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Adventures of a strange man

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017










The gentle breeze seemed to collapse, under the heat of the searing sun.  It was noticed by static (human) sensory perception.  The blades of the whispery green long grass, shimmered in the summer humidity of a corner rampart of Harlech Castle.  It was a bush of tall fronds, that directed the eyesight eastward, to see the distant rush of blue sky and sea merge in the far distance.  It told the human brain, where its body should go next.


Legs tumbled in strides down and through the narrow lanes of the coastal town.  The ancient castle was forgotten.  The stolen mind roamed, as its torso arrived at a dragon statue that stared silently and darkly, if possible,  into the bright lull of the day.  Something grabbed the minds eye.  Sparkling lonely below the beasts shadow. 


The reason and many details around, that swam through the human mind, of being where it was, melted at the touch of the ‘finders keepers’ find.  The hard coin like shell was like a scale of the motionless statue.  Yet this was tangibly real.  It lead to a dark presence looming overhead.  The find blinded the viewers eyes, as someone or something touch his shoulders.


A warmly glow overcame the brain, that had sensed a deep aroma of sweet desire.  The blind brain used its visual cortex, to espy the blond beauty that held its arm, over the human shoulder.  Our male hero held tight to his golden find, as he stared through the glint of the sun, at a girl of angelic features.  She spoke in a light tone, in her native Celtic accent.  ‘What have you there, my lovely?’


Gabriel turned.  His dark brown eyes met the green orbs that were like marble.  Yet they pierced into his heart.  Although his face was more like Mister Bean, with black matted hair and almost shrivelled up mouth and nose.  Some times he wished he wore a mask.  Especially when before the strange girl that melted into his memory.


She was the spitting image of a blond Catherine Zeta Jones.  Gabriel put on his bold persona.  That was when he stiffened up his muscles and asserted his mind.  ‘Oh, err, nothing,’ he replied, after he had momentarily forgotten, what she said.  He fumbled with the scale, inside his palm.  Hoping it would keep the girl there.


They stood face to face, just outside a caravan park.  Buffeting sand dunes lay behind her and the rocky peaks of Wales behind him.  It was still a hot and sunny day.  As the pair stared longingly at each other.  The girl grew quite persistent in looking at the shiny find.  Gabriel placed it deep in his right denim trouser pocket.  Then covered it with his jacket that was already over his arm and elbow.  He had taken his jacket off because of the roasting heat.  He made a move to go, when the girl grabbed his left arm and pulled him toward a house.  Gabriel blinked in fear, yet partly smiled, then his eyes slightly bulged ,with enthralment.


The lean yet plump dude, found himself inside a dark room.  He recollected being lead into a small lone bungalow.  The interior though was cold and damp.  Like being in a cave of dewy limestone.  To his eyes, the girl lit a candle and revealed to him a humble looking Sitting Room.  She pushed him onto a hard leather sofa, that felt like wood in texture.  His mind told him, something was not right, as his nerves made his legs tremble, as he sat.


‘Who are you,’ he nervously croaked.

The feathery voice moved close to his lips, ‘My name is,’ it seemed that she had almost forgotten it.  Then she mouthed, ‘Enfeoff, you can call me Fee.’

‘Why are you bothering me, Fee?’


‘You came onto my Fathers land,’ she foretold, ‘and you have taken something that is not yours.’

‘Oh,’ quibbled Gabriel’s throat.  ‘You mean this thing.’  The almost youthful man, toyed with the gold shiny scale.  Flipping it like a coin.’

‘Yes,’ smoothed Fee. ‘Give it me.’  The strange female was squirming around funny dude’s sides and back, with her hands.  Gabriel was always good in goals at football, so this game was child’s play for him.


Fee stopped fumbling while she sat close too on the sofa.  She weirdly glanced at the clock on the mantle-piece.  It was an old oak contraption from possibly before the 1960’s, mused Gabriel.  It was almost touching midday.  Yet inside that house it felt like midnight, and was as pitch as night.  The home seemed from a bygone era too.  Before they could play the game of find the scale, Fee bemoaned in a slow unearthly tone, ‘Sorry, my love, I have to go now.’ 


