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Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Finished but NOT fully revised. Any and all comments are appreciated, no matter how small or menial you may feel they are.
Val'Rathii (Book 1):
Val'Rathii is set in a fantasy word where demons and angels wage a never ending war behind the scenes, kept at bay by the Vail'Drathii empire. The mortal world is at peace until a tyrant ascends to the throne. After rising against and overthrowing the Vail'Drathii the world is in chaos. Amelia heir to a powerful king, with a fate she can't understand. Freidricht the exiled son of a tyrant, Insanely powerful and flat out insane, Struggles against his own chaotic nature. General Braum is a beloved hero, abandoned as a child he was taken in by a powerful paladin who trained him as a warrior. Now a man Braum is tasked with killing his oath-brother, who had sacrificed their soul to save Braum. Along the way they struggle to keep their heads above water in a world without direction.
A world in turmoil, a band of knights, a legendary hero, a living nightmare, a trio of gods, a Demon lord, Shadowy organizations, a princess and a sacrifice. Can love exist in a world built on revenge? What happened to the Veil'Drathii?
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Finished but NOT fully revised. Any and all comments are appreciated, no matter how small or menial you may feel they are.
Val'Rathii (Book 1):
Val'Rathii is set in a fantasy word where demons and angels wage a never ending war behind the scenes, kept at bay by the Vail'Drathii empire. The mortal world is at peace until a tyrant ascends to the throne. After rising against and overthrowing the Vail'Drathii the world is in chaos. Amelia heir to a powerful king, with a fate she can't understand. Freidricht the exiled son of a tyrant, Insanely powerful and flat out insane, Struggles against his own chaotic nature. General Braum is a beloved hero, abandoned as a child he was taken in by a powerful paladin who trained him as a warrior. Now a man Braum is tasked with killing his oath-brother, who had sacrificed their soul to save Braum. Along the way they struggle to keep their heads above water in a world without direction.
A world in turmoil, a band of knights, a legendary hero, a living nightmare, a trio of gods, a Demon lord, Shadowy organizations, a princess and a sacrifice. Can love exist in a world built on revenge? What happened to the Veil'Drathii?

Chapter1 (v.2) - The calm.

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Introduction of main characters.

Chapter Content - ver.2

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: April 03, 2017




A strategist threatens to bring a storm.

A warrior threatens to become the storm.

A king does neither, A tyrant does both.

-Veil’Drathii proverb


A deep fog gave way to glowing embers and dark billowing clouds. From his vantage point high on a cliff Braum watched Fireflies made of ash dance through the smoke laden air, tainting it with a brimstone taste. Shining its light, the sun proclaimed dawn but no joy could be felt from its warmth, only the spiteful nature of the war. Braum sat upon his destrier contemplating the battle that stretched out before him. The sound of steel rang out, as the battle was slowly drawing to a close. The mixed stench of death and burning flesh disturbed Braum just as much as the brimstone taste.

In a world ravaged by war, filled to the brim with warriors and oversaturated with generals Braum stood in stark contrast he wielded a massive sword with a four and a half foot blade and shining steel plate armor with red silk and gold highlights as is custom for generals of Septraus. A man roughly 19 years old, around 6 and a half feet tall strong in chin, shoulders and cheek he had a flawless complexion and was well tanned Braum was a man women wanted and men wanted to be. No one knew how difficult it was to be Braum. A wind blew from the South causing Braum to shift his hair and protect his eyes, in doing so his hand obscured one of the fires. A pair of glowing flames levitated before him. Like opening an old wound the memory flowed back, he had once failed the ones he loved and upon that field he met his nemesis. To the fiend death was as a mother to the bosom of whom it clung like a newborn.

“General?” A young and shaky voice interrupted Braum’s thoughts

“Hmmm? What is it soldier?” General Braum asked in a honeyed tone that seemed to sparkle with power and wisdom.

