4 letter word

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

emmett colens is the coolest kid at mckinley, dating head cheerleader, quinn. he has everything, including a secret friend who is in glee club. emmett joins the glee club, which causes trouble between him and his girlfriend.

Table of Contents


Emmett I rush as fast as I can to Kaitlyn's house not even knocking when I entering skipping ever other step to get to her room. She la... Read Chapter

A surprise for everyone

Kaitlyn I've kind of been avoiding Emmett since yesterday i actually am doing well just have to get through glee club which won't work ... Read Chapter

Competing for feelngs

Kaitlyn we sit in the auditorium as Mr. Schue comes in seeming a bit upset.  "Um I have some bad news.....I can't come to sectiona... Read Chapter

In our feelings

Quinn If I am being honest life is awesome I mean not being a Cheerio sucks and not to mention being in glee club too probably should m... Read Chapter

Clueless Emmett

Emmett "I can't do it. What does a heart attack feel like because I think I'm having one." I say as he answers the phone. "Don't back d... Read Chapter

Anyway you want it

Three months later Emmett it still hurts but i have to see Kaitlyn i miss her. I knock on her door. She immediately answers.  ... Read Chapter

second chance

Emmett's POV We lost and if it weren't for coach Sue we would be over. Figgins gave us another year. Kaitlyn and i have been together... Read Chapter

The Musical

Dylan's POV I sit on the piano stool when this guy sits by me and begins to play. "My names Sean? " he says playing with one hand and r... Read Chapter

One of us

Emmett's POV Kaitlyn: your not alone together we stand I'll be by your side you know I'll take your hand. Me: and when it gets cold... Read Chapter

Nasty relatonhips

Brandon's POV I think im in love i mean me and Quinn have been together for quite sometime now. In a week it'll be Christmas so i decid... Read Chapter

a wedding should do the trick

"Kaitlyn please talk to me." I plead as i spot her at her locker. "You can't ignore me forever okay I'm sorry but i don't get why your so... Read Chapter

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