Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Joanne is changed

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Changed

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She moved her way into the shadows, Joanne's subjugates writhing at her feet; their incessant whining wearing on her as she kept her eyes fixed on this perfect moment that Cassandra had created. She watched as Gerald moved to the woman, who still held her elegant way even in human form. He walked as if he was strutting something she in her former place in his reality was something she had assumed he had picked up as a young urban child. In her current form she knew now it was a well hidden injury in his left ankle; something he had taken great care in hiding over the years, something he had developed into the walk he currently bore.


The young child, Veronika someone Jo had sworn to protect that day. She understood now Cassandra never lied to her when she said her own children would be fine. Jo had found that out quite immediately upon making her way into the kingdom, all time and space were indeed one and she could move throughout those realities as fluid as one would walk through a waterfall. No she had not taken from her the future, she delayed it.


Jo had spent a lifetime focused on the immediate, often neglecting the future to do so. In hindsight it seemed ridiculous, she had been like a scurrying rat, chasing one scrap of food in such a focused manner that she would neglect to see the feast directly in front of her. But even in her focus of such foolish pursuits, she had her own well honed instincts, Jo knew that there was something between her and Jay that was was beyond her own ability to explain.


She had once tried to conjure that magic, something that indeed seemed childish now; she asked those of the kingdom for their assistance for something she herself could have rightfully had. It was already hers, he was already hers, the world she had created in her head a true reality that could have been obtained had it not been through her own fears she abandoned it.


No Cassandra never lied; her truth was cruel but it was still truth. Jo knew that now.


She had become the vengeance incarnate, now she had the opportunity to right every wrong and in what humankind thought were mere moments, she had enacted countless punishments. She had grown the subjugate Armies of the kingdom into numbers beyond count.


She also knew power, she knew the evil within the hearts of both men and women alike; the darkness that took over each person. It was like a sickness that would engulf their very being, like a black fog she and those of the kingdom could only observe.


That black fog hung around Cassandra and this place, slowly poisoning Jay's mind, making him forget what he had originally came here for. Even Veronika had completely forgotten her friends, her pets, even her sisters. This wasn't a place of peace, this was a well designed, well illustrated, well enacted trap.


Joanne, remembered as her Lord had called her to face him; she remembered staring up at the darkness defiantly ready to face whatever wrath he had concocted for her. Jay's mantra stayed firmly in her mind “Fortune Favors the Bold”, and she had already lost everything, she had no reason to not be bold.


“She has broken the pact, she has now become the very thing she defended innocence against.” The words filled her mind, Jo knew what was to come next and she couldn't help but smile, the hordes of subjugates yelping about drawing from her energy.


She remembered the response, “I am your sword” the words came from her twisted grin.


It never ceased to amaze her how clear her mind had become in this realm, as her former self she could barely see beyond her own ego; making up the conclusions of her own stories before they would occur. But here, now after she had seen so much there, she had adapted to the barrage of information and could translate and analyze multiple data pieces all concurrently.


Jo was beyond fear, she was beyond cowering, she could see within her mind's eye Cassandra groveling before the master. She was not Cassandra, nor would she ever be, nor would she allow that child to be.


Joanne looked over the meadow, the great white Antebellum Manor that she remembered Gerald distinctly creating in his imagination, she watched the child as she innocently took Cassandra's hand, trusting and lovingly. “See me.” She whispered.


The child turned as the three strode away towards the back of the house her long blond braids floating in the breeze, she looked towards the shadows, where Joanne stood.


“I promised you, and he. I will let no harm befall you child.” Jo whispered.

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