The Day My Life Began

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Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017




It all started on Friday, November 4, 2020, in Miami, Florida. The day the world ended, and my life began……


‘Now where could they be?!’ The frustrating thought comes through my head as I look around for my car keys.


“Mom! Have you seen my car keys?!” I ask aggravatingly.


“Look under your bed.” She replies softly.


I look under my bed and what do you know, there are my keys! They must have crawled under there last night when I was looking for some of my clothes on the floor. I grab them and pick up my phone skimming through my messages. ‘Cell service is just really suckish and slow today’. I think to myself as I roll my eyes rushing to the front door.


“I’ll be back in a few hours mom. I love you.” I say as I walk out the door at 12:00 p.m. getting into my car. Little did I know, that was the time that all the clocks stopped.


I drive over to my boyfriend Jackson’s house and about 15 minutes later I arrive in the driveway of his small house. Jackson walks out to meet me and opens my car door for me as I rummage through my purse looking for my phone. I grunt at how disorganized I can be sometimes but I just decide to look for it when I get inside so I step out of the car and he closes my door giving me a big hug.


“I missed you!” he says kissing my cheek.


“I missed you too!” I smile and his hand slides into mine as we walk into his house.


His house is small but nice with furniture in pretty good condition. The walls are white but have some pictures displayed neatly. We walk over to the couch sitting down and I pull my purse back out looking through it for my phone. Still unable to find it after practically turning my purse inside out, Jackson asks, “What are you looking for?”


“My phone. Have you seen it?”


“Heh, no but hey don’t worry I’m sure your mom will be okay.” he replies with a warm smile.


“Yeah your probably right,” I respond stuffing things back in my purse. ‘No wonder I’m so disorganized’ I set it back on the ground when my stomach suddenly growls. ‘Everyone says I worry about my mom too much but I can’t help it she just seems kind of off lately.’


“Good, you're hungry! I ordered pizza about 5 minutes before you got here.” He says with a dorky smile and I nudge his shoulder with a chuckle.


“Okay great. So we got 25 minutes give or take! Wanna watch Supernatural?” I suggest sticking out my tongue.


“Haha sure. How did I know you would say that?” He smirks.


I smile poking my cheeks then lay my head on his shoulder, covering up with a blanket as he brings up Netflix. We start to watch Supernatural as we wait for the pizza to get here. Jackson is one of those boyfriends that started out as my best friend for 3 years so we know each other very well. A lot of times it’s just really nice to hang out and play games or watch Netflix with pizza or popcorn. The minutes pass and we start to get into the show when suddenly there is a knock at the door. I look up at the clock noticing that it still says 12:00 pm. ‘Hmm, it must be broken’. I pull out my phone instead but it says the same thing. ‘Okay, this is just crazy…’


“I’ll get it,” Jack says getting up but I get up with him following him to the door. He opens the door and standing there is a pizza delivery man holding our pizza with a pained expression on his face.


“Here you go.” The pizza man says handing Jack the pizza. After Jack takes the pizza the delivery man applies pressure to his arm that seems to be bleeding.


“If your going out today be careful. There are some crazing things going on out there. Some man just attacked me on my way here and scratched the hell out of my arm. Anyways have a good day.” The delivery man says in a slightly pained voice as he turns and starts walking back to his car.


Jack closes the door and looks at me with a confused look. I widen my eyes and open the door yelling out to the delivery guy right before he gets in his car and he looks up at me.


“Come inside and I can patch you up,” I yell out to him and he walks back up to the door.


“Are you sure? You know you don’t have to go through the trouble. I’m sure I’ll be okay.” he says.


“Don’t be ridiculous. Come on the bathroom is this way.” I say leading him to the bathroom that is just down the small hallway and to the left. “Sit there and I’ll get out some supplies.” I pull out a first aid kit as he sits on the lid of the toilet rolling up his sleeve.