Fee leaned close to Gabriel’s cheek and kissed it gently.  The scent of heather rushed into his nostrils.  He breathed it deep into his sensed and closed his eyes.  Thanking whoever it was that sent this girl into his life.  Then in the blink of an eye.  She was gone.  The first note of midday, belled from the clock.  The clock that was not there.  Neither was the room or the girl.  All of it  had vanished.  What seemed like an hour, may have been only seconds, Gabriel was not sure.  He found himself lying on the floor, beneath the Dragon statue, with nobody around.  In the heat of the noon sunlight.


What was that, he thought to himself.  Where is she.  He dug deep into his pocket and pulled out the golden find.  It glinted in the light, reminding him forever, of her and her sweet aroma. 


Gabriel Penchant gathered his belongings and some of his senses.  Then returned to the bus stop and back to his home, Birmingham.  Life resumed soon thereafter.


* * *







Gabriel Penchant spent a few months back at work, with his two workmates Tom Perkins and Gill Adams.  They unloaded wagons with fork lift trucks.  The highlight of their days was looking in adventure magazines, as they were keen trekkers and liked fishing and chatting up girls.  Tom was build like a prop forward, looking a bit like the Hulk, yet he was mostly not angry.  Gill was thin and tall, not at all athletic looking, but he was a good fisherman.  As his dad had won several angling cups.  Chirpy Gill yearned to be as good.  The threesome had planned a hike up Ben Nevis in September.


Time soon approached for the long weekend away.  Gill and Tom were both happily engaged.  But they enjoyed practising chat up lines to impress their girl friends.  They always supported ‘Gabe’ as they called him, with women.  Both were always aware that Gabe struggled in most things.  Yet is effort was his greatest asset.


Both guys knew about Gabe’s encounter in Wales, but forgot it as Gill drove his brother’s Land Rover, and parked just off a quiet road, miles north of Ben Nevis.  The petrol tank was half full, so they pitched a temporary camp, on a mossy bank, beside a babbling brook and a clump of strange bushy trees.  Tom lit his cig and spewed smoke into the fresh air.  Marking the start of their adventure.



The trio agreed to hike up a small pointy mountainside, so they could survey the area, before darkness truly fell.  The mist that had hindered the drive, seemed to evaporate as they stepped higher up the crude manmade incline.  It took less than half an hour for Tom to lead the way to the top.  As they observed the scene, a white boat sailed towards the West.  That way lead to the Isle of Skye.  Gill revealed to his friends that Tom had driven them to the wrong side of Loch Carron.  They were on the northern and most barren side.


Tom berated, that was what they all wanted.  Gabe patted them both on the shoulders.  Pointing out that they could drink and laugh, without being barred by inane landlords.  The  light dimmed as they descended to the car and camped  by the quiet loch.  Tom gathered a few things from the back of the Land Rover.  One thing being a welcome, a gas lantern that they could keep warm by.  They used it to light a small campfire.  As they drank, lager.


The sun warmly set in the distance.  The guys sat on the edge of a comfy pump up dingy.  It was hoped that Gill might get some fish, for dinner, the next day.  The trio began to doze a bit.  The lager rushing to their heads.  It was before midnight.  As they slept, the nightlife slowly awoke. 



Gabe found himself at the edge of the water, of Loch Carron.  He knelt on the rocky silt, staring at the reflection of a Full Moon.  The small waves seemed to pause momentarily.  Allowing him to see his face whitened beside the moonshine.  For one second, a golden speck beamed into his head.  A circle of yellow was bedded partially under the sea.


Gabe moved his crouching torso, stretching his needy arms out.  This movement along with an unusual spasm caused the mind to curse itself.  Gabe fell and rolled over, into the sea.  What seemed like an age was only a moment.  The sound of crashing echoed directly toward the campfire. 


The darkness seemed to freeze Gill in a semi coma.  His eyes slept, yet his ears almost moved at the sound of suddenness.  At first it was the rustling of the wind against a thicket of Scottish bramble.  Then just before silence could resume, a cacophony of sound, shot in his head.


