Sonic Boom Fanfic (Unfinished)

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Here is a sneak peek of the Sonic Boom fanfic I am writing. What happens when Dave the Intern falls in love with Steffy Robotnik, the quirky chinchilla kunoichi that Doctor Eggman took in and raised himself? To be continued... :)

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017



16-year-old Steffy Robotnik made her way down the dark and mucky ally with a devious grin plastered on her face.  This was her chance to prove herself capable of becoming a highly successful and well-known villainess.

She rounded a corner and found herself amongst a large group of thugs who were occupied by intense rounds of robot fighting.  Steffy stood there for a moment and watched in awe as the undefeated champion skillfully controlled his robot and took down his opponent’s.  The arrogant winner then snatched up some money from a nearby dish and burst out laughing.  “What I tell ya, boys?  No one can beat me!”

But then a British accented voice that was soft as silk interrupted the fool’s moment of glory.  “Um, excuse me… can I try?”

Confused, the champ looked down and saw little Steffy standing there.  She was waving around what appeared to be a robotic turtle. The champ immediately broke down with laughter and teasingly pointed a finger at Steffy’s invention.  “You must be joking!  Go on home, little girl.  It’s probably past your bedtime, anyways!”

Steffy was persistent though.

“I’ve got money,” she said, pulling out a fairly generous offer from her knapsack and setting it in the dish.
The champ instantly changed his tune.  He smirked and threw some money in on top of Steffy’s before taking a seat on his mat.

Steffy was buzzing with excitement.  She could now demonstrate her remarkable scientific abilities.

With a grin, Steffy sat criss cross applesauce on the challenger’s mat and placed her robotic turtle in front of her.  Her petite little figure and sweet smile did not make her the least bit intimidating.

The bell sounded, signaling the start of the showdown.

The champ’s large and heavily equipped robot snatched up Steffy’s turtle and slammed it down hard, disabling it almost instantly.

Everyone snickered at the short-lived battle, including the very haughty and obnoxious champ.  “Nice try, kid,” he sneered, scooping up the cash into his massive fist.

Steffy did not seem disappointed though.  “Hmmm.  I don’t think my robot was on attack mode.”

The champ threw his head back and laughed. “Ha!  Yeah, right!”

But Steffy was confident.  “I must have forgotten to switch it from lifelike turtle mode.”  She lifted her robot and checked.  “Ah, yes!  That’s what happened!”  Steffy slid a little switch over before placing her robot back onto the battleground.  “Lifelike turtle mode enables my robot to behave like a real, actual tortoise.  That would explain its relatively slow speed just now, and the unfortunate loss I had no intentions of demonstrating.”

The champ scowled.  “I beat you fair and square and you know it!!”

“I have more money?”  Steffy suggested, pulling out another wad of cash and smiling sheepishly.

The champ smirked like before and threw in some money too.  He didn’t care that Steffy was only a teenage girl. He would greedily clean out any one with pride.

The bell sounded again and Steffy’s robotic turtle jumped into action.  It dodged every single attack thrown in its direction with impressive speed that was definitely uncalled for. The champ was angry and did everything he could to bring down Steffy’s robot, but he continually failed.  Steffy just sat on her mat looking all cute and innocent as she effortlessly toggled the remote without much thought.  

Turrets suddenly protruded from the turtle’s shell and shot out balls of electricity that shocked the champ’s robot to oblivion and paralyzed it.  The turtle then revealed its large, mechanical jaws and clamped down hard onto the opposing robot, chomping off piece after piece after piece until finally it became dysfunctional.  

The turtle’s jaws quickly disappeared as it tucked its turrets in and smiled adorably.  It then popped into its shell and automatically powered off.

Steffy happily collected the money from the dish and giggled.  “Wanna go again?”  She asked.

The champ was infuriated.  “Teach her a lesson!!”  He growled, snapping his fingers.

Steffy gasped with fear and backed away from the thugs.  Before they could grab her, Orbot and Cubot came barreling through on a motorized scooter.  

“Come on, Steffy!!”  They yelled in unison.

Steffy grinned and jumped aboard, a wave of relief washing over her as the rapid wind blew roughly against her face.

“What were you thinking, Steffy??”  Orbot shouted over the engine, turning a sharp corner at 94 mph.  “Eggman is going to be greatly displeased when he finds out about this!”

“It’s only bot fighting!”  Steffy shouted back.  “I won some money, too!”