I glance over at his wound and it doesn’t look too bad but it should be covered so it doesn’t get infected. Taking a sudden second look at the wound I realize that it looks like a bite mark! ‘Is that a bite mark?! What the hell is going on! Something isn’t right… Damn, I just realized what the fuck is wrong with me?! Inviting some stranger into the house! Why the hell don’t I think before doing things?!’ I think as I slap myself mentally.


“Thanks. My name is Max by the way,” he says slightly pained as I start to tend to his wound with some hydrogen peroxide making him wince in pain. ‘Baby much? Well, I guess I can't talk.’


“I’m Samantha,” I reply as I tightly wrap his arm with gauze. As soon as I am done he holds his head in pain.


“What is happening to me?!!” he yells in pain and I lean in just slightly.


“What’s wrong?” I ask.


“ insides are burning up! I...I can feel it!” Screaming in pain once again his head flings back when unexpectedly he grabs my wrist tightly glaring deep into my eyes. His eyes have turned bloodshot and they look dead.  It's as if a switch flipped inside him and he went insane. I try so hard for the life of me to pull away but he yanks me towards him and grabs my neck. I yell out for Jackson as loud as I can and he is here within seconds holding a knife.


“You keep your filthy hands off her!” he yells cutting off the man’s hand and pulls me into his arms. Rotating his body he pushing me out into the hall swiftly. I watch in terror as he grabs the man by his shoulder with one hand and takes the knife in the other sliding the knife into the bottom of his chin reaching his brain. Max falls to the ground with the knife still in him and Jackson walks out of the bathroom closing the door behind him. I stand there shaking slightly as he pulls me into his arms.


“I’m sorry you had to see that…”


“I...I don’t even know what I just saw…” I reply trying to make sense of this.


“A Zombie is what attacked him and he turned into one…”


“How do you know that?” I ask.


“Let’s sit down so I can explain this to you…” he says walking me over to the couch and we sit down as he doesn't say a word.


¨Jack…!¨ I reply getting annoyed from his silence.


¨ I don't really know how to explain this to you without sounding completely crazy…” he begins, ¨Sam, one thing my father was actually good at was telling bedtime stories and a lot of them had zombies in it…. Listen… I saw something on T.V. before it cut out. They are calling it an outbreak, and many other names, they said not to trust anyone you don’t know. I am not leaving you, Samantha. We need to work together...¨ he says looking me in the eyes.


¨We have to go get my sister! Now!”I say sternly, standing up swiftly as I grab my purse.


“Hold on a second Sam, We can’t go in blind! We need weapons!”


“Then we have to stop at my house first because my dad has weapons,” I reply as I head towards the door. My dad is a deer hunter and a good one at that but a lot of the weapons we have are from my grandpa. He had many connections and after retiring from the war, he went out a few times to shoot some of his weapons that he had.


He follows me out and the moment we step outside there is a chill that runs up my spine. I stand on the porch looking around and all I can hear is the wind whistling as it shuffles around the leaves. The surroundings seem to have been drained of color. Jackson and I exchange glances before looking back to the car.


“The atmosphere is depressing…” Jackson mumbles.


“Heh. Tell me about it.” I say nudging his shoulder as I try to gather my emotions. The better I gather my emotions the better I will be able to project them onto what the real target is.


“You want me to drive or are you good?” Jackson asks me as he heads toward the car.


“How about you drive,” I say tossing him the keys.


“Okey dokey.” he says catching them as we get into the car.


He pulls out of the driveway silently and I bend over in the passenger seat reaching under the seat to pull out a Glock 19 handgun. Jackson glances over at me then does a double take after he realizes I'm holding a gun. I pull out the magazine checking the clip that is fully loaded with 15 bullets. After checking I slide the clip back in placing the gun on my lap and lean back against my seat.


***Flashback to 4 years ago***


I’ve been looking for my sister for an hour now. She is only 3! How could my mom be so careless as to lose sight of her?! I look all throughout the house and she is nowhere to be found. The only place left is outside. Rushing down the stairs and walking around to the back door of the house stepping outside.


