unrequited love for a lower-class uneducated prejudiced narcissistic sociopath

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Submitted: April 03, 2017

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Submitted: April 03, 2017



I tried to be your friend;

You lied to me from the beginning to the end.

You gave me hope when in fact there was none;

Tell me, did you find that fun?

I will never forgive you for this betrayal

You exploited my weakness and frailty

Took advantage of my naïveté.

Your heart is cold,

Your empathy is an illusion.

Good luck with your mediocre drug-fueled existence:

Just another rootless Hitler looking for his fifteen minutes of illusory fame,

Just another sorry ass (chav) looking for his fifteen minutes of fascist fame,

Just another mediocre Hitler posing as a Messiah,

Just another ruthless Hitler pretending to be a rock star,

Now let’s have another drink at the bar.

© Copyright 2017 Saul Przybyszewski. All rights reserved.