Shield Recurit Survival Tip #215

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Tony Stark has an advanced AI with him at all times. Unless you do as well, tweeting while under live fire is highly discouraged.

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017



Agent Cecile Sutton woke up to find herself in the medical bay at Shield headquarters, but by feel of the bandage around her head and a look that one of the doctors gave her it probably wasn't good. Cecile recived her answer when Director Fury came into her room along with Tony Stark who looked amused as always. "Good morning Agent Sutton how are you feeling today?" Directgor Fury asked with the authoritan voice that every agent was used to. Cecile tried to sit up properly to greet him only to be meet with a sharp pain on the side of her ribs, Cecile guessed it just wasn't her head that was injured.

"Careful you have some bruised ribs". Tony said with a bit of amusment hinting at his voice, although Cecile could find nothing funny about the situtaion she was in. Fury continued looking at her for a couple of minutes before telling Cecile as to why she was in the medical bay. "Agent Sutton you have been in the medical bay for two days, do you remember the last thing that happened?' It took Cecile a moment to clarify what he had said, two days at med bay something must of really knocked her out usually she's very careful out in the field.

Cecile opened her mouth to talk, but found that her words were coming out raspy two days lying in bed will do that someone. Seeing a glass of water beside her Cecile drank the whole thing, which fortunatley worked for her to put the words into place. "Well Director the last thing that I remember is being called out to help the Avengers with the doombots". Fury and Stark continued to look at her, but with both different reactions Fury got out fo his coat pocket what seemed to be a book, and Stark continued to stare with amusment in his eyes. "Agent Sutton you've been in medbay for the past two days, and I'm pretty sure you know why".

Cecile continued to stare at Fury, how could she have been unconsious for the past two days what happened? Still seeing the confusion on her face Fury turned the book  to a page that he wanted to show Cecile, maybe this would jog her memory up to what happened. "Agent Sutton can you please tell me what this says". Fury asked giving Cecile the book and to the paragraph that was going to be read, much to the enjoyment of Stark who continued not to say anything. Sitting up as best as she could Cecile got the book and quickly scanned over the paragraph and right away Cecile knew what she was in for.

Clearing her throat Cecile spoke as best as she could. "Well sir it says not to tweet while under live fire". Fury starred at her waiting for her to get the answer as to why she was here. Giving him her full attention Cecile understood now why she was in medbay, it had been her second time working with the Avengers and Cecile had been pretty excited about it. Taking a cell phone out of his pocket Tony help up the device for Cecile to see, looking at it closely she saw that it was her cellphone it looked scratched up but good never the less.

"Agent Sutton you just broke one of the survival tips, never tweet while under live fire what do you have to say for yourself?" Cecile couldn't really think of anything to say for herself, if this was the reason why she was in medbay then she was going to have to own up to it. "I'm sorry Director I really have no reason for what I did, but I swear I'll make it up to you". Although that was not the answer that Fury was expecting it was better than the weak apologies that other agents gave. "I'll take that as an apology Agent Sutton, but if anything like this happens again then you are suspened from field work for a month".

Not waiting for a reply Fury and Stark left. "You know this sort of thing wouldn't happend if you let me program everyon with their own AI". Fury didn't have to look at Tony to see he had a grin on his face. "You really want to give everyone their own version of Jarvis". Fury didn't have to look at Tony to see the conflicting look on his face, because if Tony actually did this Jarvis would not be Tony's .

"You know what nevermind".


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