Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Moments Part Three

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Moments Part Three

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017




His Momma used to tell him he's just “Scared of the Dark”. Even he had tried to convince himself that every young child was indeed frightened of the dark. But as Gerald made his way to the room; he knew beyond any words he could communicate that what he was experiencing was quite real.


These moments left within him no doubt of what he would come to know as the reality of the Preternatural, those things not of what he himself would define as heaven; and in doing so left him no room for doubt that indeed a God or Supernatural being must be real. He often wondered if the faith of others in such a thing was because somehow they had been spared this affliction he himself seemed to be constantly in some level of combat with.


He pushed his door open and crawled in, moving to shut the door it was quite clear that something must be blocking it, leaving it almost a two inch gap between itself and the door frame, the flimsy wood hitting a barrier. Gerald stood up opening the door examining it for obstructions, he sighed heavily as there was nothing discernible to his vision blocking the door from shutting he pushed again.

Again faltered by the unseen force, he set his shoulder squarely on the door setting his body weight into it to force it closed.


Jay felt no relief as he turned the lock on his door; gone were the thoughts of bliss and fantasies of love, shattered in the fear and adrenaline he had become accustomed to harassing to endure moments like this.


“You'd think you'd be used to this by now.” He would often muse to himself.


He had grown up with these occurrences, these moments of awareness. He had grown weary of the hunt, the excitement many times over; even considering his own sanity. He had seen experts and psychologists who had almost made fun of him as he described these circumstances to them.


He had learned not to trust the discernment of modern science, or the Adults who had been charged with his well being. It wasn't that they were stupid people, or that they didn't genuinely care. In fact quite contrary, they cared a great deal; so much so they had volunteered of their own accord to provide assistance. But they were indeed ignorant.


As he aged he learned there was an adult need to have rational explanation, to provide answers something that some known science had already conquered. This was what he considered what the Priests would call the 'Mystery of Faith', the Roman Catholic Faith was over three thousand years old, engaging and harnessing science since inception. He had always made the assumption that a higher education somehow induced a person with a higher level of knowledge and awakening. Yet even as a teenager he would find Doctor's or Psychologists that had no practical understanding of historical precedence; in fact many of the facts they claimed to be true as it regarded the faith as he understood it were completely false.


This led to other difficulties, with Primary School Teachers up and through High School. He was fascinated by history, yet when he would confront his educators with what he knew to be true, they would become angry, sometimes even volatile and acted out against him for not sharing their authoritative opinion. Gerald understood however, pride didn't always allow for someone who had spent years in education of another discipline than the one in which they were currently faced with to be told they were wrong by a child of ten. It was almost unbelievable to them that Gerald could understand and extrapolate an abstract thought from Mallory. How could they have understood this.


But he still tried to show people, somehow trying to garnish support from anyone who would listen. That was something he could do, he could somehow allow someone who was present with him to experience these physical manifestations with their own eyes, their own bodies. But when he did, the result was never what he had hoped for.


Even though they would admit they indeed experienced whatever phenomena had occurred, they would immediately cut contact with him. The reality was they couldn't protect him anyways, they couldn't make it stop. Even if there was a time lapse, it would eventually occur again.


He would hear what sounded like small dogs whimpering from the shadows, he would see a feminine form on a hill, or in a dark hallway. He had even went as far as to chase it himself when he was younger, riding his bicycle to sooth sayers and local self proclaimed Shamans or spiritual leaders of all faiths. Jay wanted answers, if he was to be harassed his entire natural life, he just wanted to know why.


Oh they all called him gifted, they all marveled in his ability to know and understand things that many adults couldn't. But none of them could make it stop, no smudge or Protestant casting of hands could make the feeling of being hunted leave him. Not even his own faith, the faith of Rome who actually had within their grasp a solid foundational understanding of these things; no they wouldn't believe him either. He was alone, always alone in the dark with whatever these creatures were. It was his path, one he was forced to endure.


He studied the what his church called the 'five diabolicals'.


Diabolical Obsession, which Jay interpreted as something very 'If one looks into the abyss the abyss looks back', or simply noticing that the others notice, that he noticed it.


Diabolical Oppression, something he frequently encountered, but he called it a tuning or dial of sorts, where the entities and occurrences kept turning up until he was in so much fear he was ready to submit to them.


Diabolical Infestation, he understood this to mean that the oppression wasn't going to stop, that it was everywhere like an awakening of sorts. Something that would keep what his Church would call the 'afflicted' open to these entities in every moment.


Diabolical Subjugation, Jay always felt this one was self explanatory, now the entities had made the afflicted submit to their will.


Culminating in the every popular Diabolical Possession, which Hollywood had made a mess of, a sickness the media had turned into a freak show.


Regardless of how much he studied, one thing did stand true; he could no solve it himself and the Ancient Church would say 'It's never a place, it's always a person” and that filled him with a sense of truth.


As his mind drifted to sleep through exhaustion there was only one thing on his mind that night “What did I do, to deserve this?”

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