Cubot facepalmed.  “Fighting unmotivated, everyday Mobius citizens for sport is not going to help you achieve your villainess title!  If anything, it’ll make you some ordinary juvenile delinquent that everyone pities!  Real villains and villainesses do not want pity, Steffy. They want to be feared!”

When they made it back to the hidden lair, Eggman was waiting for them.

“She was out bot fighting again, wasn’t she?”  He asked, glaring at Steffy.

Steffy shifted her gaze downward, her ears folding back with discouragement.

“I told you, Steffy!  You are not to be bot fighting!  I thought I made myself perfectly clear the last time this happened!”

Orbot and Cubot looked proud of themselves.

“Precisely!  We informed her that engaging in some amateur sport is not going to improve her villainess ways.  That, and getting involved with gangs is extremely dangerous!”

Eggman swatted the robots across their heads and scowled.  “That’s beside the point, fools!  She is simply not ready!  The last thing I need is Team Sonic growing suspicious of her when she’s not even lethal yet!”

Steffy just shook her head and wandered away from them, venturing up the long, wicked staircase that led to her room.

Aside from all the other rooms in Eggman’s very complex and well-structured lair, Steffy’s  was the most basic.  If it weren’t for the infinite amount of puppy posters on her walls and the never-ending stuffed animal parade on her bed, it probably would have come off as a typical teenage girl’s bedroom.  

Despite being taken in and raised by the notorious Doctor Eggman, Steffy possessed a very sweet and genuine character that could capture any one’s interest.  She was also very appealing to the eye.  Although a melodramatic and overly expressive nerd, that curvy and cat-like frame of hers was definitely a head turner.  Her playful, vibrant green eyes that could melt a soul with a single glance…. her magenta-colored hair that spilled over her shoulders into very long, wild, and luscious curls…. just wow.  These were all captivating features that only complemented Steffy’s appearance.

With a smirk, Steffy plopped down at her desk and fired up her laptop.  She was eager to find more postings on the Bygone Island website about other hosted bot fights she had yet to attend.  She jotted down an address, grabbed her robotic turtle, and started to head out.  

Unfortunately for her, Eggman was blocking the doorway.  His arms were crossed and he didn’t look happy. “You don’t listen very well, do you?”

Steffy smiled.  “No, not really.”

Eggman did not return her smile.  “I’m really not finding you humorous right now.”

“Oh come on!  I’m on a roll tonight, Uncle E!  I can assure you nothing will go wrong!  I’m practically unsurpassable and the prizes are HUGE here,” she said, dramatically pointing at the address she had written down.  “I can’t miss it!!”  Steffy tried to squeeze past Eggman, but he grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled her aside.  

“You and I need to have a little discussion.”

Steffy looked up at her caregiver with confused eyes.  “About what?”

“You need to learn responsibility first before you can become a villainess.  It is important that you know and understand how to follow orders in an efficient manner.”

“What?  What are you implying here?”

“You are going to learn responsibility, Steffy.  That’s why I set you up for a job interview tomorrow.”

“A job interview? Where at?”


It was the next day.  Eggman and Steffy pulled into the Meh Burger parking lot just in time for Steffy’s interview.  

“Well?  What are you waiting for?”  Eggman asked.

Steffy looked out the window at a very large and obnoxious employee as he belched loudly, crumpled up his empty soda can, and tossed it into the dumpster before entering the shack.

“.......... I don’t think I can do this,” she finally answered, still frozen to her seat, “it is far more comfortable right here in the octopus bot.”

“Oh ho ho!!  The heck it is!”  Eggman laughed.  “Run along now and show ‘em what you’re made of!”

Steffy stared at Eggman with an unenthused expression.  “..... We’re at a fast food joint…”  She said.

Eggman awkwardly cleared his throat.  “Ahem… yes, well… off you go!”

Steffy sighed and unbuckled her seatbelt.  How was flipping burgers and bussing tables going to help her become a villainess?  She moseyed on up to the doors, pushed her way through, and waited patiently for someone to assist her.

To her surprise, a not so grizzly and disgusting employee came up to the register.  He was tall and skinny with aqua-colored fur and two overly sized buck teeth.  

The employee’s insentient expression seemed to change the very second he laid eyes on Steffy.  He hesitated for a moment before speaking.  “W-welcome to Meh Burger, may I take your order?” His voice was soft, shaky, and barely audible.