The fisherman nudged his snoring comrade.  Tom almost had his face in still burning campfire.  He jolted to the side of his friend.  They both walked fast, toward the ebbing tide.  They found the third member of their party.  Gabe was headfirst in the water.  Gill was not great with is eyes but his ears definitely heard a two crashes of bodies falling into the loch.  He was sure something was afoot.


Tom pulled Gabe speedily out of the depths.  Hauling his mate carefully onto a grassy verge.  Gill was beside Tom.  They aroused Gabe from a mild state of brain freeze.  Gill quibbled, ‘What are you doing?  Going for a swim?’

Tom helped Gabe to sit up.  He noticed Gabe giving a strange grin.


‘Hmm, Swim? Oh yeah, you could say that!’

Gabe clutched his right hand close to his sodden chest.  He shivered in his soaking black t shirt, jeans and trainers.  He opened his grasp before his mates.  Revealing his precious find.  A bright yellow coin amazed the two men from Birmingham.


Gabriel stared pale beside his mates.  Longingly at the Fullness of the Moon.  ‘Did you see her?’ 


No reply came from the dumfounded duo.  They lead Gabe back to the warmth of the campfire.  Tom stirred up the cinders and reignited them with a few course twigs.  The embers met the strange tarnished countenance of Gabriel.  Gil eventually replied to what seemed like an age ago question, ‘Who?’


Gabe revealed, a girl met his face in the water.  She held his face and pushed him carefully out of the loch.  A vision of sea green with red raw wavy living locks, stared into his face, nose and mouth.  Her skin was like milk, yet ashen with hidden sadness.  A harmonious voice trilled, ‘What have you there, my love?’ 


That innocuous remark penetrated deep into Gabe’s heart and mind.  Yet his bold stubborn personality pushed it away.  His frankness lived with the moment.  His mouth recoiled, ‘Ooh, you, would want this?’


Her tone continued, ‘Why, you are on my fathers loch.  And what you have there is not yours to take.  Not again.’

She instantly went quiet and silently hissed at the Moon. 


Gabe spoke, ‘it is you. Fee? But you have changed so much.  Please what are you?’

The angelic girl whispered, ‘I am a Water Nymph and you keep taking precious items from my World.  If you do it again you maybe killed by my father.’


A large splash deafened Gabe at the worst time.  The girl  blew him a kiss, then washed away into the loch.  The moon seemed the dim as his body was pulled up by four strong arms.  Tom and Gil had just stopped him from drowning.



Gabe lay motionless all night.  His friends had little sleep.  Both trying to forget something that they saw.  It was when they both stood by the shore, after their mates story.  When staring long and deep into the ripping tide, a green tail flashed away and deep into the sea.  It was then that they began to believe Gabe.


Morning was showing its rightful glow.  It pierced the eyes of a bleary man.  Although he had been hit by a fate of fairy dust.  Gabriel Penchant was able to brush the episode from his shoulders of woe and become merry and gad.  An inner power allowed him and his compatriots to move on.  Besides he was sure that he would see Her again.  It was a destiny waiting to happen, possibly several times.

* * *












The Isle of Skye seemed to grow in size, the further the 4 wheel car motored deep into the mystic land.  Unknown myths foretold of ancient beasts dwelling upon the craggy peaks.  The  shy grey giants merged with the passing mist.  Impervious to the arrival of three unsung travellers.


A hotel was a warming delight to the bold men.  Each splashed their meagre wealth on single bed rooms each.  They cleaned up and put on their best casual wear and dined in the plush Highland Lounge.  It was all to help forget, if only for a day, the escapade of the previous night. 

The time was drawing the next day to a close. 


An iniquitous Grandfather clock chimed nine times.  Gil and Tom hoped it was a lucky omen, for a peaceful night.  Although they were spoken for, the pair eyed up some young American talent.  A trio of lovelies appeared to be chaperoned by two pairs of wealthy and healthy aging humans.  Gabe smiled to his friends, ‘it didn’t take you two long.  At least it appears they, are, human.’


Gil and Tom had moved into the bar area of the hotel.  They stood beside the three girls who downed bottles of beer.  The men conversed with them.  Gesturing towards their solemn looking comrade.  Gabe had moved and sat at the far end of the room, awaiting his drink.  Staring out into the slowly setting sky. 


