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It's one thing to want to be seen bad, and yet another actually being.

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017





Josh Stile

Marry Stile

Fredric Stile


The action of the scene is set to be in Ohio, in the middle of the 20th century.

The living room of a very large house is full of expensive furniture giving it a very wealthy look. There is just one window in the living room, and it is fully closed. Comfortable chairs, a bright green carpet, and a nice table make the room have a very pleasant look. Glasses and wine on the table are beautiful, shimmering with sun rays. Josh Stile, a very elegant and a handsome man, enters the room in a slow manner. Josh is around thirty, but his attractive and an athletic body gives him no more than twenty years of age. He looks around as if trying to find someone, but gives up and heads to the table to get a sip of some wine. After a minute, he starts saying something to himself.

Josh: She has been out for so long… Where could she possibly be? Oh, it is such a nice day out! (Walking towards the window he gets worried) …What if she found out? …No, this can’t be true.

Suddenly, he hears light but fast footsteps somewhere behind him. It’s Marry, his wife.

Marry (screaming): Josh! Where are you?


Josh (screaming): I’m here honey! What happened? Where were you all night? I told you that a friend of your...What’s his name? Oh! Yeah…Fredric! He’s gone. Rushed out of the city.

Marry (taking off her sweater and in a tired manner heading towards one of the chairs): Why do you call your brother my friend?

Josh (at one’s ease): Because he is no longer my brother…After what he did to you, dear.

Marry (getting irritated): I can’t stand…

Josh (interrupting): I know exactly what you can’t and can stand love, (getting up and coming closer to Marry, hugging her from the back and talking in a very charming way) you are the love of my life, how can I not know everything about you?

Marry: Don’t try to change the subject

Josh (kissing her on her forehead): I’m not trying to change anything…Other than the big mistake I made today, (smiling) of not waking up nor eating breakfast with the most beautiful woman on this planet!

Marry is not satisfied with what her husband tells her, so she decides to continue arguing. She gets out of the hug, pushing Josh away in a harsh and unwelcoming way. Josh is shocked.

Josh: What?

Marry (angry): We had our honey moon three days ago, we made up with your parents although they were not happy about our fast-foreword decision to get married, we decided to start a new life trusting each other! But you… (She stops thinking whether or not she should say what she thought about him) You lied to me!

Josh (scared, not understanding what she’s talking about): What do you mean? Where is the connection between our honey moon and my parents? How could you say this about me? I trust you, and so I think you should trust me… (Not knowing what to say he gets up and starts walking around the room) …I don’t know Marry, I…I thought we were good! (Suddenly he understands) Wait! Marry! Did he…?

Marry (stopping him from saying anything she lifts her right hand up): I don’t want to hear this from you. Farewell.

Marry starts walking away, but Josh stops her.

Josh (strictly but worried): These could be last words to you. I love you, Marry. From the day I saw you at that ceremony…But you chose him…. But Marry, why? We are exactly the same! I had to kill him to start a new life (he gets angry) It should have been me all along! He’s weak Marry! Once I killed him, you became my wife and we were happy… (In a fanatic voice) Yes! I killed him telling you he left Ohio! Ha! He was so weak to even grab the knife from me! You were supposing to marry him that day, but you…You married me!

Josh sees Fredric’s ghost. You can see that they have the same eyes, nose, ears, body…Everything. They are twins.

Fredric (deadly): I told her everything Josh. It’s time to go.

Fredric pulls out a knife and stabs Josh in the heart. Marry faints. 

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