A fully armored skirmisher sporting brass plate and red leather armor of the Septraus army stood before Braum writhing under his gaze. His chin had a slight stubble and his tunic had a red stain upon one corner, blood. The soldier had a wiry but durable frame, Braum didn’t have to put much effort into picturing him at some farm working the fields that as after all more than likely the former profession of the soldier. He unlike Braum most likely had a wife and parents back home praying for his return. The soldier was embarrassed as if laid bare before him, such was not uncommon for people meeting Braum for the first time, none could resist Braum’s presence. The soldier collected himself after Braum spoke a second time as if soothed or rather entranced by his voice.


With a proud salute the soldier responded “Shistkyr has fallen and Taldaus is not far behind.”

“Good, return to your regiment. You will receive new orders soon.”

The soldier turned to obey but after considering for a second he asked Braum “Umm sir, pardon me but you seem... distraught over something.”

After thinking for a second Braum gave the warrior a shaky and fragile smile as he looked through misted air toward a new sun  “In this land resides a ravening thing…”

“Ravening thing…? Surely my lord thou has nothing to fear?”

Laughing to himself half heartedly Braum dismissed the soldiers worries “Go and fear not, the thing bleeds therefore-”

“-It can be killed.” the soldier finished his commanders phrase without pause


“Worry not m’lord we shall die before we let any foe, regardless of strength, get to you.”  


“Yes, sire.”

His soldiers had faith in him, as did his king. Braum had taken an oath that he would not fail them but more importantly His closest friend was prince Ter who was felled by orders of the Halcyr crown. Braum would see to it that they burned for their vile audacity. General Braum rode off to Shistkyr, fire in his eyes and intent on leaving in his wake naught but destruction as he led his army to revenge.  

“Perchance he has died already?" He whispered under his breath, scowling at his horse's mane.

A horseman cloaked in red materialized beside Braum and simply spoke without introducing himself “That is both far more hopeful as well as least sure you have ever been in your entire career.”

Braum's eyes did not leave his horse “And who are you?”

“I am the will of the crimson...” Neither Braum nor the cloaked man looked at each other as their horses marched on. Braum was used to the nonsensical ramblings of servants of the crimson order. For all braum could tell they were nothing but madmen and politicians.

“Uhg, fine I’ll stop asking. So what does the crimson want now?” Braum grimaced, irritated by the man before him.

“Victory-” the only thing that Braum could see was a toothy grin.

Braum let loose an exasperated sigh, rubbing his brow Braum attempted to dispel his oncoming headache “It shall receive simply wai-”

The scarlet robed figure never stopped talking, slowly continuing “-and the head of interloper most vile.”

A cold sweat started, “Interloper? Pray tell whom may that be?” Braum slid a sideways glance at the man. Braum just wanted to live in peace. Raise a family, maybe teach a few young boys how to use a sword for ceremonial purposes. He wanted to spread the Paladin teachings of “strong will, mind and open heart”.

“Fear limits you” The man in red turned to Braum, beady little eyes glowing

Braum leaned away “What..? No...”

The beady eyes were as wide as they could be, Like most members of the crimson order, he clearly suffered from a malady of the mind “Conquer fear, unshackle yourself. Kill Freidricht Daecaon Val’Tyrannkoining”

In the distance a horn blew a triumphant blast. After a short pause, during which Braum's grip turned his knuckles white, his posture slumped forward as he looked at his horse in despair, “He lives...” The familliar name haunted Braum, a past of regret and pain, Braum suffered but still had times of joy.

“Stronger than ever the blood of Sharrd rages on. It must be quelled. We bring blades of crimson ‘gainst Gory flower.”

The ground was muddy , having been trampled by countless hooves. A small red and yellow flower by coincidence managed to remain intact, Braum glanced at it as he passed wondering what its name was “...The wyvern-lotus.” Braum duly acknowledged. Freidricht being a Veil'Drathii tended to name things in a more romanticized way, for example one of his swords, the more legendary of the two was named the Wyvern-lotus. With a strong incendiary aspect most called it the inferno blade or Ifrit-claw.

