How a stray dog saved a little girl's mother's life

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A stray dog finds a permanent home by saving the life of a little girl's mother

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017




One day, on the way home from school, Annie noticed rather a large dog that looked to her like a cross between a St Bernard and a poodle lying on the side of the road and when she looked closer, she could see that the dog was bleeding. It looked like he’d been shot. “It’s okay, it’s okay”, she crooned and very gently picked him up and took him home. Her parents took one look at him and took him straight to the vet. Annie visited him every day and she started calling him Chewy because he looked so much like Chewbacca, the hairy, friendly, gorilla like creature from Star Wars and “Chewy” was one of his nicknames. Annie begged her Mum and Dad to let her take the dog home after he’d received all the necessary treatments, rather than taking him to the pound. Her parents were very hesitant about it, but she pointed out to them that he’d been abandoned, and then shot and surely their home was the best place for him to be. They finally relented, but they made it quite clear to her that this was to be only a temporary home for him; he was only going to stay with them until an owner could be found for him. A few weeks later, someone rang and said they’d give the dog a home. Annie’s parents broke the news to her and Joanna bought a huge dog carrier and put Chewy in it. Annie was very sad, but at least the dog wouldn’t be going to the pound. As Joanna was driving to the house that would become Chewy’s new home, something dreadful happened. Joanna stopped at a red light and suddenly a car came through it and crashed into Joanna’s car, sending it flying off the road and down an embankment. Chewy saw the blood on Joanna’s face and immediately started working frantically at the door of his cage and finally got it open. He then opened the door of the car and got out to go get help, but he saw smoke billowing out of the air conditioner and realized he couldn’t leave Joanna there, so he grabbed her left arm and dragged her out of the car and back up the embankment. When she was safely on the footpath, Chewy deliberately got her blood all over his face, so that someone would think “This dog desperately needs a vet or his owner needs a doctor.” and then ran into the nearby corner store and began barking frantically. One of the customers noticed the blood on his face and said “This poor doggy’s in desperate need of a vet, or his owner’s in desperate need of a doctor”, and approached him. Chewy ran away, but kept looking over his shoulder and soon the man saw this lady lying on the footpath with blood all over her face. He immediately called 000 and asked for an ambulance and then stayed there until the ambulance turned up. The paramedics found she had sustained a nasty cut to her face, a broken wrist and was unconscious, so they took her to the nearest hospital. As soon as she was out of surgery, the man who had called the ambulance came to visit her and she thanked him for his actions. The man said “Well, it’s really this big, hairy excuse for a dog you should be thanking.” pointing to the dog who had come to fetch him “He raised the alarm so that someone would get help for you.” Joanna called Chewy over and began patting him on the head and crooning “Who’s a brave, clever boy, huh? Who’s a brave, clever boy?” Trevor, her husband and Annie came in just then and told her how glad they were that she was alive and safe and she said “I owe my life to Chewy. He raised the alarm so a man called an ambulance for me.” Annie said nothing, but she thought “Well, I hope that this means that my Mum and Dad think “Chewy should stay here for the rest of his life after all.” When she was allowed home, the next time Annie was at school she and her husband discussed Chewy’s fate and decided that he would live with them for the rest of his life because to them he was a real hero and besides that, Chewy and Annie really adored each other and it seemed cruel to separate them, so they rang the people who were going to be Chewy’s future owners and told them that they were sorry, but they’d decided to keep Chewy forever after all and they quite understood. A week later it was Annie’s birthday and she received what looked like a couple of dog bowls and some dog toys and finally Chewy came in wearing a new dog collar which was purple and there was a disc hanging from it that bore the words “YOUR MUM AND DAD DECIDED TO LET YOU KEEP ME FOREVER AFTER ALL” and Annie was delighted. She hugged both of them and about half an hour later, her father set the camera to “Timer” mode and took a photo of the whole family, including the four-legged hero who had saved his wife’s life and the next day, at “Show and Tell”, Annie brought Chewy along (with her teacher’s permission) and told her fellow classmates all about him and how he’d saved her mother’s life, and when it was time for the children to vote for what they thought was the most interesting thing on show and tell that week, it was almost unanimously decided that Annie’s exhibit of Chewy was the most interesting, so Annie received a trophy that was a milk bottle that had been covered with newspaper that had been painted with gold paint which made Annie very happy.


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 21st of December 2015)

© Copyright 2018 Bill Shakepear. All rights reserved.

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