Steffy smiled at him and twirled a finger around in one of her curls.  “Oh, I’m not eating!  I’m um… I’m actually here for a job interview!”

The employee stood there nervously and stared at her stupidly, his brow slowly beginning to sweat.  There was something about this girl that made his insides feel like jelly.

“I-I’ll go get the manager,” he stuttered, hightailing it into the backroom.

Moments later, he reappeared with the very calm and collected boss that seemed pretty approachable for the most part.

“Ah, you must be Steffy,” the manager said.  “I suppose you’re here for that wretched interview, huh?”

The employee that Steffy had briefly interacted with immediately turned his back on them and pretended to thoroughly scrub a table while he intentionally eavesdropped.

“Yes, that’s correct,” Steffy replied.  “I’m um… I’m ready when you are!”

The manager chuckled.  “Very well then!  Now, can you say, ‘would you like some fries with that?’”

Steffy stood there for a moment, puzzled.

“..... Would you like some fries with that?”  She finally repeated.  Her very sweet and melodic voice tickled the employee’s ears.  He risked a glance over his shoulder and smiled crookedly.

“Perfect!  You’re hired!”  The manager beamed, throwing an apron at Steffy.  “I’ll have your nametag ready by the end of the week!”

Steffy was shocked.

“Oh, um!  Coolio!  However, I feel like I didn’t really prove myself worthy of--”

The manager cut her off.  “Ah, you’ll fit in,” he said, turning to the employee who was appearing more and more smitten with each passing second.

“David!!”  He shouted.

Startled, the employee banged his knee on the table and dropped an entire stack of trays.  His face flushed with embarrassment when he saw Steffy looking at him.  “Y-yes sir?”

The manager shook his head and placed a hand on Steffy’s shoulder.  “Steffy is new on board.  I’d like you to train her!”

“O-oh uh…” The employee’s forehead was pooling with sweat.  “I-I would be happy to.”

“Excellent!”  The manager shook Steffy’s hand and congratulated her once more before disappearing down the hall.

The employee was having a difficult time trying to find his voice.  He swallowed hard and awkwardly watched as Steffy fastened the apron around her curvy hips.

When Steffy looked up, she noticed him gaping at her and blushed a little before quickly breaking the silence. “So, um… David… how long have you worked here?”

“A-about a year and a half,” he answered, smiling nervously and trying to sound interesting, “you um… you can call me Dave, by the way.”

Steffy smiled back and held out a hand.  “Nice to meet you, Dave.  I’m Steffy!  I’m sure you already knew that.”  She giggled.

Dave shook her hand.  “Y-yes.  It’s a very pretty name.”  His cheeks immediately reddened when he realized what he had just said.  He fought the anxious tone out of his voice.  “Let’s um… I-I’ll show you around now.” He led Steffy throughout the restaurant and briefly introduced her to the other employees before turning to her nervously.  “W-we should probably get to work.  I-I’m almost always at the front register.  Y-you’ll be in charge of delivering the orders to the correct tables.”

Steffy nodded and smiled sweetly.  “Okay!  I can do that!”

As the day proceeded, Dave carelessly listened to customers and strained his peripheral vision in an attempt to get a better look at Steffy.  She was just so gorgeous.  Dave didn’t think he could ever bring himself to tell her that though.  He sighed inwardly at the thought as he continued to take orders and report them to the cook.  

Each time he passed a tray of food to Steffy and gave her the table number, he tried to think of something funny to say but all he could really do was shake, sweat, and stumble over the very few words he did manage to choke out. Although it seemed next to impossible, Dave was determined to win this girl over.  Everyday before work he would probe his brain for jokes and catchphrases that could possibly lure her in, but when it came time to actually talk to her Dave would just stall and utter the most random jargon imaginable. ‘She must think I’m a total loser,’  he thought, sighing heavily to himself.  


This went on for a couple of weeks until finally, Dave grew completely fed up with his inability to talk to Steffy normally.  He marched right up to her when everyone was seated and eating, took a big puff from his inhaler, and looked down into her eyes.

“H-hey Steffy, can I ask you something?”

Steffy smiled brightly.  “Sure!  What’s up?”

Dave could feel the anxiety building up inside him.  It was nothing new.  This is where he usually clammed up and blubbered something completely ridiculous.  Well not this time!

He fought the apprehension as he couldn’t help but feel enthralled by her beautiful facial features.

