Hexed Book Three: Gerald

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The riddle is compliments of Mr. Watson, you should seriously check him out. Thanks Mr. Watson for the addition to my tale

Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

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Prologue Consequences of Desire Book Three:  Gerald


Fear took over Gerald as he seen the words, etched into the hardwood floors of the large Antebellum he and his family once called home.  Anxiety took over him as he spoke each word aloud. 


The Old Goddesses are the mistresses
They control what's all around
The air the sea or ocean
and soil on which were bound.

Awareness and devotion
With one’s middle eye can see
The magic there to conjure
For all and eternity.

Learn to live
Prepare to give
See all through divine eyes
The answer to the question’s asked
Is when you realize!


What the fuck?” Jay murmured to himself, trying to make sense of the cryptic message.  His sense on fire as he began moving around the home, one thought on his mind, “Where’s the girls?”


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