Chapter 8: The Musical

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Dylan's POV
I sit on the piano stool when this guy sits by me and begins to play. "My names Sean? " he says playing with one hand and reaching for mine. "Dylan." I say grabbing his hand. He smiles as he plays hello. "Sing with me....I mean for the crowd." Before i answer he already plays.

Sean: I've been alone with you inside my mind. And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times. I sometimes see you pass by outside my door. Hello is it me your looking for.

Both: i can see it in your eyes  i can see it in your smile your all I've ever wanted and my arms are open wide. Cause you know just what to say you know just what to do and i want to tell you so much. ...i love you.

Sean: i love to see the sunlight in your hair.

Me: and tell you time and time again how much i care.

Both: sometimes i feel my heart will overflow hello i just got to let you know cause i wander where you are

Sean: and i wander what you’re doing.

Both: are you somewhere feeling lonely or is someone loving you. Tell me how to win your heart for i haven't got a clue but let me start by saying i love you.

He stops playing and stares into my eyes. I stare into his mesmerized by the miles and miles away they take me when i feel his soft and gentle lips on mine. At first i sit there then i to kiss him soon we release. He smiles at me. "I have to go but call me?" And he was gone. "But i..." i say but he vanished.  I stare at the piano then smile seeing he had at some point wrote down his number. I put it in my phone then leave to get ready for the musical.


Emmett' POV
I look at the crowd and it is packed. Then something cold grabs my hand. "You okay?" Kaitlyn says. I breath. "Okay yeah nervous definitely but I'll get through this cause i have you. Just one quest?" I ask. She nods. "What song is first? " she smiles. "Bet on it...remember all black costume. ..then we sing everyday you wear the white dress outfit then we go into the third one and sing can i have this dance wearing jeans and tshirt along with your black blazer....then night to remember and finally ending with just wanna be with you ending the show." She lays her hand on my cheeo and smile. "What woupd i do without you." I kiss her as mr. Shue goes on stage. "I love you." I tell her as he introduces me. I breath as the beat plays. The stage looks like a golf course.  I jump out.

Everybody's always talking at me everybody's trying to get in my head. I hear my own heart talking i need to count on myself instead. (Did you ever) lose yourself to get what you want (i would never) get on a ride you didn't wanna get on (i would never) live a lie again i don't wanna play this game if i can't play it my way. I'm not gonna stop that is my plan I'll give it all o got thats who i am when i found i lost you no you can bet on it bet on me. Bet on it bet on it bet on me. I'm gonna make it right that is the way to turn my life around today is that day. Am i yhe type of giy that means what i say bet on it bet on it bet on me.
How will i know of there's a path worth taking will i question every move i make  will all yhe lost my heart is breaking i don't wanna break the same mistake did you ever doubt your dream woupd ever come trie did you ever blame the world but never blame you i would never try to live a lie again i don't wanna play tjis game if i can't play it my way. Bet on it. Oh hold up gotta wprk on my swing gotta do my own thing. Iys no good at all to see yourself and not recognize your face out on my own its such a scary place ooo oooo. The answers are all inside of me all o gotta do is believe. I'm not gonna stop not gonna stop till i get my shot that is my plan plan.... (rpt bet on it)

The music ends and everyone claps as i leave.  A couple minutes later the stage is cleaned only the piano Mia and myself with a sky background. I breath as she plays.

Me: once in a lifetime means there's no second chance so i believe that you and me should grab it while we can.

Kaitlyn:(appears in audience) make it last forever and never give it back.

Me: its our turn and im loving where were at.(makes way to Kaitlyn)
Both: cause this moments really all we have.
Me: everyday of our lives
Kaitlyn:wanna find you there wanna hold on tight.
Me: gonna rub while were young
Both:and keep the faith keep the faith . Everyday from right now gonna use our voices and scream out loud. Take my hand together we can celebrate. Oh everyday. (Walk back on stage)
Kaitlyn: they say that you should follow (i echoe...and chase down what you dream) but if you get lost and lose yourself (i echie...what does it really mean) no matter where were goin (i starts from where we are) there's more to life when you
Both: when you listen to a heart and because of you I've got the strength to start. Yeah yeah yeah.