“I-I was wondering if you’d like to hang out after work today.  We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”  He blushed and looked embarrassed.  ‘That sounded stupid.  That sounded so stupid,’ he thought.

Steffy smiled at him.  “I’d like that.  What did you have in mind?”

‘Wait, what???  She wants to hang out with me???’ Dave’s mind was buzzing excitedly.

Without thinking, he placed his hands on his sides and puffed out his chest a little.  “Well I was thinking we could go to my place and check out my action figures and--”  He immediately stopped.  He squeezed his eyes shut and felt his face flush redder than a tomato.   ‘Did I really just say that to her??’

Steffy didn’t seem to care though.  “Okay!  I’m all for it!” She smiled up at Dave through her long, plump eyelashes.

Dave couldn’t help but stand there and gawk at her.   ‘She is so cute.  I’d ask her out if I wasn’t so inept.’

“C-cool,” he finally said.  “I-I can’t wait!”


Work was dragging.  It probably didn’t help that Dave was looking down at his watch every two seconds.  He really wanted to hang out with Steffy.

He stood behind the register and sighed dreamily as he watched her deliver food to the tables.  ‘She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.  And she actually agreed to hang out with me!  This is the best day of my life!’

Dave’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by an impatient customer.  His face changed from dazed and completely lovestruck to annoyed and uninterested. “Would you like fries with that?”  He uttered.

The customer nodded and continued to stand there.

Dave inwardly groaned as he turned to the fryer and filled up a bag.   ‘I am so ready for my shift to end.  Then I can hang out with the girl of my dreams.’

The second Dave turned around, he caught a glimpse of something over the customer’s shoulder.  ‘Why is that blasted Sonic the hedgehog talking to MY woman??’  He thought, his face twisting into a very angry and unsettling expression.

The customer looked confused.  They quickly grabbed the fries and headed back to their seat.

‘The nerve of that… that… puny little hero!’ Dave’s fists clenched up at his sides as he took in very deep and infuriated breaths.  Without hesitating, he stomped over to Team Sonic and glared at them.  

“Oh hey Dave,” Sonic snickered.  “I was just talking to the new girl here about the team and how she should join!”

Before Dave’s heart could sink, Steffy crossed her arms and spoke up.

“Actually, you were boasting about your team and just how amazing you all claim to be.  Well thanks but no thanks.  I’m not interested.” She looked over at Dave and smiled warmly.  “I’ll see you after work.”  

Dave’s stomach turned a somersault.  “O-oh um!  Y-yes!” He watched her go, a huge grin spreading across his buck toothed face.

Sonic shrugged off Steffy’s words and began snapping his fingers in front of Dave.  “Yo David, shouldn’t you be working and not staring off into space?”

Dave’s dreamy smile suddenly twisted into a deep scowl.  “That is none of your concern, Sonic the LOSER!”  He dramatically shouted.

Sonic raised his eyebrows.  “You’ll never impress Steffy at this rate.  Also, I wouldn’t show her your action figure collection if I were you.”

Dave was even more irate.  “You just… stay away from her!!  She’s mine!!  You can’t take everything away from me, Sonic!!  I won’t let you!!”  

Team Sonic just sat there and watched as Dave angrily returned to his post.

“You’re not really interested in that new girl, are you Sonic?"


Amy asked, sounding a little jealous.

“Nah,” Sonic answered, waving a hand about.  “I mean… don’t get me wrong… she’s good-looking and all, but--”  he stopped in mid sentence as he noticed Amy growing more and more envious with each word.  “I didn’t mean anything by that.  I’d like to see Dave get a girlfriend.  It might boost his maturity level.”

The gang then burst out into silent chuckles. Amy nodded with approval and smiled satisfactorily.


Steffy and Dave left Meh Burger together.

“S-so um… wh-what would you like to do, Steffy?”  Dave asked, walking alongside her with shaky knees.

Steffy smiled and looked over at him.  “I thought you were going to show me your action figures?”

A deep red blush quickly spread across Dave’s face. “I-I uh… we don’t have to.  Y-you’d probably get bored…”

Steffy sounded serious though.  “No, I wouldn’t!  Action figures are cool!  In fact, I have my very own unique collection at home.  Stuffed animals!”  She continued to smile at Dave.  “I love them!  My fuzzy purple puppy named Rupert is without a doubt my favorite!”

Dave was pleasantly surprised.  ‘Can I just run away with this girl and possibly marry her?  She’s perfect!’