“Thy will be done, in blood we swear.” With a gesture he swore

“Huh, oh yes, in blood we swear…”

The cloaked figure disappeared leaving the general alone and despondent. His horse started grazing, calm, unaware of the turmoil within its rider. For what seemed like an eternity Braum simply stared at the back of his hands, the sound of hooves against chill-hardened ground brought him back to his senses, ignoring cavalry men who began asking him questions in worried voices, he contemplated the future, It was noted in a report to the crimson order he was pale and looked dead, his eyes fearful of some unseen devil that whispered into his ear.


“I once fought a daemon, Its fangs were white

Its eyes were black,  Its flesh was grey

laid red at my feet I Still felt its power...

But more than anything’;/xz the smell.”

-The Wanderer, Cyrad


The moon began to rise and what it shone on was an already lively night. Messengers all over  scurried about delivering missives, directives and miscellaneous messages. Deep in a forest, south-eastern of Braum an old tavern stood. countless horses waited for their riders silently; as a pair of lanterns shone in the night. Halberd by his side, lantern hanging on a peg overhead, a sentry sat lazily watching the stable keeper go about his business turning bedding and brushing the horses. The tavern itself was bright not just with light but with talk of the latest news.

“The Eastern Triad has fallen.” An old man nodded out somberly as if proclaiming yes

“It was Braum!” An "average joe" kind of man exclaimed to a group gathered around him

“Whose Braum?” Small framed a kid inquired to his guardian

“Hey you think it's going to be a big one” The kids guardian worriedly asked a potbellied man who seemed well on in his years.

“Nay the fall of the Veil'Drathii was much worse than this could ever be, they made an island of death that they moved with magic after all.” The potbellied man shrugged off the mans inquiry.

“There is no way.” The guardian couldn't accept a moving Island having never seen large scale magic

“Braum of the crimson crown! Who else you beed’in idgit” The boys brother smacked him in the back of the head

Barmaid's were scurrying about distributing that drink which so many crave. Smoke filled the air as men, mostly bearded, huffed on their pipes and gave huzzahs and toasts to hero’s of the past. They were either soldiers or veterans each and every one. Some were showing off their armor. The Tavern itself was mainly unpainted oak, the parts that were painted were painted a joyful green. Cheer was prominent except for one area.

Only one corner remained rather empty, though empty is a relative term in this instance. A massive thing around nine feet tall from head to toe armored in thick plate unlike any seen in the area. The armor consisted of highly polished Platinum, obsidian and ebony it sparkled with a twisted light that had made many a man fall to his knees in repentance. The armor was an ancient style known as “Fel” it had been used by the one group that could both fit in the armor, and be able to move in it: the Veil’Drathii Paladins of ruin. The entity had two swords. The first sword was a massive zweihander, with two separate blades 6 feet long each and curved, they made the cutting edge broader but not as hefty as it normally would be while also due to their style increased their sheer cutting power. The second sword it wielded was a 5ft katana strapped to the belt. Unconsciously everyone was aware of the presence. As the night grew, silence grew with it, soon the patrons all left Save for the one. The bar maidens dared not speak to the steel-bodied thing. its eyes were cold but seemed to glow. The air around it shimmered and its movements seemed to have after images, no matter how slow it moved. Finally a bar maiden brought its order to it, she had delayed for quite a while. Ut removed its helmet revealing the face of a man. He ate slowly and deliberately. His cold eyes matched his frosty skin and hair. With a single swig he drained his mug, motioning for more mead.

Minutes seemed to drag on into hours, the tavern master's daughter came downstairs to see what was happening, by this time her father would normally tuck her into bed and read her a story. Her small head peeked from around the corner looking for her father, to her surprise other than the ladies who worked for her father there was only one other, framed by moonlight it sat alone. In the stories her father told her there was always a big scary black dragon, the massive thing before her looked like a knight, but had the size and all the menace of the fire breathing beasts. the only word she could fit as a title to the mysterious thing was tyrant. Curiously she approached the steel sovereign whose very existence dominated those around it but she remained unfazed.

