Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Pain in Truth, Comfort in Deception

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Pain in Truth, Comfort in Deception

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



“These girls” Gerald chuckled to himself as he watched Cassandra and Veronika splash about together in the stream of amazingly clear water.  He had placed himself firmly in the crook of a near tree, taking in the environment. 


A feeling of calm a sense of contentment rushed through him, as if something within him had been filled, like he had come to the conclusion of a great adventure; the sky was a blue he had only imagined in when he read poets of ancient times described it, the old man’s beard that hung from the trees a green more vivid than he could recall ever seeing. 


But still he there was the nagging feeling that he had left something or neglected something, the feeling would come and go in moments, and it wasn’t something he could really put his finger on.  Every time he moved his mind to find the missing pieces of this perfect puzzle it became blank, or distracted.  This bothered him; without doubt there was something he knew he was better at than most and that was focus, not only on the immediate thing occurring in front of him, but Gerald had always had a natural aptitude, an instinct for the second and third order effect of a decision, or moment. 


But he couldn’t find that within himself, he felt almost intoxicated; pleased, content, and comfortable but consistently distracted.  Much like a puppy who couldn’t focus on his Master’s intent or command, as they chased the nearest butterfly or pushed to the sound that came from an unseen place; his focus shifted quickly from one immediate place to the next.  First order effect, much like a child he found himself thinking in the moment. 


He laid is head back against the rough bark of the ancient oak and closed his eyes, the sounds of Veronika’s laughter as Cassandra provided to her a fulfillment of childhood, something he had often failed to do.  Often he had been too serious with them. 


“Remember, Jay” He could almost hear a familiar voice whispering audibly in his mind.


His head shot forward, his eyes came open as he shouted to Cassandra “Them!” Gerald’s mind scrambled, “There is a them, not just her” his voice becoming frantic as he pushed himself quickly to his feet.“There’s more, where are they?” 


His mind was in a frantic race, he could picture their faces but couldn’t remember their names.  They were there, in his mind like a picture he couldn’t erase, three of them not just one, how could he be so neglectful; who were they?  They had to be his children, but if they were then where were they?  Why couldn’t her remember even their names?

He could hear Cassandra sloshing through the water, he could see her making her way towards him, the look of concern and lined her normally youthful appearance, “Hey!  You okay?” She called to him.


His head pounded, adrenaline shot through him a feeling of dread took hold of him, he could feel them, they were missing from this perfect moment.  It couldn’t be perfect without them, but who were they?  Gerald crashed to his knees, crumbling under the overwhelming sense of loss when he felt her hand on his shoulder.


Cassandra’s gentle voice came through the feeling of insanity he was enduring “What’s wrong sweetheart?  Darling, look at me.”


Gerald could feel Cassandra’s soft hands wrenching apart his own from his covered face, he couldn’t help but look up at her; her voice gave him calm.  Almost a cool soothing like rubbing ointment on a sunburn, the feeling passed as he looked into her eyes.


“It’s okay Darling, I’m here.  Veronika is here, we’re okay Dear” he could hear her voice quite clearly, his only hope is that she would continue to talk, with every word he could feel the pit in his stomach diminish, his eyes focusing on the sunlight that lit through her blonde hair, the cool wind that blew through his shirt providing a level of comfort that he couldn’t ignore. 


His eyes shifted to Veronika, still waist deep in the river, her eyes filled with concern as she watched what must have looked like to her to be an episode of insanity from her Father.  Her left eyebrow raised as she started to slowly move towards the bank where he and Cassandra were. 


“Compose yourself, you lunatic.  You can’t let her see you like this.” Jay thought to himself watching his daughter gain ground cautiously. 


His eyes flashed back to Cassandra, whose concerned expression hadn’t changed, “I don’t know, I think there’s something wrong.  Like there’s something missing, or I forgot something.  Like there should be two more.” Gerald could hear the words as they left his mouth, he sounded like a drunk idiot; how could he possibly communicate in this fashion, he who often prided himself on his ability to articulate his feelings, lost in momentary madness; an embarrassment took hold of him as he lifted himself again to his feet feeling weak and drained.


Cassandra looked at Veronika, then at Gerald, “Honey, I think your Daddy has had a little too much sun today, and we’re going to need to get him inside.  Jay sweetheart, do you understand?” 


Gerald nodded, “I think your right, no need to break this up though.  I think I can make my way back.  I probably just need to lay down a little while.”


Cassandra shook her head, “No, you’re in absolutely no condition to make that trek, I think Veronika and I are about ready to experiment with some homemade ice cream aint’ we Darlin’” her Southern accent she took so much effort to conceal in her regular speech coming through.


“You bet” Veronika chimed back, still suspiciously eyeing her Father’s condition.

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