I go and Santana amd Brittany and Kaitlyn grabs Mia and Hana. The boys walk through audience to get there partner.

All:everyday of our lives wanna find you there wanna hold on tight gonna run while were young and keep the faith oh everyday from right now gonna use our voice and scream out take my hand together we can celebrate
Kaitlyn: oh everyday
Me: taking it back doing it again together
Kaitlyn: its better like that and stronger now than ever.
Both: were not gonna lose cause we get to choose thats how its gonna be
Me:(we all stand in a line across the stage arms around each other me amd Kaitlyn in the middle) everyday of our lives (kate echoe...wanna find you there and hold on tight) gonna run while were young.
Both: and keep the faith keep the faith. (Repeat all part...everyday.

We are in a circle singing and dancing all around.
Me: nanana
Kaitlyn: oh everyday

Kaitlyn's POV
They clap as we get off stage. We get ready as we are about to go into the second half. This part is gonna be fun i love this dance.

Twenty minutes
Me and Emmett walk on stage as the music plays.

Me: take my hand....take a breath. ..pull me close...and take one step...keep your eyes locked to mine and let the music be your guide. (I do everything she tells me)
Emmett: won't you promise me (kate echoes) we'll keep dancing wherever we go next..
Both: its light catching lightening the chances of finding someone like you its one in a million a chances of feeling the way we do amd with every step together we just jeep on getting better so can i have this dance can i have this dance.
Me: oh no mountains to high enough no oceans to wide
Both: caise together or not our dance won't stop.
Me: let it rain let it poor what we have is worth fighting for.
Both: you know i believe tha we were meant to be yeah (rpt other both..its light catching lightening)

The rain falls on us and we kiss as the curtain closes and the audience claps.

Emmett's POV

Me: you know how life can be it changes over night
Both: its sunny then raining
Me: but its alright (throw hands in air)
Kaitlyn: a friend like you) points at me)
Both: always makes it easy
Me: i know that your getting me everytime.
Both:(climbs on seats over people) through every up through every down you know I'll always be around through anything you can count on me. (I play the piano acting as if i mess up then flip my hair as i climb the ladder) all i wanna do is be with you be with you there's nothing we can't do i just wanna be with you only you.
Me: no matter where life takes us nothing can break us apart. You know its true.
Both: i just wanna be witth you. You....i just wanna be with you the sun will always shine thats how you make me feel were gonna be alright
Me: what we have is real.

Everyone: we will always be together all i wanna do is be with you be with you  there's nothing we can't do i just wanna be with you be with you only you. No matter where life takes us nothing will break us apart.

Me: you know its true i just wanna be with you
Kaitlyn: all i wanna do
Me: oh only you....i just wanna be with you.

We finish singing then take a bow.

After everyone leaves i search for Kaitlyn.  She sits on the bench outside the choir roo. I go sit by her. She seems upset. "What kind of boyfriend would i be if i didn't get you flowers. " i smile as i show the bouquet of roses that hid behind my back. She smiles taking them. "I uh didn't get to congratulate you on being head Cheerio. Congrats." I say sitting down and grabbing her hand. She smipes as she squeezes my hand. "You okay you seem upset. Is something bothering you?" I ask. She fake smiles. "No (stands up) i should go though Quinn and i have practice tomorrow. (Kisses my cheek) i love you." She walks away. I watch her leave feeling pain as if she isn't telling me everything.  Thats when i heard Dylan scream. I jumo running to his voice. "Dylan what's wrong?" I ask. He lays against the lockers and his phone tjrown across the florr shattered.  "My dad...he he had a heart attack." He stubbles. I drop down by him. "Want to go see him...i can give you a ride." I offer. He smiles and nods. I get up and grab his hand  helping him up.

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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