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Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017



Lurking around
Shadows that can not be found
Dancing along the wall
Becoming small and tall
Those who are walking
Onto the edges of the dream
Tearing at the seam
Gnawing on the fear
If what we hear
The heart beats
Waiting for the defeat
Trying to get out
As the creatures move about
Everything grows black
Waiting for the attack
Twisting and turning
Your eyes are burning
From the tears running down your face 
You're locked in a place
Where you can not see
No longer free
They grab your arms 
As they sound the alarms
More appear
And the fear
Grows deep
As the pain seeps
Into your being
Not seeing 
Thinking it's not real
But being able to feel
The icy grasp
The metal clasp
Trying to get out of the dream
Seeing something gleam
As they move around inside your head
You longer breathe
Trying to relieve
The pain
But seeing the stain
Of the heart 
Being ripped apart 
Seeing them walking 
hearing voices talking 
Wanting it to end
Seeing things bend
In an unreal way
As the creatures ebb away
But being bound 
Looking around
Your room 
Seeing the gloom
Being tangled in the sheets
As your heart beats
Pounding in your chest 
The pain infests
Your being
Wondering why you are still seeing 
The shadows on the ceiling
Still feeling
The gloom 
and the doom
From the dream
That seem
To be real 
To the feel

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