“Hello, sir?” A tiny voice asked

From the steel cranium a deep voice was issued forth, filling the air. It seemed to peel the flesh from those around it, “Hmm, what do you need?”

The girl jumped slightly as he began to speak, slightly shaken, “Who are you?”

Platinum eyes found the little white dress and the child within it, regretting the tone it had used with her. Seeing the innocent before it the voice changed drastically, now it put heart into its words and they flowed slowly forth like a soothing river gone was the monstrous tone “My name matters not child, the name is simply the cover page of your life. Trust in that which you know yourself, and you will not be led astray”

The child smiled slightly irritated and as if by magic the armor shined like the moon, sorrowful and pure. At that moment the platinum of the beasts form seemed to take the ebony and obsidian. twisting them into silver and gold. little did she know that was truly what happened. Due to the high level of magical power contained within it, magical power leaked from its very being, due to phenomena based on the beasts mood occurred without the beast meaning to cause.

Curious of the strange knight that stood before her, the girl wanted to learn about him after thinking a bit she finally asked “Do you know any stories?”

Twisting it's torso it faced the girl fully before bringing its knees about. leaning forward on its haunches the steel creature addressed the girl “I know many stories. Perhaps you would like to hear some?”

“Yes, please!” the child gleamed with excitement. her happy response, caused it to smile, its armor lost much of its color and instead gained a reflective quality.

She climbed unto the chair by the mirror things side. After a soft noise, not unlike a coo, from the glassy beast it began to tell her stories. The maidens and tavern owner were stunned and then transfixed by the steel giant that was before them.  speaking of war little, it spoke of the loves of dear friends, legends that were so vivid it seemed as if they were beside the hero as he went on his quest, each with a moral the story concluded one by one. That which was unnamed spoke till the sun rose and the child could no longer keep her eyes open.

It stood and again the armor became dark as the being shifted a smiling and warm gaze from the innocent child to a nearby window, daybreak shattered the darkness of night which it had taken to in an effort to sponge away memory of the day and the pain it once went through. Of the dark thing it once more became a thing of nightmares as the primal strength that made up its very core reawakened, igniting the hate that once, on its own waged a war absolute. The shrouded thing placed a large sum next to the owner of the tavern and placed a small and nondescript  book before the young lass. Smiling for a second the thing paused, the tavern slept deeply filled with sweet dreams the inhabitants were loath to reawaken. As the girl clutched the book in both arms she was washed over by a feeling of protection as if the book itself safeguarded her.

Standing in the light the steel devils armor absorbed the light casting a shadow about it, looking to the board next to it, the steel thing contemplated the posters that were nailed to the board: bounties. The thing was a hunter and the things it preyed on was outlaws. It looked for the largest rewards not for the money but because it correlated with difficulty. There was one bounty that caught its eye one posted recently. It stalked off into the forest, cloak trailing like a storm cloud. Vanishing within or rather filling the mist.



“The king was last ‘gainst the hordes alone

Guarding his people with life,

The guard traded life for their king, The king traded life for his people

The people traded life for revenge

Life traded for death, the final folly."

-The legend of the end


Clad in silver plate, deep blue cloth padding their armor, a group of three strode towards a massive citadel. There were people bustling about because the city was being evacuated. The villagers were all but gone, the defenders on the other hand were making ready to set themselves against a foe they feared as death. They prayed to their gods, for salvation and peace. In the citadel the single strongest army in all the land made ready to protect its king. The vanguard elite 189 in number only 186 were within the citadel the three left talked as they made their way to the throne but it was awkward and pointless banter limited and anxious.

