Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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Cassandra finds keeping Joanne at bay may be more challenging than she had anticipate

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Mists of Realities

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Cassandra, shuffled her way through the kitchen in a hurried fashion; her mind focused on Gerald who was reluctantly laying upstairs, anxiety filled her as her eyes moved to the large bay window as she scanned the tree line looking for signs of movement. “I know you're there bitch, and I know you can't enter, but you can hear me. You need to go on about your way, you have plenty to keep yourself occupied with.” she whispered.


Shock took her as she felt her body being hurled backwards into the China cabinet that she had so meticulously crafted from the imagination of Gerald, a likened replica of his Mother's carefully conjured to give him a sense of comfort of home. Her body struck the solid form her shoulder blades feeling the mixture of porcelain and wood giving way cutting in to her exposed skin, she immediately felt the air in her lungs leave her body as if someone had somehow sucked the oxygen from her lungs as she bounced to the floor.


She felt her shoulder being thrown forward as she was violently rolled onto her back, the unmistakable weight of something pinning her down. Cassandra's eyes snapped open as she scanned the room in a desperate attempt to get a visual on her attacker. “There” Her eyes caught the movement in a large full length oval mirror that sat in the sitting room adjacent to the Kitchen; “There you are she whispered” she could see the dark form, almost a shadow made of dark mist taking shape, a feminine form that standing defiantly with her arms crossed smartly over her breast.



“Yes indeed honey, I can hear you. While I may have some limitations in this silly cardboard world you've created, probably not as many as you would like to believe.” Joanne's voice filled Cassandra's mind, adrenaline filled Cassandra, something she was quite unaccustomed to, the energy overtaking her filling her body and mind with overpowering endorphins that immediately dulled the pain and shock.


“I've learned a great deal since we've last met, as you're quite aware; while it seems like only moments ago for you in this realm; in my own I've spent eons growing, learning, becoming complete.” Jo's voice taking a plain matter of fact tone. “You've played a dangerous game dear sister, one that our kind since the beginning has been charged with protecting. You've perverted all that was provided to you, twisted and distorted the very essence of life for your own gain.”


Cassandra shot up, her mind screaming at the image, “Who are you to fucking judge? Did you not cause this? Did you not conjure me! For what? Your own selfish need for attention? Your own desire to have it all? You drove him to the brink of madness! It was you who plummeted his world into a dark place; It was I who saved him, it is I who will give him peace in all things! You're nothing but a shadow of the power I wielded.”


She watched intently, her heart pounding as the shadowed image of Joanne raised her right hand in a stopping motion; mist began pouring from the mirror at the shadows feet as it spoke, “While I had no understanding of the magic that presented itself to me, you knew; you had a choice that was filled with the knowledge of the ancients; you my sister have abused this. You knew that all humankind needed was a nudge down the appropriate path and all things can become a new reality. Instead you chose to take advantage of humankind, punish them for their ignorance. You have no ignorance to feign; I shall bring you the consequences of your intent, as you have brought countless others.”


Cassandra painfully moved herself to stand, she knew that what was being presented to her was her reality and her reality alone, Joanne had created this solely for her. Her mind drifted to Jay resting in the upstairs bedroom, Veronika who had taken way to the yard, for them this moment will have never occurred, they'll have never heard the destruction; never be able to witness the mist billow into the home she intently created from Gerald's imagination.


“I did this for him.” Her mind filled with images of the fear and pain he had experienced in his short life, how she watched him cower in the darkness as subjugates and other entities of the dark hunted him, taunted him. “I built this place so he would finally feel peace.” The words slipped from her lips.


The mist was filling the room, now knee length, she could see the tanslucent glimmer of the veil shifting all around her, the darkness that she had become all to familiar with taking shape before her eyes. That pulling with the very depths of her being dragging her back to another reality, one where she knew quite well what lay before her.


“No” Cassandra shouted, closing her eyes and shaking her head violently in an attempt to refocus, “You have no fucking power here that I do not allow you to have you petulant child; and I...Cassandra, the Goddess who once protected the virtue of all that brings life to this realm or to the countless variations of humankind's history give you nothing. You are nothing.”  

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