Suddenly I hear weak cries coming from the bottom of the hill in the back yard. I rush over to the hill and start running down. The sight before my eyes is tearing me apart! My sister is in the big pond crying trying to stay above the water. I feel like spikes pierce my heart! Her head goes under water and I can’t breathe. My legs push harder and I run faster getting to the dock. I jump into the water without thinking and go under the water reaching out for my sister pulling her into my arms. After carrying her motionless body. I hold her close as I slowly swim her back to the edge of the pond.


Crawling out of the pond her body lays limp in my arms so I lay her gently onto the grass as tears start to flow down my cheeks. I start chest compressions but nothing is happening so I try mouth to mouth trying not to cry too much. But still nothing so I start the process over again with chest compressions.


“Please don’t leave me! I love you! Y-you're my only sister! I need you!” I cry out. The longer I continue CPR the bigger the lump in my throat gets.


Suddenly she comes to life coughing up water. The lump in my throat melts away and my heart starts to pump normally once again. She sits up relieving her lungs of the water and starts breathing heavily. She starts crying and my heart starts to ache so I pick her up pulling her small body into my arms. Wrapping her thin arms around my neck crying softly.


“You scared me,” I say softly.


“I sowwy.” Stella whimpers softly close to my ear.


“I love you so much!” I say hugging her tighter but not too tight.


“I wov you too!” she replies as her tears slow down.


“I will always be here to protect you. I will always find you and keep you safe!” I coo to her softly. She nuzzles her head into the crook of my neck under my hair. “We should get you changed into warmer clothes.” Standing up I keep holding her in my arms and carry her inside.

***Flashback ends***


Jackson drives us to my house and glances over at me again before turning the corner onto my street. After we park into the driveway he turns off the car and lets out a breath before looking over to me.


“So where did that come from?” he asks casually but curiously.


“I’ll tell you as we move,” I reply getting out of the car and sticking the gun into the waistband of the back of my pants. He gets out and follows me into the house and we make our way down to the basement to get the guns. My mom doesn’t seem to be home so she must be at her friend's house. Which kind of worries me because of what’s going on. I wonder if she knows.


When we get to the basement I grab a duffle bag walking over to a huge cupboard behind the stairs and open it revealing a showcase of about 3 rifles 4 handguns and a couple other weapons along with tons of ammo. As I start to put them into the duffle bag Jackson starts to talk to me but I try so hard to block him out staying silent.


“Look, Sam, I know that I don’t know absolutely everything about you and I understand that. I don’t expect to. I know that this is a lot to take in but it would be nice if you could just tell me what is on your mind.”


After filling the duffle bag and heading back upstairs, I pull out my phone and try to call my mom but I have no service. Jackson walks up to me.


“Is something wrong? Are you mad at me or something?” Jack asks walking in front of me looking at my face so I put my phone back in my pocket and look up at him.


“No...” I mumble under my breath.


“No what….? Sam please…” He says softly but sadly. I turn around to face him with pain in my eyes.


“Everything is on my mind! My mom, my sister, what is going to happen once I find her. She is probably terrified out of her mind right now. My mom is probably gone by now and I am scared because I feel like I'm the only one that can take care of them right now!” I reply sternly as tears form in my eyes threatening to fall.


“Sam. I'm so sorry I know it's hard but you can do this. I am here with you not just for you. I will help you because I love you!” He says and pulls me into his arms. I hug him for a moment then pull away.


“Thank you, Jackson.”


“Of course… but Sam, why didn’t you tell me you had a gun?”


“My father taught me some things in self-defense and I didn’t think I would ever have to use it but I was wrong.” A moment of silence passes between us. “Let’s go. If it has already reached your house then I’m pretty sure it's already reached the school. So we need to go now.” I say sternly grabbing my purse and walking around him. “She is probably terrified…” I say to myself as I walk out the door when suddenly a man comes running up to me. I take a closer look at him and he has a big chunk taken out of his neck.


As he gets closer the bag of guns in my hands drops to the floor as I swiftly grab my Glock 19 pistol from behind my back. Pointing it at the man with both hands I aim for his head and take the shot flinging the man backward from his head. I take a couple breaths of relief and look around me seeing nothing so I put the gun back into the back of my pants picking up the duffle bag taking it to the car. Walking past the man that I shot dead I realize that it is the neighbor from across the street. Jack runs out after hearing the gunshot and walks up to the man.


