Cassandra

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Cassandra looked through the veil as she sat on the wooden throne, her leg casually draped in her own proper form over in a casual manner. She could almost hear what was left of her heart singing as she watched them take their new found powers into their world. She mused over how much pain they had to endure to find truth.


Her subjugates whimpered in the shadows at the the visions that they were forced to observe took form in the mist. “See, you could have simply fought. Instead you chose another path, you chose the path of least resistance, even water doesn't always flow that way. When water is faced with an obstacle it finds it's way through, over or around naturally; water doesn't fear obstacles set in it's natural path. You'll have your opportunity for redemption.” her voice came in almost a Motherly tone tone to the creatures as they scurried about in the shadows.


As she turned to face the board and faced her opponent who in this realm humankind would observe as something of beauty. Not the frumpy heavy appearance he enjoyed taking on their reality; no he had his long dark hair pulled back over his well muscled shoulder, the golden circlet he wore a sign of his role as a Commander of his Master's forces, his piercing blue eyes focused on her awaiting her next move. “Mikey, sometimes I think you just enjoy watching me make them struggle.” She laughed.


Mikael's voice came almost musically, as he responded, gone was the plain tone lacking emotion; replaced with compassion and thoughtfulness. “You play a dangerous game Cassandra, someday you'll find that the lessons you want to give humanity aren't going to go your way. I understand your charge, and I understand your intent. But imagine if they weren't forced into these lessons? Imagine for a moment that they themselves were capable of what you're trying to instill? What will happen if someone else finally takes your place on the throne and truly abuses the power? Who then will guard what is sacred? You too often put yourself in a position where you may not be able to return.”


Cassandra's mind drifted to the scene that had put these people in harmony with their own reality. Holding Evangeline several feet off the ground, watching as Veronika pushed herself forward to attack her. How she allowed the child to knock her off her feet and tumble into those that have carried the throne.


She remembered forcing her eyes to look at Joanne, to allow herself to plead in her own heart and mind so that Joanne could feel the energy of her own helplessness. To watch Joanne, without hesitation bring the strike home, to send the countless legion of those of the Kingdom forward to consume her.

Cassandra couldn't forget the pain she felt as the mountain of dark flesh took her and ripped into the form she had created in that reality, tearing flesh from bone; their ravenous blood lust and vengeance consuming them as they enacted their vengeance and pulled her away.


The vision of Joanne, placing her hand on Veronika and using her power to endow her with comfort of understanding. How Joanne's eyes welled as she moved to Gerald and brought life into him, gifted him with hope, something that life had stolen from him. How she took Evangeline in her arms and gifted her with the power of remembrance. How Joanne accepted within herself her own responsibility for her actions and how she herself had the power to rectify the pain she had brought others.


What the consequences of human desire could bring if not kept in check, if not done with pure intent. How the magic didn't need to be fought or controlled, the magic just needed acceptance and submission. Cassandra could see in her mind's eye as clearly as when she had been there, her recollection quite complete as she took pride in the emotion that Joanne had shown; how human she truly was.

She looked back towards Mikael, the memories of what these creatures had accomplished bringing her emotions to the forefront; her eyes welling her heart choking. An emotion she hadn't felt since the magic was stolen from her Eons ago.


“Sometimes Mikael, you have to be willing to risk it all for the greater good. That's what the magic is, it's a path, something to be accepted. It takes courage, it takes casting away self doubt, it takes opening ones self and trusting completely. Often it brings pain, but the pain is often short lived and replaced with gifts the recipient can't possibly fathom. Quit being a killjoy would you?”


Using her forearm to wipe the tears from her cheeks, she thrust herself forward in the throne leaning her body and on her knees, watching Mikael focus n the board set in front of them, she reached out slowly lifting his chin so that he would look directly at her.


“It's through pain humanity is found, it's through struggle do the humankind find their nobility. It's through acceptance do they make their reality. It's through the magic do they find their gifts. All those who have held this throne have known this truth. Through what I risk, I myself find the magic; I help them find their own responsibility. In that, you must have faith Mikael; I shall forever hold guardianship.”  

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