The rowdy atmosphere droned away at his head.  A sup from his tankard of beer did not help to silence the timorous echoes, between his lugholes.  It was almost night outside.  It was sensed more when the man stood beneath the vision that was the Moon.  A strange fleshy palm wiped away his fears and plans.


A blond vision stood pretty, huffing on a long rainbow of tobacco.  Gabe was stood by the waterside.  As his eyes roamed around it spied something sprawling the bushy thistles.  It was a golden ribbon, like starlets of Hollywood would adorn.  His astonishment was instantly gone, by the appearance of the blond American girl.


‘Hey there, mister do you have a light.’

‘Hmm, no sorry,’ exhaled Gabe.

Gabe stared hard into the whitening Moon.

‘What you see up there, man?’ sighed the honest tones.

‘Silence, so much silence.’

‘You some kind of poet,’

‘Oh no, I just seen a lot of things recently.


Gabe looked back at the hotel.  His friends were dancing with other two girls.  It was a Saturday night anyway.  Yet when he stared at his American girl his eyes fell deep into a Yankee coma.  Her next sentence totally woke him from his trip.


‘Did you think, you would lose me so quickly, my love,’ it was the definite voice of Fee. 



Standing beside the over expressive American, posed statuesque stood also the milky vision of Fee the Nymph.  The human fainted at the chill and sight of the ghost.  Gabe pulled Fee toward the waters edge.  With a mind to throw his stalker in.


The clocks in the hotel chimed lowly, at Midnight.  Gabe had gathered the mesh of gold, that fitted, like a large silk scarf, inside his black leather jacket pocket.  Fee pawed in a begging fashion.  She really wanted things that he had found.  All of them.  Gabe could sense her thoughts.  He had mental visions of a great man, surrounded by golden and other precious objects.  Yet some items were suddenly vanishing from Nymph King’s side.


This knowledge seemed to swing great door inside Gabe’s head.  Revealing the crystal clear truth.  He had been somehow, finding what fate had left for him to find.  He did not really want the items.  It was some greater being that was casting riches upon him.


Gabe told Fee all what he was thinking.  Including, ‘Some thing mighty must be controlling my actions.’


Gabriel Penchant stared longingly at the black long locks of Fee.  She wore a garment of leaves and leather.  Her green eyes looked into his soul.  It caused him to reach out and grab the Nymphs hands.  At that instant, time and light raced into blackness.  Gabe fell to the floor.  His hands slowly responded.  The gravely seashore became rich earthy grass.  His eyes spun before a bright light.  His subconscious told him, ‘Your not in Kansas, anymore.’


* * *







The round red orbs that burned in a strange place, echoed with optical disbelieving.  The owner of the orbs blinked many times.  The lost man sat on a step, just outside a plain holiday chalet for two.  It was clear that he was all alone.  A bustling small plot of trees, shimmered early Autumn leaves.  Gabriel Penchant had been gadding along so much, that he gadded too far.  His mind had gone too.  He sat there, before his next adventure, thinking, ‘Wonder what treasures I shall find this time.’


Gabe decided to leave the small travellers rest.  It was totally void of people.  Even the birds seemed to bypassing the lonelier than safe campsite.  A black moped stood before his chalet.  He preferred to walk at that time, so he passed a crude dirt track that lead south.  A larger road of flat stone paved the way west.  To an uncertain end.  At least it was foot friendly.


A broad lake sat on the right, rounded mostly by reed beds or a protruding rocky hill side.  The trek felt like half a mile.  Ending was marked by the raging sound a river, pounding into the sea.  It was strange to see the might ocean bowing to a more powerful yet small loch and eddy. 


Where a bridge should have been, came a sharp corner.  It turned east.  A straight and proper tarmacked road

lead to a near but distant village.  Lifelessness seemed exist in this strange land.  Gabe was thirsting for a pint or clean water.  So he headed to what looked like a public house.  Yet to his dismay, it had been converted into a toy store.  ‘What next,’ quibbled Gabe to himself.