“Isn’t that Mr. Robbins your neighbor?” Jack asks looking at his head in disgust.


“Yeah…” I trail off opening the door of my car and slide into the driver's seat. Jack gets into the passenger side and we both fasten our seatbelts.


“So we kinda need a plan for the school. It could be covered with zombies.”


“Okay so we are going to pull into the back parking lot and enter the school through the back which is closest to my sister’s classroom and there aren’t many people who park in the back. The school is probably scattered with zombies so when we get in there we have to move quickly.”


“Alright I grab the Katana,” Jack says.


I first met Jack at school until I noticed him walking into my dad’s Dojo where he taught martial arts many years ago. I took martial arts when I was younger. We both took it together and got to work on practice with the Katana but he quit too soon to get to the ninja swords.


Pulling up to the school I realize that the crosswalk lady is standing next to the crosswalk and a sigh of relief escapes my lips. I start to drive closer but after getting a few yards closer the crosswalk lady starts to turn around and I realize that the stop sign she holds is hanging from her wrist. As my eyes travel up I realize that she is a zombie as well. My heart stops momentarily and without thinking my foot slams onto the gas. The car speeds forwards and the squelching sound of the tires tearing her insides apart fills my ears making me lose all sense at this point and time. After the bumps of going over her body, I yank the car in reverse going back over her body a second time. There isn’t as much bump. After making her body a new addition to the road, my body freezes with one hand on the wheel and the other on the gear shift as I stare out the window; blood splattered on the windshield.


After I fathom what just happened, I flip the car back into drive and make a sharp turn to enter the opening of the fence to the back of the school but as soon as I turn facing the entrance to the fence my heart leaps into my throat. The back door slams open and a herd of zombies files out of the school. As the zombies slowly start to head towards my car, my mind wants me to run but my body loves the adrenaline because right now that’s all it's got to feed off of.


As my body and mind fight more my body is still and unable to move as they are now formed in a group heading towards my car. They get closer and closer when suddenly something snaps me back into place and I hear Jackson yelling at me. “GO!”


I gulp and hit the gas hard driving towards the herd of zombies knocking them down two at a time. My eyes close not wanting to see all this unraveling before me. Suddenly Jack’s shouts fill my ears and when I open my eyes it's too late.


The car collides with the brick wall of the school building next to the back doors. The impact results in my head hitting the steering wheel knocking me out momentarily. Jackson had his seatbelt on but I didn’t and my airbags don’t work either… so, of course, I’d get into an accident. I’m like a magnet for trouble and always have been. I just hope my magnetism for trouble doesn’t hurt those around me.


My body is shaking with warmth on my back and arm. As I open my eyes slowly I come to a realization that Jackson has one hand on my back and the other on my arm as he is calling out for me in concern. My head is still against the steering wheel as I open my eyes the view is kind of blurry.


“Sam… Sam!” Jackson calls louder as I start to lift my head up from the steering wheel wincing in pain. “I’ve been trying to wake you up for 5 minutes! You scared me!” Holding my hand against my forehead in pain, I look over to him. He places his hand on the side of my face and I move my hand so he can look at my forehead.


“Are you okay?” I ask.


“Yeah I just got a seat belt burn and a headache… Well… you have a bruise and a cut on your forehead but not too bad. You probably have a concussion as well.” He states taking a small pack of napkins and a band aid from the glove compartment then cleans up the blood off my forehead placing the band-aid over the cut. My vision goes back to normal and he looks at me with a weird smile.


“What is it…” I ask narrowing my eyes a little.


“Oh nothing you just look adorable with a Hello Kitty band-aid on your forehead.”


“They are for my sister… Shit!! My sister! What the fuck am I doing we have to go in to find her!” I reply angry with myself.