“Th-that’s amazing!”  Dave said, returning Steffy’s smile.  He actually felt happy for once in his life.  More than anything in the world he wanted to ask Steffy out, but the thought of confronting her about it let alone the possibility she might reject him prevented him from doing so.  ‘Would it be awkward?’  He thought.  ‘I’ve only known her for two weeks.  Maybe I should wait it out.’   He smiled at Steffy as she launched into a speech about stuffed animals and how insanely cute they were.  ‘You’re cuter, sweetheart.  Way cuter.’

“Y-your love for stuffed animals is just as strong as m-my love for action figures,” Dave stated, his smile widening.   ‘But not nearly as strong as my love for you.  You’re my healer, baby.’

Dave thought he caught a hint of red on Steffy’s cheeks as she smiled down at the ground, but maybe he was mistaken.  This beautiful girl returning his feelings? How likely was that?

Steffy suddenly gasped with excitement and pointed ahead.  “Oh my gosh, look!!  A Fun House!  Can we go through it, Dave?  Can we, can we??”

Dave smiled at her.  He couldn’t get over how adorable she was.  “Of course!  Let’s go!”

They made their way over to the Fun House and waited in line together.  Dave occasionally turned his head and looked down at her.  His heart galloped uncontrollably as he felt her arm lightly bump up against his.  He flexed his hands nervously and envisioned Steffy as his girlfriend.  ‘Guh.  I want her so bad.’

Before Dave could break the silence between them, a group of guys around their age hopped in line and eyeballed Steffy pervertedly.

Dave happened to glance over his shoulder and catch them in the act.  He scowled and mumbled something under his breath before looking down at Steffy with serious, yet loving eyes.  “H-hey.  Stand in front of me, ok?” He laid a hand on Steffy’s lower back and gently pushed her.

“Oh!  Am I in the way or something?”  She asked, stepping in front of Dave.

It took every ounce of inner strength not to spin around and go crazy on those guys, but Dave managed to keep his cool. “No, of course not.  I just… want to make sure you get inside safely.  That’s all…”  His face flushed with embarrassment.  

Steffy was touched.  “Aw…. David,” she gushed, “that is so sweet!  Thank you!”

Dave’s insides were tingling. “N-no problem!” He couldn’t help but stare at Steffy’s backside with his mouth ajar.  Her long, beautiful hair looked so silky and soft.  His body tremored with pleasure as he visualized himself wrapping Steffy up in his arms and burrowing his face into those lovely, voluminous curls of hers.

When it was their turn to enter the Fun House, Steffy giggled and playfully grabbed Dave’s hand.  “Come on!!”

Dave was caught off guard.  A bolt of excitement shot through his body as he felt Steffy’s hand in his.  “Y-yes!  I’m right behind y-you!” Without thinking, Dave squeezed her hand.  Steffy didn’t mind though.  She continued to pull him along.

The second they approached the mirror maze, Steffy let go of his hand and began feeling her way through.  Dave was slightly disappointed, but her reason for doing so was understandable.  With a smile, he followed close behind.

About half way through the maze, Steffy made a mistake and attempted to walk through a real mirror.  After she slammed into it, Dave clumsily tumbled into her and quickly shot his hands out.  Steffy, who was now trapped between Dave’s outstretched arms, looked up at him through her lashes and giggled.  “Oops!”

Dave was blushing like crazy.  He smiled down at Steffy as he grasped both sides of the mirror.  “C-careful, ok?”  He chuckled.

Steffy nodded and laughed with him.  “I’ll try to be.”  She smiled sweetly before slipping through one of his arms and venturing off.  

Dave trotted after Steffy with a very goofy and dreamy grin on his face until she came to an unexpected stop.

“Something wrong, Ste--”  he immediately fell silent as he stared down at the insanely long and twisty slides.

“W-wanna go first?”  Steffy asked, sounding extremely nervous.

“O-oh um… i-if you’d like me to…” Dave was just as scared as she was, but being truthful was out of the question.  ‘My chances of winning Steffy’s affections might increase if I prove myself strong and brave.  Here goes nothing…’

Dave reluctantly picked up a mat and laid it on one of the slides.  Catching on to Steffy and Dave’s mutual apprehension for the dastardly exit, a worker then turned to them and made a friendly suggestion.  “You two can go together if you’d like!”