The city was surrounded by a massive wall made of alabaster. The wall towered hundreds of feet tall and wider than 30 feet  and miles long it was silver plated on the outside, the plating reaching 30 feet or so and the inside had marble plaques with beautiful designs made from pearl. No one knew the origin of the city but it was believed to be the oldest city in all of the realms rumored to be the birth place of the Veil'Drathii as well as the hero Sigfried, Cyrad and the dragon king Bahamut itself. The castle was made of a strange white stone that looked like crystalline snow, smooth and bright. The stone itself had such a structure that it actually bent and reflected light into the other stones so at night the entire castle itself glowed. During the winter the castle walls were always curiously warm as if it was alive, during the summer it was soothingly cool. The houses were made of alabaster just like the main wall a second wall surrounded the castle and alabaster houses standing 30 feet tall and 14 feet wide the mountain connected to a massive mountain from which one could see Fel the land beyond the ice sea  the streets were also alabaster and seemed to be one solid block. the whole true city was white with plenty of fountains and gardens of flowers. Throughout the city were ruins of an unknown language that many a mage had spent their life trying to decipher. The inhabitants understood the meaning, though not what the ruins themselves actually meant they were ruins of protection, health, peace and such that safeguarded the inhabitants. The reason they knew this was what they meant was because the aura of the city. It was a bright day but  the stones seemed darker than normal.

Upon entering the throne room they were welcomed by the kings worn and yet regal voice booming, “YOU WILL FLEE TO OUR BRETHREN WITH YOUR SISTERS AND THAT IS FINAL!”

The prince furious but fearful of his father held his ground and retaliated, “I will stay and fight with you father!”

“No. You. Will. Not.”, The king enunciated his words forcefully.

“Father please I-!”

“That is quite enough Traist.” A sweet voice came from behind Traist.

“Nalia…” The whole room bowed before Nalia

Born to a royal family Nalia had been raised to be a politician, She had been raised in that respect very well. Never phased by anything she seemed to always know the answer If not for her the Halkyr sovereignty would have fallen long ago. Much beloved by her people Nalia ruled with grace and dignity. She wa a well endowed woman who had countless admirers several plots had been perpetrated to claim her hand however none ever succeeded. She seemed to float rather than walk,  she always bore the same sad but warm smile that always brought happiness to her subjects. Her dress was a high cut chess with blue silk and golden tresses and a sky blue corset and a shape hugging low cut side-slit skirt, as she generally wore when she was not in public. When surrounded by close friends and family she let her hair down.

She had given birth to three princesses Amelia, Sylphie and, Nala in that order. Amelia looked just like a younger not as well endowed version of her mother but behind closed doors they acted very different Amelia was more passive. Sylphie was unlike her mother in shape and she was smaller in both height and width she had wide hips but a small bosom which she was very sensitive about. Nala was small but somehow inherited her mother's shapely form (though it was hardly noticeable at her age) several of the maids were jealous of her not that she ever noticed, She was too busy being fawned over by the very same maids.

“Your majesty I must ask you to put on something more appropriate!”

“There is nothing inappropriate about my attire Greindl.”

From behind the queen came the head maid an elderly woman who the men feared due to her stringent moral enforcement and world renown punishment technique, even the king himself listened to what she said.

“Your bare leg is showing!” Greindl complained

“I was born with naught but my own skin as were my children are you saying it is unnatural?”

“That is completely different and you know it.”

“...I bathe in the nude, and I love in the nude.”

“Rrrgf..!” The prince Traist and Princess Sylphie dry heaved in unison.

“Mother!” Amelia raised her voice startled

With a twinkle in her eye Nalia let out her troublesome nature. “What? There is nothing wrong with love-making it's completely natural to twist your face in the sweet agony of love

“MOTHER!” Amelia was irritated with her mothers constant tomfoolery

“In fact I just moment ago finished with my favorite Consort, he may not be that cute nor large but he-” Nalia thought herself a fizgig and indeed she was flirtatious and young at heart

“SISTER!” The acting king, who took on the role of the other half of the Halkyr Diarchy, screamed at Nalia.