Suddenly there is a bang against my window with muffled growling. My head darts towards the window. A zombie is throwing itself at my window as I look at it in disgust. I pull out the 5-inch blade from the sheath in my right boot and let out a sigh as I take a moment to scan its face. It looks to be a teacher with rectangular mangled glasses that hang from it's rotting face with one side of the glasses holding onto its ear. I roll the window down about 7 inches. The zombie starts trying to stick its head in and push my window down to get more of his rotten flesh into my face which of course is a very stupid idea for him. ‘Why crave brains in the first place? It doesn't make you idjits any smarter!’ I think to myself rolling my eyes before stabbing the zombie in the side of his head. Choking on the blood in its throat, the zombie falls to the ground limp.


I get out of the car, kicking the limp corpse to the side, and look at the car noticing that it isn’t badly damaged at all and still looks drivable. Glancing back at the pile of dead zombies that I just mauled with my car I realize that they are mostly children and some adults. Letting out a sigh, I reach into the backseat grabbing my ninja swords off of the seat and strap them onto my back. The swords are in black sheaths resting on my back in and X shape near the middle of my back. Jackson stands back up strapping the Katana to his as it hangs over his shoulder going to his hip diagonally. Closing the doors I look over to Jack and he looks at me. We give a small smile as we walk up to the back doors that were flung open when they came out of these doors before my car decided to make ties with the wall. ‘I swear we have got to be looking bad ass right now.’ I think to myself. We start to walk down the hall glancing into each of the rooms we pass until we get to the T-intersection of the three hallways.


“You go to the left and I’ll go right,” I say softly and he nods with his hand reaching up by his head holding onto the Katana ready to pull it out. I start to head down the hallway to my sister’s classroom.


These classrooms are all trashed from what looks like a struggle. One of the classrooms we look into there is still a steaming cup of coffee on the teacher’s desk. The school is practically empty with a few scattered dead bodies along the ground. Some children, some teachers but I try to direct my sight away from that as I cautiously walk into my sister’s classroom. No one seems to be in here but it’s quiet so I listen carefully. I hear very faint breathing which makes me start to worry.


“Stella!!!” I yell calling out. I wait a few moments but now it truly is silent, very silent, too silent. A raspy growl sounds out from behind me. Knowing what to do next, I grab both ninja swords unsheathing them and I spin in place. Out of the corner of my eye, I see it is my sister’s teacher that has been turned. She is hunched over eating the guts out of a student. As she stands slowly and turns around facing me, it’s face rotting with fresh blood dripping from its chin, some guts drop to the floor before the last growl escapes her lips. I cross the swords forming an “X” as I hold them up neck length. I hesitate for a brief second but that's all she needed. She comes at me with a scratchy, growl and she gets within a perfect distance from the cross of my swords. With all my strength, using both arms, the blades slice through her neck crossing paths with each other before finishing the job. Her head drops to the floor, as her headless body falls to its knees and blood spurts into my face. Breathing heavily I relax slightly as blood drips from the edge of the blade. Looking down at her head I see her jaw moving so I take one of the swords stabbing it right into her skull and back out. Wiping the sides of the blades against my light blue jean pant legs before sheathing them. Within seconds a heart-wrenching scream fills my ears from a distance.


“Stella!!!” I yell out running back out to the hallway. Another scream travels down the hall. I can tell it's her… She is terrified and crying… I start to run towards the bathroom where the screaming was coming from. “Stella!?”


“S-Sammy!! H-help me! A-a monster! I-It’s going to kill me!” she cries in terror out from behind the locked handicapped stall. I rush taking a few steps towards the stall then I pause for a moment. If go full on detective barging into that stall we both might not survive and I don’t want to scare or hurt Stella. ‘For god sake don’t be a magnet to another major fuck up!’ I scold myself. ‘I don’t know how long this will last but if she doesn’t do it now she will not be the same…’ I scan the room for something sharp and find a pencil next to the sink on the floor. Picking it up i hold it tightly.

“Stella listen carefully, I need you to do exactly as I say! I am going to roll this pencil under the stall to you. I need you to stab the monster in the eye.” I say rolling the pencil under the stall directly towards her. I can’t see much under the stall so I stand next to the stall, my hand resting against the door.


