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Because of the popularity of Byzantine, the family restaurant, inside of Pendleton Queen Park, is gaining lots of new customers. As such, the owner of the restaurant decided to builds a stage in the back of the restaurant in order for Byzantine to entertain the new guests. However, Destiny, being the brat she is, wants all the attention to herself.

Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017





The Bee


Ever since Byzantine began working alongside the three siblings at the restaurant, the number of costumers they served threw out the week increased by a very large margin. In realizing this, Aaliyah suggested they expanded the restaurant by building a stage for entertaining the costumers.

“That’s a great idea,” said Airi.

“Awesome idea, Aaliyah,” said Destiny.

“We can build it in the back of the restaurant.”

Airi agreed with Aaliyah.

“I can teach Byzantine how to play the drums or something. She is the main reason more people are coming here,” said Aaliyah.

“I want to perform on stage.” Said Destiny.

“Sorry Destiny, comes here to see you,” said Aaliyah.

“Yes, they do, I know how to sing.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Yes, I can.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Enough, everyone gets to perform their favorite songs on stage, once its built,” said Airi.

Coming in from outside, Byzantine joined in in the conversation, “What are you guys talking about?”

“Where going to build a stage!” yelled Destiny in excitement.

“I’m going to teach you how to play the drums, Byzantine.”

“Stage? Drums? What are y’all talking about?”

“Don’t worry Byzantine I’ll explain it to you at home, ok?” said Aaliyah.

Byzantine nodded her head in agreement.

That very night Aaliyah began teaching Byzantine how to play the drums, however, because Byzantine wasn’t motivated enough she quickly gave up, “beating an object with a stick,” as she called it.

“Byzantine loves singing along with us sometimes. Maybe we should teach her some songs to perform on stage at opening night,” said Airi.

Aaliyah, Byzantine and Destiny all agreed upon Airi suggestion.

Byzantine had already learned one song from the sibling by just listening to them sang it from time to time, showing she has excellent memorizing abilities. Now that she was going to perform on stage the siblings taught her many different currently popular songs they had heard on the radio. They all practiced until they were ready to perform it live.

Five months later, the stage was completed. It stood in the back of the restaurant, like Aaliyah envisioned.

Each of the siblings and Byzantine took turns performing on stage: The first to perform was Airi. She song popular R and B songs and was highly praised by the crowd. Aaliyah was the second to perform. She also song R and B songs and received moderate to high praise. Destiny was the third to perform. She performed popular rap songs and gathered higher praise than both her sisters. Byzantine performed last, she performed popular R and B songs and received a standing applause, greater than the three siblings combined.

“Why is she getting so much praise?” asked Destiny angrily, “she singed that horrible!”

“Are you jealous?” asked Aaliyah mockingly.

“I performed better than her.”

“Yep, she’s jealous,” said Airi.

“I’m not jealous, I’m mad. There’s a difference.” Said Destiny.

Flying down from the stage towards the siblings, Byzantine said, “They loved me.”

“They sure do,” replied Airi.

“Much more than Destiny,” said Aaliyah, with a devilish grin on her face.

“My next performance will get more applause than Byzantine,” said Destiny as she headed towards the stage.

“It’s Airi’s turn to go on stage,” said Aaliyah.

“She can take my turn. I want to see this,” said Airi.

Taking what was supposed to be Airi’s turn, Destiny hopped on stage and she began her second performance. The song she performed also came with a dance that all the girls at her school performed, sometimes at the teacher’s dismay. Since she put more energy into this performance, the crowd also put more energy into their applause of her.

“Beat that, Byzantine,” said Destiny as she walked off stage.

Giving up her turn, Aaliyah told Byzantine to perform another song on stage, “And beat Destiny.”

As soon as Byzantine flew on the stage, the crowd cheered louder than they did for Destiny entire performance.

“Looks like she’s already won by just being on stage.” Said Aaliyah.

Turning her head away from the direction of the stage and stumping her feet, Destiny angrily yelled, “It’s not fair!”

“in order for you to compete with Byzantine you would need to perform naked, Desti-“

Before Aaliyah could finish her sentence, Destiny was already taking off her crop top shirt.

“Fine, I will,” said Destiny.

However, before Destiny could take off her pants, she looked up at Airi who was giving her an angry stare, as if saying, “Take anymore off and you will Die!!!”

Destiny quickly put back on her shirt, that already didn’t cover her belly button, and silently watched Byzantine perform.

When Byzantine finished her performance, Destiny applauded her along with everyone else.

That night Destiny was spanked by her sister Airi, as she repeatedly said, “You don’t get nude just for more applause.”

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