Dave’s heart skipped a beat.  He looked over at Steffy and smiled sheepishly.  “H-how does that sound?”

Steffy returned his smile and bobbed her head up and down.  “That would be great, actually!”

Dave’s palms were beginning to sweat.  “A-alright, go ahead and sit down.”

Steffy grinned nervously and slowly positioned herself on the mat, making sure there was enough room for Dave too.  “I-I’m ready!”

Dave gulped and sat down behind her.  Despite being afraid of the sliding down part, Dave was actually super excited to be so close to Steffy.  His body tremored as he felt her sitting between his legs.  He hoped it wasn’t too awkward for her.

Steffy looked over her shoulder at Dave and smiled.  “Thank you for agreeing to this.  I’m so scared!”  She giggled and blushed a little.

“Y-you’re welcome!  You can sit on my lap if you want to.”  Dave immediately gasped at what he said and squeezed his eyes shut with embarrassment.  He could feel the intense redness burning all over his face.

Steffy looked over her shoulder again and smiled.  “Did you say something?”

“O-oh u-um, no!”  Dave’s blush only deepened in color.  “A-are you ready?”

Steffy nodded and slid a little closer to him.  “Yes!”

Dave gawked at Steffy’s cute little figure before hesitantly letting go of the bars.  The mat unexpectedly blasted down the slide at full speed, causing Steffy and Dave’s cheeks to fly back in the wind and their eyes to grow larger than tennis balls.

Dave was beyond scared and the urge to hold on for dear life was so strong that he shot his arms around Steffy and grabbed ahold of her big breasts as tightly as he could.  

Steffy didn’t seem to care.  She just threw her head back onto Dave’s chest and continued to scream and laugh.

When they finally reached the bottom, Steffy shook out her wildly tousled hair and smiled at Dave. “That was intense!”

Dave looked down at his long slender hands as they fondled Steffy’s breasts.  His face went completely pale as he quickly pulled them away and chuckled nervously, returning her smile.  ‘W-wow, her body is nice.  And she looks really hot when her hair is a mess.  W-wait, what am I saying right now?’   Dave blushed and continued to smile at her.  “Y-yes!  We were so brave!” He quickly cringed at his lame response, and felt his face reddening again for the hundredth time that day.  

Steffy giggled and looked up into his eyes with an adorable smirk.  “Yes… yes, we were…”

Then Dave’s phone went off.  His face flushed with annoyance and ultimate embarrassment when he realized it was his mother.

“Something wrong?”  Steffy asked.

Dave rapidly shook his head from side to side.  “N-no, o-of course not!!  I just uh…”  He sighed and looked down at the ground.  “I-I have to go home now.  M-my mother’s orders…”  His shoulders slumped with sadness.

Steffy reached out and touched his cheek.  “That’s ok!  We can hang out some other time!”

Dave was shocked.  He gasped a little and twitched from the feeling of her soft hand. ‘S-she’s touching my face!  SHE’S TOUCHING MY FACE!!!’ He smiled down at her and blushed like crazy.  “O-ok!  That would be great!”

Dave nervously rubbed the back of his head as he looked into her eyes and sweated uncontrollably. “W-would you like me to walk you home?” He asked.

Steffy felt her insides churn.  ‘I would absolutely love it if he did, but… gah!  I can’t allow him to do that!  If he finds out I was taken in and raised by Doctor Eggman himself, he might not want to hang out with me ever again!’

“Oh, um…”  Steffy bit her lip.  “That’s ok, Dave!  I don’t want to keep your mother waiting or anything!”

Dave sighed and nodded his head.  “O-ok.  I’ll see you tomorrow at work…”  He reluctantly turned away from his dream girl and started to walk home, but Steffy leapt in front of him like an agile kitten and smiled sweetly. “I had fun today…”  She stood on her tiptoes and buried a hand into his cowlicks as she kissed him softly on the lips.  “Bye, Dave.”

Dave was frozen.  His heart pounded madly against the walls of his chest as he stood there with trembling knees and watched her go.

A wide, sheepish grin suddenly tugged at his lips. “O-o-o-hhh-hh…” His eyes rolled back with pleasure as he fell backwards and hit the ground with a loud thud.


Thirty minutes went by and Dave was slowly regaining consciousness.  

“Dude!  You ok?”  Captain asked, laughing goofily.

Dave pushed himself up into a sitting position and patted his robotic dog on the head.  “M-more than ok!”  He sighed dreamily as he thought about Steffy. “Captain, I’m in love.”