The man looked around at the empty street and houses.  He stood close to the toy shop window.  Before him lay an array of toys.  From wooden soldiers to rag dolls.  Colourful jigsaws and building blocks were scattered around.  The lost guy noticed a large dollhouse.  It stood in central position.  Surrounded by a motionless steam train set. 


Hanging before the house was a hand sized golden key.  It was for some large gate or building.  Gabe was drawn to it.  It would go great with his other finds.  He pushed the pub door.  It was unlocked.  The area was quiet.  So he found the way inside to the window.  He had to bypass rocking horses and go carts.  His hand reached and tugged at the key. 


His arm fell sharp and hard on and into the dollhouse.  It moved and crashed onto the other toys.  Suddenly the train hooted.  Little lights flickered in panic, from within the toy house.  A toy robot buzzed around the window ledge.  Gabe moved fast and out of the toy shop.  Praying for the chaos to cease.  The silence resumed when the man shut the fake pub door.  He half ran off with the six inch long key in his black jacket pocket.



Gabe strode on into the heart of the small town.  He had passed a empty row of detached cottages.  Stopping at the crossroads.  To his right and south lay the roving tide of a unknown sea.  He could only assume he was somewhere like Skye but further out into the Atlantic Ocean.  For this new land was far from normal.


To his left was a road ebbing into the strange green mountains, North.  Another public house had been converted into a travel agents, showing houses for sale, one of which he had passed.  Back on his left stood a corner shop.  Full of sweets and soda cans in the window.  They made him push open the door to an empty candy store.


The place was still.  Gabe had raging thirst.  So poured down some tasty orangeade.  He was about to bite in some chocolate when he heard, music and voices outside, somewhere.  The bar in his mouth crunched in hesitation.  Gabe left a pound coin by the till.  Then returned outside to seek out life.  Any life to break the monotony.


The man from Birmingham, looked east, to a row of dark and boring terraced houses.  Down a straight road that seemed to head from the crossroads into nothingness.  Yet almost opposite the candy shop lay a larger building.  It was more expansive than the other buildings in that lost town.  Even though the air was still, life echoed out of the awaiting bar.

* * *


Scores of coughing seagulls beckoned in the morning.  The two men stumbled out of their single rooms.  One casually dressed dude, rapped his knuckles on a nearby door.  The other guy, blindly pushed by and thrust open the only way in.  The room was in darkness.  Yet white steam rayed through the cracks of the shower room door.


The pair poked nosy heads onto a vision of beauty.  Pink flesh stood posing.  As a towel enveloped the torso.  The sight turned round.  The men fell aback.  Noticing the curvy vices of a girl.  A girl they believed to be, not of this world.



The men simultaneously echoed the same thoughts of, ‘Where is Gabe Penchant?’


The now raven toned curls of Fee, curled her lips.  Fresh air formed words.  ‘Your friend has done a very bad thing.’


The dudes sensed the babe’s statement as being true.  Some deep vibes allowed them to hear and believe the mythical nymph, that Gabe had told them so much about.  The headstrong Tom asked again where Gabe was.  The men sat forlornly on what was Gabe’s hotel bed. 


Fee pulled her towel off from within the bathroom.  The men noticed her weakly tanned body, behind the crack in the jar in the door.  They were numbed to notice that she was slipping on some of Gabe’s spare clothes.  Yet she wore them nonchalantly as a girl might do.  She explained that her rival may have gone to whence she came.  That was the Netherland.  To her it would be a totally alien landscape.  But to outsiders, would seem akin to their own kind.


The good men sat stunned.  The cogs in Tom’s brain moved slow.  But Gill could quite easily imagine, the trouble Gabe was in.  He asked Fee, ‘Is your Father, some kind of God?’


By now Fee was sat on the only simple Scottish Oak chair.  It creaked under unexpectedly heavy demeanour.  She spoke calmly as a friend.  ‘My father is a King.  A good but powerful and clever Ruler.  He may test your friend’s courage and he may end it.’


Silence fell on Tom’s mind at that revelation.  Yet Gill bucked his fears and interceded.  ‘You Missy must not know Gabriel Penchant has we do.  I expect he will surprise us all.  Even the greatest of us all.  You see Gabriel Penchant is The Enigma.’


* * *



































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