“NALLIA!” Greindl followed suit

Not one to simply ignore inappropriate comments Amelia yelled at Nalia as the other two did “MOTHER!”

Realizing she had gone too far the queen gave a vulpine smile and wink to the group. Taking her seat the queen composed herself and waited. Traist and Sylphie were on the floor still dry heaving Traist had to be carried off to his room and Sylphie had to sit down. Nala was the only one unaffected, the king and Vanguard were all blushing uneasily one or two of them filled with a jealous rage, all the while Greindl was furiously trying to tame the  young maids who were deciding amongst themselves what exactly had happened in the queen's chambers.

“Now can we get back to business please?” head in her hands the princess Amelia was clearly irritated with her mother

“Oh come on, Don’t act like that.” With ‘puppy-dog’ eyes the queen begged for forgiveness

“Getting back to business…” Amelia gave one of the generals a cold piercing glance  

Clearly flustered the general stumbled on his own tongue “Oh yes umm… lets see…”

After shuffling through a series of papers he cleared his throat and gave information he believed to be relevant

“Braum has broken the eastern triad and is marching to Halkyr by way of Vis’cars road it has been the only source of trade between us and our eastern territories for over 100 years. Obviously a second deployment has been mobilized by the septuras crown to lay siege and take our eastern territories. Lord Serous has taken his forces with haste to protect the people in our eastern territory, Godspeed and may the divine empower him.”

“So what about Braum?” Sylphie finally managed to speak

“We have already evacuated the people from the city and we have selected the defenders, all that is left is to move you, your sisters and the queen to Ft.Cryv so-”

“And the Prince Traist.” Interjected Nalia

“Oh yes, the prince.”

“So why are we talking and not leaving?”

Amelia already knew the answer.

“We are to decide to whom you shall each be married off to”

“What!?!” Sylphie was the only one surprised

Sylphie was furious and would not be calmed finally her personal guard the “valkyries” were forced to restrain her and drag her to her room. The rest of the day was spent comparing the possible suitors. Finally at twilight the princess Amelia walked out of the throne room exhausted and more than a little irritated. She climbed a rather impressive distance up the mountain to a secluded cave. The cave was her secret, in the center buried to the hilt in a glass fountain sat a massive crystal sword, the cave itself was made of precious stones such as rubies, diamonds and sapphires and gems of unknown origin, She didn't know the origin of the cave but it obviously wasn't a coincidence that those materials were there. The cascade of soft light enveloped her as she sat on the side of the sword-fountain. She thought of all the men who had given their lives to protect the ones they loved, all the widows who would never hold their beloved again. Thinking of more recent times she considered the women that not unlike her younger sister became warriors, as she thought of them she contemplated what she would do if she lost Sylphie, that was the straw tat broke the camels back. She let herself cry, she didn't know how long she allowed herself to show her weak side but she didn't care, no one could see her. In truth the cave was the residence of a dead hero, Seigfreid, his ghost watched the fragile girl rather often, sometimes divine spirits would watch with him, having often come down to talk with him. Collecting herself she crept off to bed and slept lightly till daybreak.  


Something heavy landed on Amelia's chest.

“Good morning, Nala.” Smiling Amelia wrapped her arms around her little sister and pulled her into her her bedding. Realizing she had miscalculated her attack Nala struggled for a moment, however smothered by Amelia she realized she could not escape and finally gave up. Moments later they both, tired from staying awake past their usual bed times, fell asleep.

“Should we wake them?”

“I don't want to.”

“They are simply too cute, It should be a crime.”

“We are actually both awake.” Amelia lied in an attempt to buy herself more time lying down.

“Oh princess, Good morning.”

“What is it that you need?”

“It is time to leave.”

“Oh very well, Nala...”

The maids and Amelia were entranced by Nala.

“Princess?” With a energy less query entered the head maid ”It's time to leave, hurry up and get dressed"

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