Chapter 10: Nasty relatonhips

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Brandon's POV
I think im in love i mean me and Quinn have been together for quite sometime now. In a week it'll be Christmas so i decided to sing her a song today in glee club. As i walk in the choir room i grab her hand walking in together.  We freeze seeing Santana and Brittany kissing. My mouth falls open and i just stand there but Quinn clears her throat breaking them apart. "Oh um..shit." Santana said. Then she ran to her seat and sat down. "Okay class i believe Emmett and Quinn are up for their duet then Brandon has a song. "Mr. Shue said as he came in. "Wait your singing with him?" I say jumping up letting go off Quinn's hand. "She asked to be my partner i said yes it's nothing more than that." Then Emmett got up and so did Quinn.

Emmett's POV
I begin to play the guitar.

Emmett:do ya here me i'm talking to you across the water across the deep blue ocean under the open sky baby I'm trying.

Quinn:baby i i hear you in my dreams i feel your whisper across the sea i keep you with me in my heart you make easier when life gets hard.

Both: lucky I'm in love with my best friend lucky to have been where i have been lucky to be coming home again.oooooooo ooooooooo
Stare into each others eyes.

Quinn:they don't know how long it (i long it takes.)

Both:waiting for a love like this
Quinn: every

Both:everytime we say goodbye i wish we had one more kiss I'll wait for you.  I willl


(Rpt lucky im in love with my best friend)

Both: lucky we're in love in everyway lucky to have stayed were we have stayed lucky to be coming home.oooooo oooo ooooo

Brandon's POV
I stare at them as they stare into each others eyes. "My turn." I jump up staring at them as tbey sit down.

I stand in the center and play the electric guitar. 

Please baby can't you see my minds a burning hell i got razors a ripping a tearing a stripping my heart out as well. Tonight you teel me you be waiting for somebody new and some other woman might be good for you.  Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone go on believe her when she tells ya nothing wrong but I'm the only one who walked across the fire for you and i'm the onky one who'll drown in mu desire for you.its only fear thats make you what your demons are  when all your promises are gone I'm the only one.  Woah woah yeah  and in the only one who'll drown in my desire for you. Im the only one. Woah woah yeah.

I finish and i give Quinn a mean look as i sit the guitar up. "Brandon wait."She calls after me. I just walk out not listening well till she grabs my hand. "Don't touch me." I say trying to continue to walk. "Brandon please its not what you think i swear." She grabs me again.  I turn around again holding her arm. "Do you really wanna do this here." I say through my teeth. "Okay fine....when you sing with him I'm out i can't beat him. You have love for him and he beats me on all levels. I can't keep doing this. You may not see it but you still love him and I'm tired of competing i iI i thought you changed Quinn but your still the same girl." I look at her as she cries abd just looking at her makes me wanna take it all back but i can't.  I just turn around but she grabs me again. A tear slips my eye but i don't have the strength to turn around.  I just walk away leaving her in the hall tears forming in her eyes.



Dylan's POV
I walk through the doors at Dalton Academy like Sean texted me to. I walk down the stairs and i see him he smiles grabbing my hand. "Just have to rehearse for sectionals then we can go." He lets go off my hand as we approach a door. It opens and literally burst into song.

Sean's POV

All:ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sean: uptown girl she been living with her white brand world as anyone with flight kite can and now she's looking for a downtown man thats what i am.

Blake: and when she knows what she wants from her time and qhen she wakes up and makes up her mind.

Sean: she'll see im not so tough just because im in love with an

All: uptown girl and no i can't afford to buy her pearls but someday when my ship comes in she'll understand what kind of guy i am and then I'll win.

Aaron: and when she's walking she's looking so fine

Blake: and when she's talking she'll say that she's mine.

Sean: she'll say im not so tough just because im in love  with an

All: uptown girl Shes been living in her white brand world  as anyone with flight kite can and now she's looking for a downtown man thats what i am.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh

Sean: uptown girl  Shes my uptown girl. You kniw im in love with an uptown girl.  Ya know im in love with an

Aaron:uptown girl

We finish in our formation.  Dylan claps as we all bow. "I think we are ready for sectionals guys." I shout. They cheer

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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