At the End of the World

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What lies beyond the horizon? We stand at the end of the world, where the land meets the sea and the sea meets the sky.

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Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017



What lies beyond the edge of a cliff may be dark, deep pit seemingly bottomless. Or, it may be a beautiful see for which the horizon reaches as far as your eyes could see. Imagine yourself standing at the edge of the world. What wisdom could you imbibe? At that moment, what truth could be revealed?

We are but travelers in this temporal world. Our soul isn’t something that’s encapsulated in our body. It is our other half. We are but free spirits, however, bounded by rules and limits that we ourselves have set or have been traditionally imposed and we decided to follow. Our soul is a wanderer by nature. It influences our physical body to move towards what we want or what we need. It whispers softly through our ear and tells the mind things that the latter fails to ponder on. It is the subtle breeze we feel through our skin that makes us shiver a bit and later on makes us feel alive. Our soul embers as much as it could, or until we choose to kill it. We may be existing but are we alive?

At the end of the world, we try to look beyond what is in front of us. We try to figure out what is at the horizon, where the sky and the sea meet. We are curious and at the same time afraid. We want to know the wisdom of the waters and the air, but, we fear when we have come to know it, we will be different. When the world decides to fill our mind and soul with all the things we want to discover, it is time we leave this world. We are but a drop of water in the vast ocean. We can become ripples or waves. We can become the bird hovering across the waters. We can be the air that blows the sail. We can be the heat that makes everyone perspire. We can be the leaves so green it makes this world just a cool place to live in. We can be anything but not all.

Now, we’re standing by the edge of the earth, waiting for something. Or, simply we are there just enjoying the view. Whatever it is that pulled us to travel from a very far place, we look towards the horizon. We see the sun rise or set. We feel the cool breeze on our skin. We close our eyes and suddenly the world have given us a piece of its wisdom. We smile for a moment, and embrace ourselves with our own warmth. We found peace.

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