Captain’s mouth dropped open into a large, silly grin.  “WHAT???”

“Oh she’s perfect, Captain,” Dave breathed, clasping his hands together and gazing off into space with googly, heartfelt eyes.  

Captain smirked and pushed his head through the crook of his master’s arm.  “Did you ask her to become your evil queen?”

“Well of course I--”  Dave dramatically gasped and facepalmed hard.  “I-I mean uh… n-no, I didn’t…”  His face suddenly fell.  “That’s just it, Captain.  Wh-what if Steffy finds out I’m in the process of becoming an evil overlord and… and… she doesn’t want to be my friend any more?”  Dave’s insides were crushed.

Captain held up a paw. “You don’t know that for sure, OK? Just go with the flow and continue to spend time with her.”

Dave sighed heavily and looked at his childhood friend and invention.  “I just hope she doesn’t grow bored of me…”

Captain laughed and playfully slapped Dave on the back.  “Grow bored of you?  Ha, that’s impossible!  After all, you are Dave….. Dave the INVINCIBLE!”  He let out an evil laugh and waggled his fingers around in front of Dave’s face.

Dave put his hands on his hips and smirked proudly, feeling the adrenaline kicking in.  “YES!  None shall prevail!  I will CONQUER the universe and present it to Steffy!!  My beautiful, beloved queen WILL SIT ON A THRONE OF GOLDEN ROSES AS THE CITIZENS OF BYGONE ISLAND CATER TO HER EVERY WILL!” He let out a loud and dramatic laugh before smirking evilly and chuckling under his breath.  “And after inflicting harm upon the ignorant fools before us, Steffy and I will go to bed together in our heavily guarded fortress and make SWEET, SWEET LOVE! MWAHAHAHA!” His face suddenly turned red with embarrassment.  “I-I uh… I mean… w-what did I say?”

Captain just shook his head and grabbed Dave’s arm.  “Come on, Romeo…”

Dave smiled and walked home with his pooch.   ‘Just to be safe, I can’t tell Steffy I’m a villain yet.  It’s too risky…’   He sighed dreamily.  ‘But I’m sure she’ll see the man in me once I become powerful and unsurpassable!  I just have to convince Eggman to take me in as an apprentice…..’


When Dave and Captain made it back home, Dave’s mother was waiting impatiently.  “Where WERE you, David??”  She questioned, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

“He was hanging out with a GIRL!”  Captain beamed.

Dave could feel the anime sweat drop forming at the top of his head.  “Heh… thanks a lot, Captain…”

Mrs. Dave’s Mom looked at her son with wide, excited eyes.  “WHAT?? David, is this true??”

“Yes, mother,” he softly answered, shifting his gaze downward and staring at his feet.

“AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN BRING HER OVER??”  Mrs. Dave’s Mom rested her chin in her hands as she leaned over the counter and eyeballed her son.  “Tell me everything!!  Is she pretty?  Is she smart?  Is she EVIL??”

Dave smiled and sighed happily as he envisioned Steffy’s face.  “S-she’s gorgeous, mother.  And very, very intelligent… f-for sure…”  He paused for a moment and cleared his throat.  “I haven’t conversed with her about her villainous stance!  Top secret business you know!”  He did his best to sound matter-of-fact.

“I see…”  Mrs. Dave’s Mom didn’t ask any more questions about Steffy. She did, however, indicate her interest in meeting her. “How about you invite Steffy over for dinner tomorrow night, David?”  

Dave’s eyes flew open.  He could feel the pool of sweat circulating on his forehead again.

“D-dinner?  T-tomorrow night?”

“Yes.  I am very curious about this little friend of yours.  She sounds… interesting…”  Her grin widened at the thought of her precious little boy winning himself a girlfriend.

Dave was worried.  Very worried.   ‘GAH!!!  This would be so much easier if you weren’t utterly EMBARRASSING and treated me like a child!’

He stood there, nervously tapping his fingers together. “O-ok, mother,” he finally said.  “I’ll invite Steffy over.”


Dave laid down on his bed that night with a lot on his mind. He folded his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling with a smirk on his face. ‘She kissed me.  Steffy actually kissed me…..’ He closed his eyes and sighed dreamily as he slowly drifted off to sleep.  ‘I should have kissed her back.  Curse you Dave, you awkward, incapable idiot!’

To be continued :)

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