The zombie is still growling as the lump in my throat gets bigger. Stella screams out crying as I hear the pencil penetrate into the zombie’s brain and the zombie stops growling. She starts crying and the pain of her cries is painful to hear.


Kicking the door in I see the zombie laying on top of my sister as she cries with blood on her face. She covers her face as she cries more. I pull the zombie off of her tossing it to the side realizing the pencil stabbed through its eye but not only that, the zombie is a young girl around the same age is my sister. Leaning against the wall, I slide down to the floor beside my sister and pull her small frame into my arms holding her tight. Stella’s body shakes softly in my arms as I pet the back of her head gently.


Jack runs into the bathroom breathing heavily with a splatter of blood diagonally across his chest. There is a great worry on his face as he sees the scene in front of him.


Coming a little closer to us Jack says, “Sorry for taking so long. I ran into the principal zombie.” Stella slowly stops crying and looks up at me with fear in her small eyes so I kiss her forehead.


Stella begins to tell me what happened with a shaky voice, “Everyone just started changing and being mean towards each other. Kids started running out of the school terrified. The police came and saw what was happening then just ran back to their cars terrified. My teacher turned into a zombie after one of the students started chewing on her. I didn’t run out of the school because I was too scared so I ran into the bathroom, closing and locking the door. I hid in the corner of the stall but one of the students followed me. I thought I was safe in here but I wasn’t. She started to crawl underneath the bottom of the stall and I didn’t know what to do. Next thing I knew she was on top of me trying to eat me so I just held her back. I was so scared and she was my best friend.” Tears well up in her eyes and fall slowly. Her small arms wrap around my waist as her head rests against my chest. “Please never turn into a monster!” she cries out.


I just hold her closer to me kissing the top of her head a few times. Looking up at Jackson we exchange glances of anguish, fear, and relief. He sits down across from us sliding down to the floor as well with his knees to his chest. I just look down at my sister and hold her tight. ‘I have no idea what she must be going through, but she is really smart and strong for a 9-year-old. No one really knows what to do in a situation like this. There is no plan. You just have to go with what's happening.’


Jackson speaks up, “We can’t stay here.” I nod in agreement and Jack stands up helping me to my feet. I turn around and help my sister up holding onto her hand.


We walk out of the bathroom and Jack stands on the other side of my sister holding onto her other hand. She squeezes my hand making me smile weakly but gently. As I pull out one of my blades with my freehand, Jackson does the same.


We walk out of the school through the way we came in and as we approach the back doors a zombie stumbles through the door opening and starts to walk closer to us. Stella whimpers out my name as another zombie stumbles in behind it. Jackson and I let go of Stella’s hands and take our own zombie. Jackson slices the head right off of his zombie but I wait a few moments until it gets closer. I smirk and spin on my foot slicing the zombie’s head off and it tumbles to the floor.


“Sam!!!!!” Stella screams and it pierces my heart. I spin around fast with rage in me. A zombie is grabbing her by the arm trying to bite her. Within seconds before anything can attempt to process through my mind, I take the sword and stab it directly into the side of the zombie’s skull. My sister falls to the ground when the zombie let's go. Dropping my sword I rush pulling her into my arms and hold her tightly as she cries gripping my shirt with her small fists.


“Are you okay?”


“S-Sam… I-it was really scary… b-but I'm okay…” she says pulling away gently. “Let's go.” Stella stands and I stand with her holding onto her hand once again.


“Okay let’s go,” I reply smiling gently. We walk out the doors and over to the car. I open the backseat door for my sister she hugs me for a moment before climbing into the car. Jack gets in as well and I slide into the driver's seat. Glancing into the rearview mirror at my sister I notice her strapping her seat belt. I turn the radio up slightly as the music begins to play. I pull out of the parking lot and onto the road.


‘I don’t know how things are going to turn out right now or in a year but I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.’


© Copyright 2018 Kassady Lynne. All rights reserved.

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