Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Gerald's hope for humanity

Chapter 44 (v.1) - Gerald's hope for humanity

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Gerald started his truck, and put it into drive. He couldn't help but feel remorse for his inability to truly comprehend what had occurred and take responsibility for the position those he loved were put in. He continually questioned whether if he had made different decisions as a younger man if it all could have been avoided; but he valued the experience, he knew now without question that no organization no fundamental belief truly had the answer to what occurred in the Universe, not modern science or any other Faith that claimed full understanding of the Supernatural could explain; for that he felt gratitude.


He had ended his search for answers, left the emptiness of putting trying to put together the answers of the immortal puzzle of life and accepted that the path he had been set on was his alone. As he put the truck into drive and made his way in the early morning light southward from his house he understood completely; that ownership of property wouldn't bring fulfillment to him, that houses were just empty shells that only human emotion and contentment could turn into homes. The human element was something he himself couldn't control, people of this realm were filled with fear and that fear caused them hesitation which kept them from their own fulfillment. He had spent a lifetime sacrificing and enduring in a belief he was doing so selflessly.


Recent events brought to him the reality, he took solace in his own suffering; it was what gave him the commitment to move forward in life. He had his own responsibility for what he accepted to enter his world, he often allowed people to take advantage of him, though his instincts had told him better. He did so because he loved his pain, he wanted to help people, he wanted those people to find themselves their own true potential. In doing so he neglected himself and found comfort in that.


The truths he searched for were simple to be found, he didn't need to understand the machinations of this reality or any other. He only needed to live and find his happiness within it. He had a purpose, but what it was, was still unclear. The experience had left him with something else that drove him, something empty within him, something that needed to be filled and he didn't know what it was.


As he set off down the freeway, making what would normally be a routine commute in the Greater Bay Area he pondered to the traffic already apparent, the slew of people that set off on their rat race to obtain more, or sustain what they had accumulated. What would they do today to make the life of another better? Would they smile? Would the greet another with genuine concern? Would they make a friend? Would they find love? Would they create the magic that made the goodness of society make life worth living? Would they accept and embrace each other, share ideas and differing perspectives? Would they learn from one another understanding that their own narrow vision did not contain a complete picture?


“Will, they love each other despite their differences and take responsibility for their actions?” He whispered to himself.


Gerald felt no surprise when he heard the woman's voice in his mind, “There's hope.”  

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