She grew wings today

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Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017



She grew wings today 

In the womb you lived

for 7 months.

Not a fear or worry in my thoughts.

You were safe and sound so I thought. 

In a short time i would be able 

to hold you and call you my baby of mine.

Then that day a man hit our car 

there I was flung afar.

Blood everywhere but not a mark to be 


I was taken to the ER.

there is where I fell to my knees.

"There is nothing we caan do mam 

I am sorry for your loss"

said Doctor Pam.

That painful day your lifeless body 

taken from me. 

How lord how can this be.

I got to hold you in my arms 

whisper to you my love. and wishing you 

were alive 

Because of that man my uunborn child 

had to die. 

As I held you I said to you 

Today my baby girl you 

grow your wings and fly high. 

Kissed your forehead 

and whispered good bye.

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