Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: The Imaginarium

Visions of the Past, a New Goddess, and a New Reality Part One

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Visions of The Past, a New Reality Part One

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017




Aurora had always been made aware that within the dark there were things occurring that she didn't understand. Her Mother and Mother's Mother had made sure that she was well briefed in the talents of their people. They had practiced their craft before the Christian God had come and their Shaman's had made every attempt to throw away the Ancient Gods. It was never her understanding of how, she would often query her Mother.


“Mother, if they have but one God, who created all things, is that not the same as when we give thanks to all things yet under different title?”


But her Mother always scowled at the idea, her answer never changing “Daughter, they preach of love and bring hate, they speak of tolerance yet bring intolerance, they say their God is of peace yet they bring war to the land. They convert or kill, there is nothing within these men that bring any sameness with us.”


Aurora couldn't help but feel compassion for those that had converted and even share in their ideology of equality under one creator; as far as Aurora could see the title of God mattered not, tree or wind, moon or sun, male or female the divine creations in this world and their glory is what mattered. But their use of force did indeed bring fear into her mind.


She was quite aware that some God's were very vengeful and that they would bring their wrath upon those that crossed them. She often pondered if when these men came and said their God was a jealous God, then if she should fear.


But one amongst them, one of the men that came amongst the warriors and monks to their small village, he was kind, he smiled when he walked passed her, he nodded his head directly to her even when he spoke amongst a large crowd, Aurora could feel his eyes upon her. It intimidated her some initially, all the while tickling something within her, sparking a fervor of desire to see him.


She would see him many times indeed, she would sneak away giving Mother an excuse to “gather fruit” or “fetch water” at every opportunity to attend his sermons. How her mind would swoon when he spoke of both man and woman together as one, how when his God had brought together two people in his word that no man, no woman, no other God of any people could separate them. It was if he was speaking directly to her.


Today was different, Aurora had it firmly set in her mind she would engage with this man. She needed to understand they mystery of sway he held over here. What compelling power his God must allow him to conjure to make her question the Ancient teachings of her people.


She set out that morning intently, stowing away her best dress in the bottom of the barrel to obscure it from her Mother; she made her way down the muddied path that led directly to the village square where she knew he would be speaking. As she approached her heart fluttered, sweat took over her as she dashed into an alleyway to change.


“Goddess, give me strength this day.” she prayed “This man calls to me, he creates spark within me that I cannot deny. If it be true I ask you for the courage to obtain what is mine.”


Aurora had heard these words before and memorized them at an early age, something her Mother had taught to her Sister Joelyn when she was of age and being courted by a young man. The Goddess did answer Joelyn making her target enthralled in her. He even brought their family ten bucks he had freshly hunted, to earn her hand. “That will be me.”


She waited patiently as he carried on to the crowd, about some demon named Satan and how the mighty creature would lure them away from his God. He called to the sky asking for his Lord to bring blessings on them for what seemed like days as she anxiously waited, for him to finish.


She knew it was the Goddess when the words came “Now child, his service is about to end; you must move with haste. Let my words guide your tongue and have faith.” She had been raised to be awake to the voice of the Goddess, to hear and abide by it. Aurora had heard tales from other women about a cruel voice that would come, demanding the blood of men occasionally. But this wasn't that voice, she had never heard that voice. Only this one, this soothing voice, this voice of compassion ever came through.


Aurora moved swiftly to her target, as he stepped down from the bucket he had been standing on in front of the town well, his eyes focused on the ground ensuring he wouldn't slip.


“Fall into him child.” the voice came, almost instantaneously as the distance closed Aurora allowed her body to fall forward, her feet giving way as she crashed into him and they tumbled together into the mud. Their bodies entangled as she allowed him to move his body directly on top of him.


There she sat looking up at him, she didn't see a monk in brown wool anymore, she saw his eyes and within them a focus on her, as if she was the only thing that had ever existed to him. “Tell him your name” the voice came again.


“I am Aurora.” she said plainly his face inches from her own.


He looked almost as if he was in a trance, his response came plainly “I am Thomas”.


Aurora could hear the voice in her mind, almost as loud as her heartbeat, “Now he's yours, you are charged with his care, he is your responsibility.”


“Care I shall” Aurora whispered.

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